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Steve Bannon expresses 'regret' over Trump book claim

Steve Bannon expresses 'regret' over Trump book claim | 07 Jan 2018 | Donald Trump's former chief strategist and confidant, Steve Bannon, has expressed "regret" over damaging claims made in controversial book Fire and Fury. Mr Bannon, who was sacked by the President in August, was quoted as saying a meeting between Mr Trump's son, Don Jr, and a group of Russians was "unpatriotic" and "treasonous" and that investigators would "crack Don Jr like an egg on national TV". But in a statement on Sunday, Mr Bannon called the claim "inaccurate". "I regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding Don Jr has diverted attention from the president's historical accomplishments in the first year of his presidency," he told US-based Axios news website.