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Stupak: BP Won't Let House Panel Talk to Employees

Stupak: BP Won't Let House Panel Talk to Employees --House investigations panel chairman says BP refusing to let his panel question some employees 25 Jun 2010 The chairman of a House panel investigating the Gulf oil spill said Friday that BP won't let members talk to several employees who may have critical information about what led to the catastrophe. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., told The Associated Press that BP PLC has cited its own investigation as its reason for denying access to the employees. "They have been slow in bringing forth documents and witnesses we want to talk to," Stupak said of BP. [No worries. BP knows the U.S. High Wh*re Court will overturn any lawsuits and fines for destroying the oceans and BP's protector/enabler, Barack Obama, will continue to do remain silent and useless, as he was on the push for the public option. --LRP]


Who were the members of Congress that eased restrictions on deep-water drilling and have taken monies from BP in the past to do so?

Please post a follow-up, Lori.



His solution is called POWER to SUBPOENA (apparently Stupak's a neophyte to BOTH), including BP Tony! And Obummer's dilemma is Solved by dispatching the drill hole with the modern equivalent of a conventional SUBROC missile warhead!