“Grassroots Organization Decries

Obstruction of Protest Banner by Tampa Police”


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TAMPA, FLORIDA – Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG), a nonpartisan, pro-Democracy action group, denies any and all allegations that its protest banner provoked the systematic investigation of unwitting civilians by Tampa police at Super Bowl XXXV, held January 28, 2001. CLG acknowledges, however, responsibility for the flying of its second aerial banner, which flew over Raymond James Stadium and read “INSTANT REPLAY – BUSH LOST”, whose flight pattern was severely restrained under police direction.


Law enforcement officials have confirmed that surveillance cameras covertly captured facial images of unaware Super Bowl attendees in an attempt to match visitor identities with those of known felons and terrorists.  “The excessive police response to the expression of our moderate voices of dissent is a very disturbing development,” said CLG member Rod Schoonover. “We are not radicals, criminals or terrorists. We are normal citizens exercising our Constitutional right to peacefully but loudly assert our opposition to the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush.”


The group also denounces the police obstruction of the protest banner. “Rights granted by the First Amendment don’t suddenly end 2,000 feet above the ground,” said CLG spokesman Michael Rectenwald. “The contrary nature of our message in no way warrants such extreme tactics as those employed by the Tampa Police Department.“


Formed in the wake of the 2000 election, CLG has engaged in several actions, including flying an aerial banner over the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Year’s Day (which read “BUSH LOST – PROTEST ‘INAUGURAL’ IN DC”) and marching in counter-inaugural protests nationwide on January 20.


Citizens for Legitimate Government is a strategic grassroots group recently created by concerned, tax-paying citizens, after an activist U.S. Supreme Court abandoned its Constitutional obligations and upheld the Republican Party’s efforts to eliminate the democratic process from the 2000 presidential contest. The members of the group refuse to recognize the Bush administration as legitimate. More information on the group’s activities can be found on their website at