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The Taliban stimulus: Karzai to seek US billions for insurgents' jobs, training

The Taliban stimulus: Karzai to seek US billions for insurgents' jobs, training --Is there any doubt whatsoever that Barack Obama, the corporaterrorist troll and GOP conciliator, will be more than *happy* to fully fund the Taliban stimulus? Of course, he couldn't *wait* to burn us on the public option -- too expensive. Obusha also ensured we would get stuck with a watered-down proposal to audit the Federal Reserve, a predatory terrorist group. *If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.* --Lori Price 07 May 2010
Afghanistan's Karzai to ask Obama for billions more to fight Taliban --Afghan President Hamid Karzai will ask for billions more in aid when he travels to Washington next week on a trip aimed at improving relations with Barack Obama. 07 May 2010 The Afghan president and ten ministers will tell members of the US Congress they need billions of dollars to end the eight-year-old Taliban 'insurgency.' Ministers will ask American politicians to fund an ambitious scheme to use jobs, training, aid and amnesties to coax militants from the battlefield. They will say they need money for their armed forces, farming, education, health and job schemes to win over rural Afghans who still view the Kabul regime as weak, corrupt and ineffective... The delegation will arrive in Washington on Monday to lobby Congress as it considers a Pentagon request for £22 billion of extra funds for the war in Afghanistan.
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