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Terrorist-turned-canary Najibullah Zazi may land in witness protection program

Under cover of LeBron James and the BP-Halliburton oil volcano, a false flag goes full circle: Terrorist-turned-canary Najibullah Zazi may land in witness protection program 08 Jul 2010 The confessed subway suicide bomber [obvious al-CIAduh troll] could wind up in the federal witness protection program - living side by side with Americans he wanted dead. Najibullah Zazi's cooperation with the feds was key to a new indictment Wednesday that tied his plan to blow up subways in Times Square and Grand Central stations to a foiled plot in England. The Afghan immigrant's singing could earn him a coveted "S" visa, given only to aliens who provide critical information on terror organizations, officials revealed.


Many of these 'terrorist suspects' get plea-bargain deals because they were recruited by the USA or the UK to participate in acts of 'false-flag' terrorism. The majority of the 'terrorist attacks' against the USA and its allies are self-inflicted 'false-flag' attacks. That includes the 9/11 'false-flag' attacks. 

9/11 was a false flag attack?  Please start taking your meds again, your paranoid schizophrenia is flaring up!

Where the heck you been?  WTC & is the smoking gun.  Look it up, pal.

I hit "&" (shift key #7)


WTC7 was the smoking gun.  Text book demolition, and the BBC reported it as collapsed 23 minutes before the actual event.

9/11 was an inside job, six ways to Sunday.
The crime could have been solved within the first 44 minutes of any 'NCIS' or 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent,' without stretching anyone's limits of credulity or creativity.
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--Lori Price

the conspiracy theorists might think you were in on it

*Exactly.* --LRP