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Thom Browne Men's Spring 2018

Thom Browne Men's Spring 2018 --The show celebrated gender fluidity, with man skirts a key focus of the collection. | 25 June 2017 | Man skirts have become a regular sighting on the runway, but they've never really filtered down to real life. But as the gender-fluid phenomenon continues to crescendo, Thom Browne made a convincing argument for a possibly not-so-distant future where men will turn up to the office - briefcase in hand - in a classic skirtsuit, Richelieu heels and business socks. "You start one way as a baby, but why shouldn't you be able to choose your own path as opposed to culturally people telling you which way to go? It’s about being open-minded to experience life the way you want it," said the designer backstage.