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Trump administration picks pro-vaccine CDC director

Trump administration picks pro-vaccine CDC director | 07 July 2017 | After backing candidate Donald Trump last year, anti-vaccine activists may feel betrayed in his administration's latest move to name vaccine advocate Brenda Fitzgerald to run the CDC...Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price named Fitzgerald to the critical post Friday. In numerous public statements, Fitzgerald has supported vaccination. Ahead of the nomination, anti-vaccine group Autism Investigated posted an open letter to President Trump urging him to "withdraw any consideration" for Fitzgerald due to her vaccine stance. In the letter, the website's editor Jake Crosby brought up Trump's campaign promises to look into vaccine safety and pointed out that "many people voted for you this past election" because of those promises. [Not exactly a 'swamp-draining' move, is it? This selection is almost as insane as appointing warmongering sociopath Nikki Haley to be the United States ambassador to the UN.]