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The UNprofessional Left: Keith Olbermann Bashes Marx

The UNprofessional Left: Keith Olbermann Bashes Marx --LRP 14 Aug 2010 On Friday's 'Countdown, Keith Olbermann made the following remark. 'By the way, for the Marxists -- Marx is dead, and he was a lousy thinker.' 13 Aug 2010 'Countdown,' at 4:33 into video. Countdown with Keith Olbermann [Keith Olbermann is judging MARX as a thinker? That's like a snail judging the locomotive abilities of a cougar. Olbermann wouldn't know a thinker if one bit him in the a$$. Only a complete moron could say that Marx was a "lousy thinker." Marx was a genius of the very highest order. But then, Olbermann wouldn't know that. He's likely never read a single paragraph of Marx. I do find it interesting that the bourgeois left finds it necessary, apropos of nothing, to slander Marx. They must know what's in store. --Michael Rectenwald]


 Your allegiance is transparent. Ding Dong the witch is dead. May the Rats flee the sinking ship...if not we will give you a push.

Our allegiance is to the working class. If that is apparent, then good!

1984 much?

Marx was very intelligent. If he wasn't, then his lies and half truths would not plague us today.

As for Oberman, he is just an angry old man. He should hang it up.

By this logic, Bush Jr was also very intelligent. If he wasn't, then his lies and half truths would not plague us today.

If that is how intelligence is measured, then Bush is perhaps the most intelligent human ever.

Look around you. Was Marx wrong about the ecohomic contradictions of capitalism?

I always liked Harpo the best.

: )

Harpo was actually smarter than olbermann.

marx stole from engels and was paid by rothschild for his pablum...his crap was used to lure the masses to their destruction....white christians were destroyed in the process     f marx and anyone who likes him

Agreed.  F Marx.

Indeed he was a creation of the rotschilds

"For every man who lives in luxury, ten men must suffer in poverty", etc....


The whole thing seemed to have been written for peasants. How anyone middle-class for fall for it is beyond me.

Olbermann is using a military psychological tactic on us. When your about to attack an enemy you use loud speakers to say you are not attacking and please lay down your weapons.

“Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.” ~Groucho Marx

bunch of capitalist buTTki$$ers.

In spite of Olberman, Marx is the most important philosopher and social theorist of the last few hundred years. The reason he is still so controversial is that he's still so relevant in this "age of capital" that we live in. The reactionaries of the world hate Marx because he exposes what they are and they need to keep the myth going that capitalism is somehow a good thing.

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