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U.S. Hunts For Leaker of Afghan War Documents

'We will do what is necessary to try to determine who is responsible for the leaking of this information.' U.S. Hunts For Leaker of Afghan War Documents 26 Jul 2010 The Pentagon said on Monday it was launching a manhunt to find whoever leaked tens of thousands of classified documents on the war in Afghanistan, one of the largest security breaches in U.S. military history. U.S. defense officials said the person behind the release of some 91,000 classified documents appeared to have "secret" clearance and access to sensitive documents on the Afghan war. More leaks were possible, officials acknowledged.


Years ago, US weapons were stolen by insurgents in Irak... Now, classified documents in Afghanistan. Maybe the US should give up all ideas of warfare and stop being an ugly empire. Waging successful wars doesn't seem to be their cup of tea.