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US considering attack on Pakistan

It's the 'Oh, my God' Obusha holiday weekend really, really bad news dump:  US considering attack on Pakistan 29 May 2010 The US military is reportedly weighing all possible options to attack Pakistan, in the event that it manages to link the country with a disastrous attack on the US soil... Military officials in the US have used the failed bomb attempt on New York's Times Square on May 1, to accuse Pakistan of harboring terrorists. The incident was also used to urge the Obama administration to review how it would respond to a successful attack on US soil.


so... $349 mil stimulus to pakistan.... and we will be considering an attack? can someone help this laywoman out here by explaining this?

you really think that $349 mil stimulus went to pakistan? lol, NOT!! try looking at the BIG BANKS and the FEDERAL RESERVE for that money. that money was redistributed wealth given to bankers.

no need to be condescending. this was the point of me asking the question... i said i was a laywoman. 

In 'Ho Town, DC, They're ALL NUKING FUTS!