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U.S. doctors, minorities still wary of shots: official

U.S. doctors, minorities still wary of shots: official 19 Apr 2010 Doctors and minorities still have a dangerous wise mistrust of vaccines that became painfully clear during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday. But she said the United States had "unprecedented" levels of flu vaccination for the past season and pointed to nearly $500 million in government funding to improve decades-old influenza vaccine technology. [And, here is some of that 'improved' technology: New US vaccine production techniques: Genetically modified insect cells, E. coli, caterpillar ovaries 24 Nov 2009 'Spurred by $487 million in federal funding, a sprawling new vaccine factory is opening in North Carolina Tuesday that will produce shots using dog cells instead of chicken eggs.' --Yeah, have a little *dog* with your squalene-laden, mercury-filled, Polysorbate 80-laced flu vaccine! If the US ever tries to make this sh*t mandatory, there will be coffee parties, tea parties and every party uniting in rebellion. --LRP]


FDA and CDC have already approved exponentially toxic "chicken pox" vaccines which "prevent" deaths in a miniscule number of children while exacerbating an EPIDEMIC of SHINGLES among US adults, thank Merck.