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U.S. interrogators scared Canadian with rape tale

U.S. interrogators scared Canadian with rape tale --Khadr has said he was threatened with rape, beaten, thrown to the ground, chained in painful positions, forced to urinate on himself, terrorized by dogs and subjected to freezing temperatures and sleep deprivation at Bagram and Guantanamo. 06 May 2010 U.S. interrogators tried to scare a young Canadian prisoner by making up a story about a skinny little Muslim gang-raped by black men at an American prison, an interrogator testified in the Guantanamo war crimes 'court' on Thursday. Defense lawyers contend Omar Khadr's statements were coerced during cruel and inhumane interrogations at Guantanamo and in Afghanistan, where Khadr was captured in a firefight at an alleged al Qaeda compound at age 15.