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Hugo Chavez wins Venezuelan election, securing fourth term in office

Hugo Chávez wins Venezuelan election, securing fourth term in office 08 Oct 2012 Venezuela's Hugo Chávez has once again defied his doubters by winning a new term of office in this Sunday's presidential election. To the euphoria of supporters in and around his campaign headquarters, the National Electoral Council announced the president had secured 54.4% of the votes, while his rival Capriles was behind with 44.9%. As the result was announced, his supporters burst into cheers and songs of "Viva Le Patria" and "Ooh Aah, Chávez won't go."


The people of South America give me hope. Maybe it can happen here in the USA.

Thos was indeedv encouraging.  I feel like bteaking oit a bottle of chanoagne and celebrating.  It is truly a win for the average Venezuekan and should give the average Latin American a great deal of hope.

Sorry, but the people of Venezuela have more freedom of thought and action than in American, where all elections are bought with money from the corrupt controlling forces. Most Americans are dummbed down and act as sheeple; you will never have free and fair elections, where electronic voting machines are rigged.

No chance anything of the sort would happen in the US short of a citizen revolt, and the Republican-lite, Obama, has a deathgrip on the majority of the country due to the scarier alternative of the Republican-heavy.  It should be well-noted, the economy in Venezuela is humming with low inflation and continuously dropping unemployment, down from the titanic 41% the ideological pigs who still control the US left it with in 1998.  It's taken Chavez 14 years to make it go down 14 points, but so long as the course is stayed, everything should continue to improve for the vast majority of the people there, with more and more of the economy directed to serve the vast majority---as our Constitution says but is not followed, " to promote the general welfare"---the poorest and the middle class, not the wealthy who promoted Capriles.  

At least there is one country in the world which refuses to be influenced by the might and deceit of the USA.  Vive Hugo and long may you reign!  You are a gift to those who voted for you, and many of us in other countries wish we had a leader like you.  Particularly here in Australia, where no decisions are now made without first seeking advice from the USA! (sic)