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Vowing not to be 'chumps,' commission subpoenas Goldman's records

Vowing not to be 'chumps,' commission subpoenas Goldman's records 07 Jun 2010 Leaders of a government commission accused Goldman Sachs Monday of "stonewalling" their inquiry into causes of the financial crisis and said the panel has issued a subpoena to compel the Wall Street giant to produce documents and access to key executives. In a conference call with reporters, Democratic Chairman Phil Angelides and Republican Vice Chair Bill Thomas of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission rebuked Goldman for what they described as "abysmal" behavior unmistakably aimed at stalling the panel for months. "In our view, this has been a very deliberate effort over time to run out the clock," Angelides said, referring to the commission's mandate to complete its sweeping examination and submit a report to Congress by December. "We're not going to let the American people be played for chumps here."