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West to continue working on sanctions

West to continue working on sanctions --Diplomats in Washington and New York unimpressed by Iranian fuel swap deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil, tell Ynet that Security Council discussions will go on. 18 May 2010 Western powers unimpressed by Iranian gesture: Although Iran has agreed to ship 1,200 kilograms of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for fuel rods to power a research reactor in Tehran, most permanent Security Council members are continuing their efforts to impose fresh sanctions against the Islamic Republic. The American administration -- with the support of France, Britain and apparently also Russia -- is continuing to push for a Security Council resolution. Western diplomats in Washington and New York told Ynet on Monday night that "the discussions on sanctions continue".


Whatever happen to the dead "nut" in Tora Bora?

God Bless David Ray Griffin....


The guy is dead, folks.

Get with the program soldiers!

You're govmt. has spilled your blood for oil, and no body wants to say shit.

Praise Pat Robertson <cough>.

He's my Savior and my cnbc "lord" and will show you the way to Jesus' crap.


Here's the deal, folks.