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'What kind of world was it where the Americans were more barbaric than the Pakistanis?'

Omar Deghayes: 'He was brought in manacled and hooded' --Libyan-born British resident held in Afghanistan was warned he faced a long period of incarceration in US hands 14 Jul 2010 In an MI5 report on the interrogation of Omar Deghayes, a Libyan-born British resident held by the Americans at Bagram airbase north of Kabul, an officer wrote to his superiors in London: "Deghayes was brought to the interview room manacled and hooded. When the hood was removed, Deghayes looked pale and shaky." ...Deghayes told the [MI5] officers that he was suffering internal bleeding and complained that no evidence had been presented against him... "He was treated better by the Pakistanis; what kind of world was it where the Americans were more barbaric than the Pakistanis? We listened but did not comment." MI5 interrogated Deghayes again and told a senior American officer in Deghayes' presence, that the detainee had not been co-operating. "If he sticks to his story and just gives a few more details, we propose disengaging and allowing events here to take their course," the officer wrote. In the autumn Deghayes was flown to Guantánamo Bay, where he stayed for more than five years. At one point he was so severely beaten that he was blinded in one eye.