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Why is there a hole burned in the aluminum helideck?

We are all asking the same questions: Why is there a hole burned in the aluminum helideck? Posted by watcher51445 02 May 2010 Here are some pics of the burning oil rig. Note the helideck with a large size hole in it which would appear to be burned. I did a search on "can aluminum helidecks burn" and found that they do NOT burn... many tests have been done. Plus the decks are equipped with valves all around the deck to spray either water or foam should a fire occur on the deck which would automatically spray... so what are they hiding? --anon

Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon


It didn't burn... It melted through, aluminum  melts at 1220 °F degrees, with the majority of the place on fire I doubt those sprays could work if the pumps were all broken from the fire. From that picture the place looks pretty far gone by then.

In this case they aren't hiding anything... In this case at least.

weird thing is "anonymous" if the helideck melted by an onboard fire, why wasn't the underside of the deck not burned then.

Sorry but my bubble not bursted, a true dumbass you have become

I thought exactly the same as soon I have seen one aerial photo.. for me someone should think about, what is there above the helideck in that position? Moreover the hole is quite regular, with a shape similar to a rectangle