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Wisconsin shooting to be considered 'domestic terrorism'

Wisconsin shooting to be considered 'domestic terrorism' --27 agencies [!] responded and assisted with tactics, investigation --Will likely prosecute under US Patriot Act --Witness: Alleged shooter had '9/11 tattoo.' [?] Authorities treating Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting as domestic terror incident 05 Aug 2012 The FBI is handling criminal investigation on the incident. Police, SWAT teams converged on the Sikh temple. ATF is involved. [Guess we're not going to learn the suspect's name until USociopaths purge every tie they ever had with him, so we can't troll social media for 'oddities.' Just once I'd like to see one of these shooter's lawyers call a press conference and say, 'my client was under mind-controlled by the US government when he carried out his crimes.' --LRP]