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Boycott Israel's IKEA Boycott

Shop Till You Drop at IKEA to Counteract Israel's Boycott!

Thousands of Israelis petition to boycott Sweden retailer IKEA By Adi Dovrat and Irit Rosenblum, Haaretz 23 Aug 2009 Thousands of Israelis have signed an online petition to boycott the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, in the wake of a controversial article published in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that suggested that Israeli soldiers "harvested" the organs of Palestinians. The signatories were also dismayed at the refusal of the Stockholm government to denounce the allegations under the banner of press freedom. Various figures in the Israeli government have harshly criticized the article and demanded, to no avail, that the Swedish government issue a condemnation. On Sunday it emerged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Stockholm for an official condemnation.

Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for organs --Article published by Aftonbladet reporter claims soldiers snatched Palestinian youths and returned their dismembered bodies a few days later. By Roni Sofer, Israel News 18 Aug 2009 Leading Swedish daily Aftonbladet claimed in one of its articles that IDF soldiers killed Palestinians in order to trade in their organs. On Tuesday the Israeli Foreign Ministry responded by saying that the article "is a shocking example of Israel's demonization." According to the ministry, the Stockholm-based paper accused the Israeli army of organ theft. The report mentioned Brooklyn resident Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who is accused of involvement in the recent human organ-trafficking case that caused a storm in the US and Israel. The report said Palestinians claim youngsters were forced to give up theirs before being executed. This suspicion, the report said, may lead to an international war crimes investigation against Israel.

Black market kidney trade exposed in US and Israel 26 Jul 2009 An international racket in the trade of black-market kidneys has been exposed in America. In the first documented case of organ trafficking in the US, the FBI last week arrested so-called kidney matchmaker, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn. He was arrested only days after he had met with a secret government informant and an undercover FBI agent. The agent had tricked Rosenbaum into believing he was searching for a kidney for a sick relative who was on a transplant list at a US hospital. According to the FBI, Rosenbaum, who is a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, was able to display a thorough knowledge of kidney donations.. In a secretly recorded conversation it was revealed Rosenbaum was in contact with a major overseas hospital syndicate, which would buy organs from vulnerable people in Israel or other poorer countries for $10,000 and sell them to patients in the US for as much as $160,000. Rosenbaum was allegedly recorded saying he had brokered many kidney swaps, with money acquired from the deals then being spread between Israeli doctors, visa preparers and those who cared for the organ donors in the US.

Israel targets U.K. funding of group that exposed 'IDF crimes' in Gaza By Barak Ravid, Haaretz 29 Jul 2009 Israel continues to ratchet up diplomatic pressure against European Union funding of a group that exposed what it described as war crimes perpetrated by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza. The deputy director-general of the Foreign Ministry, Rafi Barak, expressed "concern" last week over Britain's financial contributions to "Breaking the Silence," an organization founded by IDF veterans which collects testimonies from soldiers serving in the Palestinian territories. Barak communicated Israel's dissatisfaction over Britain's funding of the group during a meeting with London's ambassador to Tel Aviv, Tom Phillips. Barak met with Phillips to discuss efforts by various British organizations to institute a boycott against Israel. During the meeting, Barak also raised the subject of funds which the British government channels to Breaking the Silence. --Affordable solutions for better living

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