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Another America

Another America By CLG Founder Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 10 Nov 2022 |

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION was not fought so that the colonists could remain under British rule, only on their own terms. It was fought to escape British rule entirely. We live under taxation without representation no less than they did.

Detail of Liberty, by an unidentified American artist, ca. 1800-1820, National Gallery of Art
Detail of Liberty by an unidentified American artist, ca. 1800-1820, National Gallery of Art.

It's time to consider such a reconstitution again--not so that we can overtake the United States but rather that we might leave a union run by one-party tyrants under which the uni-party has become coterminous with the state itself. There is no "our democracy" here--only their autocracy.

It's time to recognize that these tyrannical, authoritarian, totalitarian communists do not share our values. For example, I once met a woman, who, when I explained why I was a libertarian, told me straight-faced that freedom was not important, and she did not value it. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that she did not believe that individual rights are inviolable. "The common good," she suggested, should take precedence and dominance over the individual. "The common good" is always used by totalitarians to strip individuals of their rights. I take her to be representative of the whole leftist belief system. These people do not share our values. It's time to recognize this and to cease allowing them to force their wills on us. The common good only exists in a free society--where each person has property in themselves and pursues their own interests while respecting the inviolable rights of others.

Let them believe in the disastrous system of socialism, in climate change catastrophism, in "pandemic" and climate lockdowns. Let them destroy their own currency, live under inflation and shortages, fund the Ukrainians ad infinitum, outlaw the gasoline engine, refuse to drill for oil, outlaw fossil fuels entirely, allow illegal immigrants and violent criminals to run free in their streets, impose trade sanctions on other countries, and starve the developing world while embracing the Great Reset to their own detriment (whether knowingly or not).

Some call this a national divorce. I think it's much more than this because totalitarians do not willingly let you out and there is no divorce court to adjudicate our differences. The Soviets built a wall precisely to prevent emigration. We are under no less a totalitarian state. Thus, we will have to rebel, to move and lay stake in a specific territory, to colonize it, and try to avoid the regime's police forces and loyalists. We need out of their welfare-warfare system, which destroys the lives of millions if not billions. We will need self-defense from their myriad alphabet agencies. We need a parallel economy, a parallel social order, a parallel society.

In short, we need another America.

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