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Another U.S. chemical train derails

Another U.S. chemical train derails --At least eight freight trains have crashed across the country since the beginning of February | 27 March 2023 | A Canadian Pacific Railway freight train derailed in North Dakota on Sunday, spilling hazardous liquid asphalt from containers. The crash is the latest in a spate of derailments across the U.S., one of which caused a devastating release of toxic chemicals. The incident took place near the town of Wyndmere shortly after 11pm on Sunday night, a Canadian Pacific spokesman told local media. Richland County Emergency Manager Brett Lambrecht said that 31 cars of the 70-car train left the track, some of which were carrying liquid asphalt. Liquid asphalt is a flammable petroleum-based product, but Lambrecht said that cold temperatures will allow the material to solidify and reduce the chance of fire.