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Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order.

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August 2002 Archives

August 31, 2002

Bush Urged to Seek Congressional Support on Iraq Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole stepped into the intensifying U.S. debate on Iraq on Sunday, urging pResident Bush to seek congressional approval for any plan to topple Saddam Hussein in order to present a united front.

Will Bush go to war against Saddam? As the arguments about what to do with Iraq drag on, the hawks and doves have been fighting their own ruthless battle for the undecided mind [?!?] of the pResident.

Police prepare for 40,000 protesters to march Thousands of police and soldiers are to be deployed today to marshall a mass protest at the earth summit pressing for an array of demands, from land redistribution in South Africa to an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

World summit hears clamour of protest Thousands of demonstrators have marched to the World Development Summit venue in Johannesburg, in the first mass protest to take place since it opened on Monday. Many chanted anti-American slogans and bore banners ridiculing US pResident George W Bush.

Travelers: Air marshal aimed gun in Delta cabin A federal air marshal pointed a gun towards passengers on a flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia for about 30 minutes Saturday while detaining an unruly passenger, travelers said.

CLG announces the establishment of new, local charters to expose the coup and counter the occupation. Please read the editorial announcement by Thomas I. Ellis, Ph.D.: It’s Satyagraha Time: A Manifesto " ...We firmly adhere to the unity of means and ends, and therefore are sworn to nonviolence and compassion for our enemies—even for Bush and Cheney themselves, once they relinquish their fraudulent claim to political office. When the illegitimate Bush regime is removed from power, we will be satisfied. But not before."

Election Lawsuit Settlement Delayed An expected settlement of a lawsuit alleging widespread voting problems during Florida's disputed 2000 presidential s-election [coup d'etat] has been delayed.

U.S. Seeks GOP Campaign Papers The government sought a court order Friday to force two Republican committees to turn over documents in a lawsuit stemming from the new campaign finance law.

Bush to Bypass Congress On 'Faith-Based' Initiative The White House plans to implement elements of the charity program even if it doesn't get lawmakers' approval. With pResident Bush's "faith-based" legislation facing an uncertain fate, the White House [in but another dictatorial move] is planning an aggressive effort to implement parts of the program this fall even if Congress does not approve, mis-ministration officials said yesterday.

Canada-US troop deal 'close' The Canadian defence minister says Canada and the United States are close to an agreement that would allow American and Canadian soldiers to cross each other's borders in the event of a terrorist attack. The minister, John McCallum, says the proposed agreement would also allow both countries' ground troops to serve under each other's command, for the first time. [Posse Comitatus alert!! Hello? Anyone from Congress doing his or her job that can STOP this regime???]

Webmaster indicted for terror support A federal grand jury has indicted the founder of the Website on charges of aiding al-Qaida terrorists. [Fascist regimes such as Bush's must shut down any and all opposition to its terrorist campaigns at home and abroad.]

Support For 1st Amendment Slipping Support for the First Amendment has eroded significantly since Sept. 11 and nearly half of Americans now think the constitutional amendment on free speech goes too far in the rights it guarantees, according to a new poll.

Former [and last elected] president offers political advice at fair Attacking his country may give Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein the reason he needs to use weapons of mass destruction against the United States and its allies, President Bill Clinton said Friday.

Polls Show U.S. Doubts over Iraq War Two polls released on Friday showed Americans wary of a potential war with Iraq.

Iraq and Poison Gas -- by Dilip Hiro "It is suddenly de rigueur for US officials to say, 'Saddam Hussein gassed his own people' [Halabja, March 1988, etc.]... so strong was the hold of the pro-Iraq lobby on the Republican administration of President Ronald Reagan, it succeeded in getting the White House to frustrate the Senate's attempt to penalize Baghdad for violating the Geneva Protocol on Chemical Weapons, which it had signed. This led Saddam to believe that Washington was firmly on his side--a conclusion that paved the way for his invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War, the full consequences of which have yet to play themselves out."

Senate committee members complying with FBI requests for records in leaks investigation Most members of a Senate committee investigating the Sept. 11 attacks have agreed to provide the FBI with details of their contacts with reporters as part of an investigation into leaks of classified information. Some lawmakers, including the panel's top Republican, Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, have said the FBI investigation of the committees breached the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches — particularly while the committee was examining intelligence shortcomings at the FBI and other agencies. [What is Ashcroft trying to hide vis a vis the September 11th terrorist attacks?!?]

Progressive Irrelevance? -- by Anis Shivani "By rejecting as 'conspiracy theory' revelations about government foreknowledge and complicity [re: 9/11] in order to preserve its rationalist credentials, the left has granted credibility to the enabling device. That's a losing move. The way to understand Bush's presidency [sic] is to look at him as a forceful dictator bent on doing as much harm as quickly as possible, not as a bumbling right-wing fool who chanced on the presidency due to mishaps in Florida."

Calif. Senate OKs Family Leave Bill California took another step Friday toward becoming the first state in the country to pass paid family leave legislation, with the Senate voting to send the bill to Gov. Gray Davis.

Trade Panel Says Europe Can Impose Penalties on U.S. The World Trade Organization, the international arbiter in global trade disputes, ruled today that the European Union can impose $4 billion in penalties on the United States because an American tax break that promotes exports is illegal.

Summit scoffs at US pitch on fixing global ills Taking the stage at the second Earth Summit, the Bush mis-ministration struck a challenging tone as it rolled out its "new approach" to reduce poverty and protect the environment through partnerships with businesses, international groups and friendly countries.

Summer Smog May Have Doubled in 2002 - Green Group The number of times unhealthy smog levels blanketed U.S. states rose 10 percent during the summer of 2001, and may double this year, according to a study released Thursday by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

Bush Breaks Fund-Raising Record pResident Bush blazed new records in raising campaign cash Thursday as events in two states — his 49th and 50th fund-raisers of the year — pushed his total to nearly $110 million.

Bush Raises Campaign Money, Skirts Iraq Debate pResident Bush on Thursday skirted growing debate over a potential attack on Iraq, focusing instead on raising campaign cash and delivering a get-out-the-vote [?!? Why? So Bush's installers can troll for vote-fraud once again?] message for November elections.

Some GOP elders dispensing advice on Iraq have business ties to region The Iraq debate has featured a parade of foreign policy elders from previous Republican administrations bearing advice on Iraq. Their counsel may differ, but they share one thing in common: business clients with ties to the region.

Amid Worldwide Skepticism, Cheney Again Slams Iraq Vice pResident Dick Cheney on Thursday hammered home the U.S. case for pre-emptive action against Iraq, brushing off a groundswell of unease among European allies, Muslim states and broader world public opinion.

U.S. Threats to Iraq Contested by Friend and Foe Speaking a day after Vice pResident Dick Cheney had contended that the risk of inaction on Iraq was "far greater" than the risk of action, Rumsfeld said pResident Bush had not yet chosen to launch an invasion, but predicted that any such decision would elicit broad international backing. No way, chorused politicians from Beijing to Berlin.

Blair losing influence on US over Iraq Downing Street struggling for coherent policy as White House steps up rhetoric -- Tony Blair was last night struggling to formulate an effective policy on Iraq, amid fears in Downing Street over the prime minister's ability to exert any influence at all on the US mis-ministration's policy towards Saddam Hussein. [Reason: each and every day that Bush and his boss, Dick Cheney, wage warmongering rhetoric, oil prices increase as Bush/Cheney's installers from the oil industry are minimizing their oil purchases from Iraq. With one less supplier from which to choose, oil prices can soar, to the delight of Bush/Cheney's paymasters.]

France speaks out against US war plan French President Jacques Chirac has become the latest Western leader to speak out against an American attack on Iraq.

Ex-U.S. Attorney General Warns Against Iraq Strike Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark urged the United Nations on Thursday to act to prevent an assault on Iraq, saying that a military attack on Baghdad could breed more violence. Clark, who said earlier that a strike against Iraq would be a "massive crime against all international law," served as attorney general under President Lyndon Johnson at the height of the Vietnam War.

No Way Out -- by Michael C. Ruppert "When the Iraqi invasion takes place the U.S. government may have the benefit of U.N. or international support, perhaps as a result of secret documents conveniently obtained from the Iraqi embassy in Berlin during a recent temporary occupation by an unheard-of dissident group. Those documents will show Iraqi government connections to many of the 9-11 hijackers who lived in Germany before the attacks. It makes no difference whether the documents are real or not."

Mr. Bush's War -- by Eric S. Margolis "US forces are rapidly massing in the Gulf to invade Iraq. Four heavy brigades have been positioned near Iraq, a huge new air complex is now operational in Qatar, and American special forces are active in Iraqi Kurdistan. The White House is hoping its threats of war will provoke a coup against Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi Army. But if one does not come, the Bush Administration shows every sign of plunging into an unprovoked war that the rest of the world will view as blatant aggression."

Senators Provide FBI With Contacts Most members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have agreed to provide the FBI with details of their contacts with reporters as part of an investigation into leaks of classified information from a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks. [Can someone in Congress PLEASE stand up to Ashcroft's police state?]

Who’s spying on my Hotmail? With new spyware, even your private Yahoo, Hotmail e-mails can be seen -- A new version of eBlaster spyware will secretly forward all e-mail coming and going through such Web-based accounts to a spy’s e-mail, allowing anyone to "ride-along" even the supposedly private e-mail.

The Secret Sharers The CIA, the Bush Gang and the Killing of Frank Olson -- by Chris Floyd "There is a thread running through modern American history, a thin red cord that weaves in and out of the shifting facades of reason and respectability that mask the brutal machinery of power... It's a thread that runs from horrified young intelligence operatives stumbling into the death camps of Nazi Germany to hardened agents running assassination programs in the jungles of Vietnam to august men of state building a shadow government with secret decrees authorizing tyranny, murder, torture and deceit. It's a thread of moral corruption, corruption by an idea, a temptation, a perversion of reason, the whisper of evil that says: 'The end justifies the means.' "

Bush's "Coup World Order" -- by Marcie Davis "The Bush regime wants to decide who should lead nations like Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Iraq. Why not? After all, they seized power in a judicial coup d'etat when the Supreme Court illegally selected Bush. Why aren't we outraged?"

Little Annie Fanny -- by Gene Lyons "If Ann Coulter were a relief pitcher, she'd be in big trouble. Instead, she's a Republican attack-blonde, the author of the number one non-fiction book on the New York Times best-seller list, and a ubiquitous presence on TV talk shows. So you're not supposed to take offense when Coulter spouts politicized bigotry that makes ex-Atlanta Brave John Rocker's foolish remarks about queers, weirdos and foreigners in New York sound benign by comparison. Nor to point out that much of the so-called 'evidence' of liberal sins in her book 'Slander' is simply made up—780 often phony footnotes and all."

Sept. 11 Restrictions on Foreign Flights Canceled The Bush mis-ministration overturned a Pentagon plan to restrict foreign flights in New York and Washington on Sept. 11 after discovering it would break international agreements, officials said yesterday.

FBI: Gore Letter Possibly From Jail The FBI is checking whether a letter containing suspicious powder sent to former vice president Al Gore's office originated from a Tennessee prison.

Democrats Take Drought to Senate Campaign Trail The neon red banner featured on U.S. Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle's Web site virtually shouts the accusation, "The White House has refused to provide disaster assistance for 196 days." Updated daily, the effort is designed to pressure Republicans into backing a Democratic call for an estimated $5 billion in emergency disaster assistance for farmers and ranchers suffering from an historic drought.

Democrats Say Bush Blocking Earth Summit Goal A delegation of U.S. congressional Democrats accused the Bush fraudistration on Thursday of blocking plans to alleviate poverty and promote clean economic growth at the U.N.'s Earth Summit.

Lack of Basics Threatens World's Poor Delegates at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development today emphasized the importance of bringing water and sanitation to the millions around the world who struggle without those essential services.

Florida, counties plan to settle NAACP suit over 2000 election The NAACP's lawsuit over Florida's disputed 2000 presidential s-election [coup d'etat] appears headed for a close as the state and two counties the only remaining defendants have agreed to a settlement, attorneys said Tuesday.

Tests Negative on Gore Mail Powder Preliminary tests of a suspicious powder sent to Al Gore's Nashville office have not found anthrax, a spokesman for the president said Wednesday.

Democrats For Governor United In Attacks On Jeb The three Democratic gubernatorial candidates for governor met Tuesday in the only debate before the Sept. 10 primary, and as expected, they saved their most forceful jabs for Gov. Jeb Bush.

Former WorldCom CFO Sullivan Indicted WorldCom Inc.'s former top finance executive was indicted on fraud charges on Wednesday in connection with the $7.68 billion accounting scandal that forced the telecommunications giant into the world's largest bankruptcy.

Moussaoui Judge Demands FBI Answers In the span of a single day, the US government: –Recanted claims three people and three organizations had deliberate ties to al-Qaida. –Acknowledged that an al-Qaida leader believed to have been killed may be alive and operating in eastern Iran. –Admitted that two confidential sources in its investigation of another terror suspect "have not been completely candid."

Righting the nation / Courts are trimming Ashcroft's sails (Star Tribune) "Put another nail in the coffin of the freedom-killing secrecy policies of Attorney General John Ashcroft... It probably was inevitable in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11 that the American people, including constitutional watchdogs and the press, deferred to the federal government in its efforts to deal with this new and horrible threat. It was not inevitable, however, that Ashcroft would use that deference to make the Bill of Rights resemble a block of Swiss cheese."

Pressure on Bush to back off Global outcry against Iraq attack -- pResident Bush was facing overwhelming pressure from across the world last night to step back from the brink of military action to oust Saddam Hussein. Alarmed by growing rhetoric from leading hawks in Washington, key countries from China to Saudi Arabia warned of the devastating consequences of a US-led assault against Iraq.

Top GOP Senator Wants Iraq Hearings The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services committee said Wednesday he wants Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to appear before the panel to discuss how prepared U.S. forces are for a war against Iraq.

Bush May Request Congress's Backing on Iraq, Aides Say Senior mis-ministration officials said today that they expected pResident Bush eventually to seek some new explicit sign of approval from Congress — but not necessarily a formal vote — before launching any military campaign against Iraq.

Saudi Oil Key if U.S. Attacks Iraq Fear over war with Iraq has sent oil prices higher, but Saudi Arabia and its oil dominance may well determine whether a U.S. attack on Iraq will have worldwide impact on energy markets.

I'm With Dick! Let's Make War! -- by Maureen Dowd "It was embarrassing yesterday, given President [sic] Bush's swagger on Iraq, to watch him fawn over the Saudis. At lunch at his ranch he entertained Prince Bandar, the man who got private planes to spirit Osama bin Laden's relatives out of the U.S. after the attacks. Mr. Bush also called Crown Prince Abdullah yesterday to assure him of the 'eternal friendship' between their countries and to soothe hurt Saudi feelings over a lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims charging Saudi support of terrorism."

General Suggests Extending U.S. Campaign to Afghan Neighbors A top U.S. general suggested on Sunday that American-led anti-terror operations needed to look also at countries neighboring Afghanistan. General Tommy Franks, head of the U.S. Central Command, said the U.S. war on terror could not be limited to Afghanistan.

Facing loss of federal funds, Harvard Law to allow military recruiting on campus Harvard Law School will allow official on-campus recruiting by the military this year rather than risk costing the university $328 million in federal funds.

Inarticulate, and proud of it -- by James Carroll "As a candidate, Bush openly displayed his willful illiteracy. At a loss for words, and proud of it. Many voters were charmed. Others were appalled. Few understood, however, that this abdication of leadership by the intelligent use of language would be dangerous to democracy at home, a grievous threat to peace abroad."

Bush Chronicles: Screwed Over Protest Sites? Take Bush to Court -- by Bruce S. Ticker "OPENING SHOT: 1933 - Germany got Hitler and we got Roosevelt. Doesn't it strike anyone strange that the leader of today's Germany is a sensible progressive and our leader is an arrogant bully?"

Spin Doctors: Tommy Thompson is not a bioterrorism expert. So why does he play one on TV? -- by Garance Franke-Ruta "During the first weeks of the largest biological terror attack in U.S. history, when the need for accurate public-health information was at a premium, government experts were effectively silenced."

Your Past, Present and Future Private Medical Records Will Become Open to the Federal Government (HHS), Data-Processing Companies, Insurers, Hospitals, Doctors and Others—Without Your Consent -- as of October 15, 2002

Suburban Sprawl Blocks Water, Worsens U.S. Drought Suburban strip malls, office buildings and other paved areas have worsened the drought covering half the United States by blocking billions of gallons of rainwater from seeping through the soil to replenish ground water, environmental groups said on Wednesday.

Earth Summit Confronts Global Water Crisis Earth Summit delegates on Wednesday tackled ways to quench the planet's growing thirst and provide sanitation to billions of the world's poor who do without either every day.

Court refuses to reduce murder charge against Bhopal chief A court in Bhopal, central India, refused yesterday to reduce the murder charge against Warren Anderson, the former chief executive of Union Carbide, for the gas leak from the company's pesticides plant in the city in 1984 which has killed thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands.

White House Withholding Documents on Pardons Bush mis-ministration officials said today that they were keeping secret more than 4,000 pages of Justice Department documents related to a flurry of last-minute pardons by President Bill Clinton to protect the right of all presidents [Well, that certainly does not apply to Bush, then does it?] to private deliberations.

White Powder Scare at Al Gore's Tennessee Office An envelope addressed to Al Gore spilled white powder when it was opened on Tuesday in a Nashville office rented by the president, and investigators said the incident appeared to be a prank. ["prank" ?!?]

'Suspicious powder' sent to Gore office A staff member at President Al Gore's office in Nashville discovered a "suspicious white powder" Tuesday in a small envelope that was sent to the office. Officials have not yet determined what the package contained.

CT Joins Ashcroft's Execution Wish List Attorney General John Ashcroft has added Connecticut to the list of states in which he has trumped the decisions of local federal prosecutors. He has directed federal prosecutors to seek a death sentence against a Bridgeport drug kingpin. The case marks the first federal death penalty case in Connecticut, and brings to 16 the number of times Ashcroft - in 18 months in office - has overridden the recommendation of the prosecutors handling the case and ordered them to pursue the death penalty.

Daggers drawn in the house of Bush -- by Julian Borger "Vice-president [sic] Dick Cheney's combative speech advocating a pre-emptive strike against Iraq was intended to settle the most serious rift in US public life right now, a conflict simmering not only within the Republican party, but inside the Bush dynasty itself... But now the House of Bush is divided and the courtiers are squabbling, while the hapless president [sic] in the middle has very little to say."

Bush Assails Hussein, but Saudis Are Firm in Opposing War pResident Bush told Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States today that Saddam Hussein was "a menace and a threat" to both his Middle East neighbors and the United States. But after a meeting that lasted several hours, Saudi officials said their position was unchanged — that war was not acceptable and they would not cooperate in any military action.

Attack on Iraq would create chaos in Middle East, Egypt cautions US An American attack on Iraq could plunge the Middle East into chaos, the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, warned yesterday, 24 hours after vice pResident Dick Cheney issued a call for pre-emptive military action.

Blair faces defeat on Iraq Poll shows big drop in Labour support for attack -- Tony Blair faces acute political embarrassment from damaging defeats over Iraq at next month's TUC and Labour conferences after the results of the latest Guardian/ICM poll disclosed sharply rising opposition among Labour voters to American military action.

Belgium warns Blair over US relationship Tony Blair got a fresh warning of trouble ahead from Europe yesterday when the Belgian foreign minister openly attacked him for "submissively" following the US lead on Iraq.

Congress: [Dictator] Bush Needs Our Approval on Iraq Legal questions aside, lawmakers say pResident Bush needs to seek Congress' approval before sending American troops to attack Iraq because it's the right thing to do. Vice pResident Dick Cheney warned of "grave consequences" [like, losing big in the 2002 and 2004 elections] from not acting quickly against Saddam Hussein.

Rumsfeld: Allied Support Not Necessary For Action Against Iraq [Since Rumsfled doesn't have it, what else is he to say?] The Bush mis-ministration is casting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein as a menace who cannot be appeased and suggesting that it may not wait for full allied support before launching an attack.

Government urged to reject US stand on international court Labor today called on the government to reject United States requests to agree never to hand American personnel to the International Criminal Court. The Australian newspaper today reported that the US was mounting an aggressive push for Australia to sign an agreement promising never to surrender any US personnel to the ICC.

Senate Report on Pre-9/11 Failures Tells of Bungling at F.B.I. A new Senate report on intelligence failures before Sept. 11 has concluded that ignorance and ineptitude of F.B.I. supervisors and lawyers in Washington blocked field agents around the country from pursuing evidence that might have helped provide the bureau with what one of the authors of the report called a "veritable blueprint for 9/11."

INS Reverses Post-9/11 Schools Rule Immigration officials on Monday reversed a post-Sept. 11 security directive that would have barred Canadian and Mexican students from enrolling part-time in U.S. colleges.

White House Asked to Reject Utah Canyons Drilling The Bush mis-ministration's energy policies came under attack on Monday by a coalition of small businesses urging the White House not to allow oil drilling in southern Utah's tourist-popular canyon areas.

Texas to review Tulia drug raid Cornyn opens inquiry into '99 busts to see if blacks were targeted -- Attorney General John Cornyn has opened a state investigation into a 1999 Tulia drug bust that civil rights groups say was racially motivated.

Bush Seeks Secrecy For Clinton Pardon Discussions pResident Bush's lawyers are trying to keep secret the inside stories of President Bill Clinton's last-day pardons by invoking a claim of executive privilege that extends far beyond the White House. In pleadings filed in U.S. District Court here this month, including affidavits from White House counsel, the Bush Fourth Reich contends that the privilege covers not only advice given to a president about individual pardons, but also government papers he has never seen and officials he has never talked to, such as the sentencing judge in a particular case.

Court Declares Bush Mis-ministration Acted Unlawfully The federal appeals court in Cincinnati declared yesterday that the Bush mis-ministration acted unlawfully in holding hundreds of deportation hearings in secret based only on the government's assertion that the people involved may have links to terrorism. The decision, which was laced with stinging language questioning the administration's commitment to an open democracy, is the first major appellate ruling on the government's legal tactics concerning Sept. 11. "A government operating in the shadow of secrecy stands in complete opposition to the society envisioned by the framers of our Constitution." So wrote Judge Keith about the Bush (In)Justice Department.

Appeals Court Rules Against Closed 9/11 Hearings A federal appeals court on Monday ruled that the Bush mis-ministration violated the U.S. constitution by holding secret immigration hearings for a figure under investigation in the Sept. 11 attacks." A government operating in the shadow of secrecy stands in complete opposition to the society envisioned by the framers of our constitution," the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said.

Cheney Lays Out Case for Pre-Emptive Action on Iraq [to Take Everyone's Mind off of Enron, Harken, the Sinking Economy and the Skyrocketing Deficit] Vice pResident Dick Cheney on Monday laid out the White House's case for pre-emptive action against Iraq. "With our help, a liberated Iraq can be a great nation once again," he said. [Many people feel that without the Bush dictatorship, the United States can be a great nation, once again.]

U.S. to Coach Baghdad's Opponents for Debate The Bush mis-ministration, concerned it is losing the debate in world opinion over a possible war with Iraq, this week is bringing 17 Iraqi dissidents from Europe and North America to the State Department for lessons in how to effectively communicate the reasons to depose Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Don't trust Bush or Blair on Iraq The Scott inquiry revealed the cynicism of politicians' approach -- by Richard Norton-Taylor "This cynicism and hypocrisy was matched only by the US. Soon after the attack [on Halabja in March 1988], Washington approved the export to Iraq of virus cultures and a $1bn contract to design and build a petrochemical plant the Iraqis planned to use to produce mustard gas. And while the Reagan administration condemned the use of chemical weapons during the eight-year Iraq-Iran war, US officers were secretly supplying Iraqi generals with bomb-damage assessments and detailed information on Iranian troop deployments."

The government in the shadows Since September 11, some Americans believe their basic freedoms are under siege from within. The Bush mis-ministration is flirting with the possibility of America's military pursuing law enforcement, a member of the US Civil Rights Commission has broached the possibility of Arab-American internment, and the FBI's monitoring of domestic dissent and Internet traffic has intimidated many into comparative silence. There are fears that the organisation established to manage disaster relief, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has evolved into an unseen threat to American life.

Forest jobs touted by Bush are mostly already filled pResident Bush, voicing sympathy for Oregon's high unemployment, said in Medford last week that federal lands logging mandated under the Northwest Forest Plan "means 100,000 more jobs" for the region. But most of those jobs already exist.

Bush on Fire -- by By Paul Krugman "Round up the usual suspects! George W. Bush's new 'Healthy Forests' plan reads like a parody of his administration's standard operating procedure. You see, environmentalists cause forest fires, and those nice corporations will solve the problem if we get out of their way. Am I being too harsh? No, actually it's even worse than it seems. 'Healthy Forests' isn't just about scrapping environmental protection; it's also about expanding corporate welfare."

Enron Creditors Sue Kopper for $12 Million Enron Corp.'s creditors on Monday sued former finance executive Michael Kopper for the $12 million he agreed to forfeit as part of a guilty plea to fraud and money laundering charges last week.

Wilmington police photo policy under fire Two Wilmington police squads created in June to arrest street-level drug dealers have taken pictures of at least 200 people who were not arrested for any crimes. The pictures, names and addresses of the people - mostly minority men - are being used to create a database of potential suspects to investigate future crimes, Police Chief Michael Szczerba said.

As Multinationals Run the Taps, Anger Rises Over Water for Profit Already, corporations own or operate water systems across the globe that bring in about $200 billion a year. Yet they serve only about 7 percent of the world's population, leaving a potentially vast market untapped. Protesters are determined to limit that market.

Protester hauled off Union Carbide tower A 53-year-old Seadrift environmentalist climbed a tower at the Union Carbide Corp. plant this morning and chained herself to the structure, seeking justice for the victims of a 1984 industrial disaster in Bhopal, India. Protesters and supporters of the Bhopal victims have been staging hunger strikes and other actions around the world to protest moves by the Indian government to reduce criminal manslaughter charges against Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson to misdemeanor negligence charges.

Fla. police cars to sport corporate logos A Florida Panhandle town is getting new police cars for only $1 each, but there's a catch. The cars will be festooned with corporate sponsorship logos similar to those on race cars.

Lobsters, caviar and brandy for MPs at summit on starvation Earth Summit delegates are gorging on mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak at the Johannesburg conference — aimed at ending famine. As the summit began yesterday, desperate kids in nearby shanty towns queued for water at standpipes. Friends of the Earth called the extravagance "deplorable".

August 27, 2002

And, for those who question whether or not we are living under a TOTAL FASCIST DICTATORSHIP: Bush Aides Say Iraq War Needs No Hill Vote Lawyers for pResident Bush have concluded he can launch an attack on Iraq without new approval from Congress, in part because they say that permission remains in force from the 1991 resolution giving Bush's father authority to wage war in the Persian Gulf, according to mis-ministration officials.

US rift widens over Iraq James Baker, secretary of state under President Bush from 1989 to 1992, chose the highest-profile platform available, the op-ed page of yesterday's New York Times, to declare that the White House should avoid going it alone on Iraq.

German chancellor lines up with US critics of Bush war plans vs. Iraq Since Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD-Social Democratic Party) spoke out earlier this month against participation in a possible US war against Iraq, the dispute has developed into an open conflict between the American and German governments.

Delaware Compiles Future Suspects List Delaware Police Compiles Database of List of Likely Law-Breakers; ACLU Opposes Practice [God only knows what Ashcroft is compiling, but I am sure I am on it, ROFL!] Police in Delaware are setting up a database that contains a list of people who officers believe are likely to break the law. Defense attorneys and the American Civil Liberties Union oppose the database, which lists names, addresses and photographs of the potential suspects many of whom have clean slates.

Circle of suspicion Steven J. Hatfill's unpublished novel describes a biological attack on Congress... The return address on anthrax letters sent to Sens. Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy was "4th Grade, Greendale School." Greendale is a suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital (the country where Hatfill studied and "worked")... Bloodhounds that had sniffed gauze rubbed on the anthrax letters reportedly got excited in Hatfill's apartment. [Awe, my heart BLEEDS for Steven J. Hatfill, the-non-Ph.D.-albeit-claims-to-have-one. Hatfill is the rightwing sicko that likely murdered thousands of black people in Zimbabwe (then) Rhodesia in the late 1970's, via anthrax. Hatfill probably disseminated the anthrax last year to DEMOCRATS at the behest of Rove and the Carlyle group, and is now whining about being AshKKKroft's "person of interest." Meanwhile, thousands of innocent people -- not Rove's goons-for-hire -- sit in AshKKKroft's "war on terror" jails. Most of these people have not even been charged for a crime but are imprisoned based on their skin color, religious beliefs and/or political beliefs.]

Hatfill Files Complaint on FBI Probe News reports have said Hatfill fabricated claims on his resume when he applied for work with SAIC, including falsely claiming to have a Ph.D., experience with U.S. Army Special Forces, and membership in Britain's Royal Society of Medicine. Federal officials have said the FBI is not ready to clear Hatfill in the attacks that killed five people and sickened 13 others even though investigators have no physical evidence linking him to a crime.

Lawyers for *possible* anthrax terrorist Steven J. Hatfill are considering suing Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times for "malicious lies" [actually, malicious truths, that Hatfill and Rove cannot explain] A foreshadow of legal fireworks over what has been reported about the Department of Justice's anthrax "Subject of Interest" [and rightwing racist nutcase] Steven Hatfill, not a Ph.D., emerged Sunday after the germ warfare specialist declared to the cameras: "I am not the anthrax killer!"

The Fort Bragg Deaths: An Anti-Malarial Drug That Can Trigger Violence? [a la`"Jacob's Ladder"?] On June 11, a special forces soldier at Fort Bragg, N.C. allegedly shot his wife and then killed himself. In July, three other soldiers at the base allegedly killed their wives. One of them also committed suicide after the death of his spouse. Three of the men had served in Afghanistan. Is there a link between the ant-malarial drug, Lariam (mefloquine) and the violence? This is one of the questions that will be asked by an investigative team that will spend a week at Fort Bragg, which is home for the 18th Airborne Corps and the Army Special Operations Command.

U.S. Issues Warning to Europeans in Dispute Over New Court The Bush mis-ministration has warned European nations that the American role in NATO will change if the European Union refuses the United States' request for agreements to keep Americans out of the reach of the new International Criminal Court.

End 'Global Apartheid' Call Heralds Earth Summit The Earth Summit opens on Monday in Johannesburg, giving world governments driven by a mix of idealism and realpolitik just 10 days to agree on ways to haul millions out of poverty without poisoning the planet. Protesters accuse the United States and European Union of pushing the interests of globalized big business at the expense of the very poor.

The earth summit gets under way - with 400 issues still to be resolved UN officials were already warning yesterday of the dangers of the earth summit failing to reach its key goals, with 400 disputed issues still unresolved after two days of tough pre-summit negotiations.

Britain blames US for failing world's poor UN says failure at Earth Summit would fuel global terrorism -- Deep tensions between Britain and the US have emerged ahead of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, which remains shrouded in pessimism ahead of its official start today.

Ecological decline 'far worse' than official estimates Leaked paper - OECD's grim warning on climate change -- The real level of world inequality and environmental degradation may be far worse than official estimates, according to a leaked document prepared for the world's richest countries and seen by the Guardian.

Report: Millions Behind Bars in U.S. One in every 32 adults in the United States was behind bars or on probation or parole by the end of last year, according to a government report Sunday that found a record 6.6 million people in the nation's correctional system. [And, under Ashcroft's police state, the number could SKYROCKET.]

Return of the ugly American A redneck country singer is tops with the guys in uniform. No wonder Dubya invited him to the White House -- by John Sutherland From "everybody hurts" to Bush's "everybody dies [but US]." The angry American is off his leash, like a junk yard dog. American idiocy and jingoism, care of Rightwing Radio, Inc..

Protesters' views blocked One of the largest protests in Stockton history was largely invisible to its intended target: pResident Bush. Big rig trailers, buses and other security tactics effectively blocked the view from protest sites to Bush events Friday at Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium and A.G. Spanos Jet Center, sparking charges of unconstitutional interference with protesters' freedom of speech.

Why a Texas Democrat has the GOP Worried If Republicans have one sure thing, it ought to be Texas. In Bush country they hold all 27 statewide offices. It has been nearly 30 years since a Democrat has won an open Senate seat. When three-term Senator Phil Gramm announced his retirement last year, who thought Republicans didn't have a lock on his replacement?

Poll: Missouri Senate Race Tight A new poll shows Democratic incumbent Sen. Jean Carnahan in a statistical dead heat with Republican challenger Jim Talent. With control of the Senate at stake, Talent likely will get more "help" [plus a few Rove-esque dirty tricks and vote-fraud insurance tossed in for good measure!] from the White House in the final weeks, with pResident Bush already raising more than $1 million for Talent in just two visits to the state.

Enron chief's assets frozen but $4m house work goes on A magistrate has signed orders freezing a number of brokerage and bank accounts controlled by Andrew Fastow, former chief financial officer of Enron, and members of his family. The orders were signed by a Houston magistrate last week after family members tried to move millions from one account to another.

The Greedy Bunch: You Bought. They Sold. All over corporate America, top execs were cashing in stock even as their companies were tanking. Who was left holding the bag? You. -- by Mark Gimein "The not-so-secret dirty secret of the crash is that even as investors were losing 70%, 90%, even in some cases all of their holdings, top officials of many of the companies that have crashed the hardest were getting immensely, extraordinarily, obscenely wealthy... When the bubble burst, their shareholders were left holding the bag. But, hey, they had theirs."

US Needs Allies to Hit Iraq-Former Secretary Baker Former Secretary of State James Baker said on Sunday the political and economic cost of ousting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could be great if the United States acts alone and urged the Bush mis-ministration to first seek to build a wide international coalition.

Gen. Zinni Says War With Iraq Is Unwise One of pResident Bush's top Middle East trouble- shooters warned Friday against war with Iraq, saying it would stretch U.S. forces too thin and make unwanted enemies in the volatile region.

Treadmills of His Mind -- by Maureen Dowd "The president [sic] won't speak clearly, and the vice president [sic] won't speak to anybody whose check to the Republican National Committee hasn't cleared. Of course, they might not want to speak too clearly since many of their true positions on corporate America (go easy), the environment (pillage) and health care (help drug companies) don't comport with what many Americans say they want."

An Alternate Universe -- by Maureen Farrell "Sometime between last fall and Christmas, scientists discovered an alternative universe. This wasn't confirmed nor publicized, mind you, but they're bound to announce it soon. Unless, of course, like Dick Cheney's energy task force meetings or President [sic] Bush's SEC files, it's being kept secret as matter of national security."

Officials Ask Florida Residents to Watch Waterways The U.S. Coast Guard asked marina workers and private boaters on Friday to monitor South Florida's waterways, tracking suspicious activity and reporting to law enforcement in the name of homeland defense.

Fla. Attorney: Agency Broke Law Florida's child welfare agency broke the law when it failed to remove a 4-year-old boy from an abusive home before he was beaten to death, a state attorney said.

Stun grenades fired to break up march Canadian activist Maude Barlow helped lead 600 protesters in an anti-Earth Summit march in Johannesburg Saturday evening that was broken up by police firing stun grenades. Police blocked the march because they said it was illegal. A journalist heading a camera-crew was arrested for obstructing police.

Rubber Bullets Don't Get Rubber Stamp Some types of rubber bullets used by police to restrain unruly protesters kill and maim too often to be considered a safe method of crowd control, new research concludes.

Zambia rejects U.N. appeal to accept biotech food The Zambian government rejected Saturday a United Nations appeal to lift a ban on the distribution of genetically modified food, saying it would be able to procure enough other grain to feed its starving people.

Direct from the Portland front! Bush Meets Portland -- by "mOtHeRtUcKeR poet"

Bush's Campaign Tour Starts Rough It was a most awkward campaign fundraising tour: pResident Bush first ignored the would-be Republican governor he came to help, and then embraced Bill Simon — corporate fraud verdict and all — as a "proven businessman."

Bush Backs Embattled Calif. Candidate pResident Bush began two days of fund raising on Friday for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon Jr., whose campaign has been hit by a string of problems including an $80 million fine against his family's business.

Bush lauds candidate's business sense despite firm's conviction pResident Bush began a two-day California crisscross in search of cash for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon's ailing campaign by complimenting the candidate's business experience, unswayed by questions about how a fraud verdict against Simon's investment firm squares with Bush's tough talk on corporate crooks.

Democrats Aim at Corporate Greed Citizens believe corporate greed is influencing the high cost of prescription drugs and cutting into people's retirement savings, the Democratic candidate for the Senate from Maine said Saturday in her party's radio address.

Senate Democrats See Deeper Deficit Senate Democrats projected deeper and longer-lasting federal budget deficits Thursday over this decade than those estimated by the White House, which foresees a relatively quick return to surpluses.

Feds Freeze Millions Held By Former Enron Official A federal judge in Houston has frozen millions of dollars in assets controlled by Andrew S. Fastow and his family, sources said yesterday, in the latest sign that prosecutors are closing in on Enron Corp.'s former chief financial officer.

The Outrage Constraint -- by Paul Krugman "Thanks to the growing skill of companies at camouflage, and also to a steady erosion of old inhibitions against apparent excess, the average pay of C.E.O.'s at major companies has skyrocketed. It was 'only' 40 times that of an average worker a generation ago; it's 500 times as much today."

Guard Battalion called to service The Iowa Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 194th Field Artillery, will be ordered to federal active duty, the Department of Defense and the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C., have announced. The battalion, headquartered in Fort Dodge, will deploy to locations within the United States for homeland security missions as part of Operation Noble Eagle II [?!?]. Duty locations are not being announced.

Probe of Hill Leaks On 9/11 Is Intensified The FBI has intensified its probe of a classified intelligence leak, asking 17 senators to turn over phone records, appointment calendars and schedules that would reveal their possible contact with reporters.

F.B.I. Is Said to Ask Senators for Files in Hunt for Leaks The F.B.I. has asked all 17 senators on the joint Senate-House intelligence committee to turn over appointment books, schedules, phone records and electronic calendars in an effort to determine if they may have spoken with journalists about classified intelligence information, Congressional officials said.

Ashcroft Fights Secret Court's Ruling The Justice Department argued in a legal brief made public yesterday that a court that authorizes foreign intelligence surveillance in the United States has failed to recognize the expanded authority [full-blown police state implementation] given criminal investigators under the new USA Patriot Act.

George W. Bush Hates America Political Prisoners and the Post-9/11 Police State -- by Ted Rall "There are few more sickening sights than George W. Bush wearing a lapel pin bearing an image of the American flag. Bush and his creepy henchmen can wrap themselves in nationalistic symbolism all they want, but these right-wing thugs aren't patriots. They may pledge allegiance to the flag, but they despise the republic for which it stands."

Mondo Cane -- by John Chuckman "Just how does anyone think those clean-cut, pressed-shirt boys at the Pentagon managed to build a hellish arsenal of poison gases, putrid chemicals, engineered disease germs and viruses, plus nuclear and thermonuclear weapons? In fact, the number of Americans killed by air and groundwater contamination alone from nuclear-weapons processing facilities likely equals the toll for a small war. Ah, but that's our side, the good guys. What counts is that the bad guys, whoever they are on that video, killed three dogs."

Behind the official debate, US builds up forces for attack on Iraq While a highly publicized debate continues in the pages of the American press on the subject of when and how—rather than whether—to launch a war with Iraq, the US military is pushing ahead with the logistical and technical preparations for the invasion and occupation of the Middle East country.

Public support slips for ousting Saddam A thin majority of Americans still support sending ground troops to Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, but the size of that majority has dwindled to pre-Sept. 11 levels, a Gallup Poll finds.

Condemned to beating about the Bush US snub: Fine words and pious hopes hide chances of action Colin Powell will lead the US delegation to the earth summit, but the absent figure of George Bush will cast a long dark shadow over the proceedings. By deciding not to attend, Mr Bush has already snubbed the UN organisers. They moved the date of the summit forward to end on September 4 to avoid September 11, just so he could be there. The pResident also ignored the pleas of Tony Blair and other leaders.

Forest Service 'Misplaced' $215M The U.S. Forest Service, now battling one of the worst fire seasons in history, "misplaced" about $215 million intended for wildfire management because of an accounting error, a watchdog group contends.

A Confused Inquiry -- by Bob Herbert "Under pressure, and after a great deal of confusion among its own officials, the U.S. Justice Department has said it will continue its criminal investigation into a drug sting gone haywire in the Texas panhandle town of Tulia."

Access to abortion services needed -- by Tamara Irminger "Critics are quick to point out that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider nationwide. What they fail to mention is that Planned Parenthood does far more than any other organization - including Right to Life - to prevent abortion."

Police open fire on protesters in Portland - rubber bullets Police have opened fire on Bush protesters with rubber bullets, pepper spray and gas. The crowds of people are moving around and regrouping... There are snipers on the roofs.

Police Pepper Spray Bush Protesters Riot police fired pepper spray at hundreds of protesters and struck some with batons Thursday near a hotel where pResident Bush attended a fund-raiser. Earlier in the day, several hundred demonstrators marched toward the Hilton Hotel after Bush's arrival there. Protesting Bush's foreign policy, they chanted "Drop Bush, Not Bombs."

Activists in Portland protest Bush policies Several hundred hooting and screaming protesters marched in downtown Portland on Thursday as pResident Bush arrived to raise money for the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith. Riot police massed near the Hilton Hotel after Bush's arrival there.

Japan's Foreign Minister Tanaka Makes Inappropriate Private Remark About Bush A day before Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka would be meeting US Secretary of State Collin Powell, Ms. Tanaka visited German Town High School in Philadelphia where she studied for two years when she was a high school student... Foreign Minister Makiko reportedly said, "I will definitely oppose the new missile defense plan proposed by President [sic] Bush. It is beyond my imagination that we need it." During the conversation with her old classmates at the reception in German Town High School, The Weekly Post learned that Ms. Tanaka made a remark about George Bush, "He is totally an asshole" in English.

CA finds voter registration cards altered in Merced County by Republicans Though voter registration cards were altered before the March primary in Merced County, the Secretary of State's office says it doesn't have enough evidence to prosecute. [Now that's a big surprise!!] Nineteen Democrats filed complaints with the office after discovering during the primary that they were registered as Republicans. They registered to vote with a person working for a firm hired by the Republican Party.

Pataki Camp Accused of Bogus Voter Registration Gov. George Pataki's re-election campaign faced an embarrassment yesterday when elections workers said thousands of Independence Party voter registrations submitted by Pataki's camp may be fraudulent. Bearing phony addresses and ages, forged signatures, and names like Manuel Noriega and Romeo Shagwell, the registrations were collected by workers paid bounties for each new voter by the Pataki campaign.

Enron investigation tightens around former financial officer Justice Department officials prosecuting the Enron Corp. case are using aggressive tactics normally employed against drug dealers to seize bank accounts and go after a new mansion owned by the company's former chief financial officer.

Ex-Enron Official Admits Payments to Finance Chief A former Enron finance executive told a federal judge here today that he had paid large kickbacks to the company's former chief financial officer, Andrew S. Fastow, out of money he received for managing a partnership that was used to help the company hide debt and increase profits.

Capital gains, capital losses Why does Bush want to bail out wealthy investors? -- by William Saletan "Administration officials and members of Congress are reportedly considering both proposals: cutting taxes on capital gains, and increasing the tax deduction for investment losses. The combination is incoherent. If the government has no business taking your money, it has no business bailing you out."

Special Court Rejects Ashcroft Rules A special court that oversees sensitive law enforcement surveillance forced Attorney General John Ashcroft to change his guidelines for FBI terrorism searches and wiretaps, according to documents released Thursday.

Allies and Atrocities (The Washington Post) "The report tells of prisoners being hogtied and packed into metal containers to suffocate; of prisoners piteously crying out for water and air; of truck drivers being punished by Northern Alliance soldiers if they tried to respond to those pleas. It asks whether any American officers were in the vicinity while the operation may have been taking place... The Northern Alliance was America's ally, operating hand in glove with U.S. forces and triumphing only because of U.S. support. Yet the United States refuses to accept any responsibility for even asking the right questions."

Seeking The Truth In Afghan Graves -- by Leonard S. Rubenstein "For months, evidence has accumulated that many of the Taliban fighters who surrendered after the fall of Mazar-e Sharif and Kunduz last November were killed by Northern Alliance forces under the control of Gen. Abdurrashid Dostum... Only the United States is in a position to ensure the security essential to allowing an investigation to go forward. On moral grounds, an especially compelling reason exists for U.S. action: The perpetrator of the alleged war crime is America's military ally."

Former Secretary of State Wary of Iraq Attack Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, part of a Republican faction with reservations about attacking Iraq, said on Thursday he was not convinced that the time was right for military action.

Top US general attacks hawks' strategy on Iraq One of America's most senior generals has condemned as "foolish" plans backed by leading Washington hawks to topple Saddam Hussein by using special forces in a repetition of the tactics that succeeded in Afghanistan. Gen James L Jones, the four-star commander of the Marine Corps who will be taking over as Nato's supreme allied commander, was clearly addressing high-ranking conservatives in and around the Pentagon.

Scowcroft sticks to his guns Echoing advice from European and Arab allies, Brent Scowcroft, the retired army general who served as George Bush Sr's national security adviser, said that Washington should work with the United Nations to get arms inspectors into Iraq before taking action because Saddam's refusal to comply would at least give Washington a "casus belli that we don't really have right now".

Kucinich focuses on why not to attack Rep. Dennis Kucinich ratcheted up his effort to play a leading anti-war role in Congress yesterday, hosting a Capitol Hill briefing designed to highlight opposition to U.S. military action against Iraq.

Bush snubs doves and says Saddam must go pResident Bush has reaffirmed his determination to oust President Saddam Hussein. He said the Iraqi leader was a threat and that his removal was "in the interest of the world".

What the New York Times left out -- by William Blum "Page one of the New York Times Sunday, August 18, picked up extensively by the international media, featured a story on Iraq: 'Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas,' shouted the headline... Strangely, the Times story leaves out the most significant part - the furnishing of chemical and biological materials by the United States to Iraq which markedly enhanced Iraq's CBW [chemical and biological weapons] capability."

Fox News Channel takes out ad condemning CNN for buying al-Qaida videotapes [Double barf alert! Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber battle it out for who can disseminate the most outrageous coup-supporting fabrications!! Wag the gassed dog!] Escalating an already keen cable news competition, Fox News Channel took out a newspaper ad on Thursday criticizing CNN for changing its story on paying for al-Qaida videotape.

Black Farmers Rally in Washington for Settlement Checks Faced with a demonstration by 60 black farmers -- plus goats, a mule and two tractors -- the Agriculture Department said Thursday it is willing to pay blacks who were wrongly denied loans because of their race.

Black Farmers March Outside Agriculture Dept. About 150 black farmers marched outside the Department of Agriculture this morning to protest foreclosures on black-owned farms and delays in payments from a class action discrimination suit.

Black Farmers to Rally at USDA Philip Haynie recalls walking into the agricultural loan office in Heathsville, Va., in the fall of 1998, seeking a loan that would enable him to keep farming. He was greeted by an account executive holding a handgun.

AAPS Tells Gov. Bush: Veto Forced Drugging Bill Florida Bill Threatens Civil Liberties, Gives Unprecedented Power to Unelected Officials -- The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) today urged Gov. Bush to veto SB 1262, a bill that gives the State Public Health Officer powers to declare a public health emergency and to order forced drugging and treatment under the guise of responding to terrorism.

Maryland Plans to Truck in Water Officials in Maryland's second-largest city, left with little more than a month's supply of water, are making plans to truck in as much as 4 million gallons of water a day.

How the West Was Burned: Wildfires in Western Forests Statement by Robert Perks - Craig Noble of The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) "Unfortunately, the administration is exploiting the fear of fires to push through its pro-logging agenda... In their latest gambit, the pro-logging forces, including U.S. senators and governors from Western states, are seeking to exempt mechanical thinning projects from environmental laws and judicial review."

Read at Your Own Risk: Open Letter to America from a Canadian -- by W.R. McDougall "And so it has come to this. Your once-great nation has fallen into madness, an affliction of mass denial that brings shivers up the spines of millions outside your borders. Yours is a sick nation. But most of you carry on as though nothing at all is the matter.."

Kucinich Soars at Home, Makes Waves in Washington At the end of the month Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich is headed to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a conference on sustainable development that pResident Bush refuses to attend. The ultra-popular congressman walked off from his 2000 general election with 75 percent of the vote after winning 93 percent in the primary. He ran unopposed in this year's primary.

The McKinney Fallout: Question Authority and Lose Your Authority -- by Bruce S. Ticker "It finally happened. An American citizen in a position of authority raised legitimate concerns and lost her job. With help from outsiders."

SEC Charges a Former High-Ranking Enron Official With Fraud Defendant Permanently Barred From Serving as Officer or Director of Public Company; to Disgorge and Forfeit Approximately $12 Million (SEC press release) The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it had charged Michael J. Kopper, a former high-ranking Enron official, with violating the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws.

ACLU demands DoJ unveil surveillance data The American Civil Liberties Union and two other groups filed an expedited Freedom of Information Act request Wednesday demanding that the U.S. Department of Justice release data about its domestic surveillance activities.

Sensenbrenner wants answers on Patriot Act He threatens to subpoena Ashcroft to get details on antiterror measure -- U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner said Monday he'll play hardball with Attorney General John Ashcroft over a congressional demand for detailed information about the Patriot Act. Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) said he would "start blowing a fuse" unless Ashcroft's Justice Department gives answers by Labor Day week to 50 written questions about the act raised by the House Judiciary Committee in June.

University Seeks to Fire Scholar for Reputed Link to Terrorism [Barf alert!] The University of South Florida asked a court today if it could fire a tenured Palestinian professor who has been accused of having terrorist ties [Holy McCarthyism, Batman!!] The professor, Sami Al-Arian, has lived in this country since 1975, has never been charged with a crime and denies any connection to terrorists.

US admits plan to bring down Mugabe The United States government has said it wants to see President Robert Mugabe removed from power and that it is working with the Zimbabwean opposition to bring about a change of administration. As scores of white farmers went into hiding to escape a round-up by Zimbabwean police, a senior Bush mis-ministration official called Mr Mugabe's rule "illegitimate and irrational" and said that his re-election as president in March was won through fraud. [Does the Bush regime not see the irony in calling another country's presidential rule "illegitimate and irrational" and his "election as president...won through fraud?" My God! How dare they, the POT ITSELF, call the kettle black! Bush's rule is nothing if not "illegitimate and irrational"--based on a illegitimate seizure of power, extended by force, violence, idiocy and irrational unilateralism, devastating to the nation and the world at large. His "election" [sic] was surely "won [sic] through fraud!" This is another way of trying to legitimize himself, acting as if others have no right to rule. Bush is the biggest FRAUD in US history!]

UN: No inquiry into Afghan mass graves The United Nations said Wednesday that Afghanistan's new Human Rights Commission -- not the U.N. itself -- would investigate alleged mass grave sites, despite an offer from the government in Kabul to cooperate with an international inquiry.

Afghan govt. condemns mass killing Afghanistan's transitional government Wednesday condemned the reported killing of up to 1,000 al Qaida and Taliban prisoners in the custody of U.S.-backed Northern Alliance troops last year and pledged to cooperate in full with human rights organizations and other investigating bodies.

Bush Says World Needs Saddam Ousted pResident Bush, confronting skittish allies overseas and naysayers at home, asserted Wednesday that ousting Iraq's Saddam Hussein "is in the interests of the world" but indicated the United States is in no hurry. [Given the economic, social, political, and environmental ramifications of the Bush coup d'etat, it's safe to say that it "is in the interests of the world" that George Bush is ousted. And, we ARE in a hurry.]

Attack Saddam now and let history judge, says Rumsfeld America cannot afford to wait for proof that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction, the US defence secretary, [and rightwing nutcase] Donald Rumsfeld, has declared. Mr Rumsfeld, a leading advocate of military action against Baghdad, flatly rejected calls from Washington, Europe and the Arab world for hard evidence of Iraqi ill-doing before any attack.

Gen. Franks Says to Work on Iraq Plans The head of the U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan, Army Gen. Tommy Franks, was asked on Wednesday about a possible military strike on Iraq. Gen. Franks said he was drawing up plans to give pResident Bush "credible options."

U.S. plans PR campaign for war on Iraq U.S. officials, faced with an internal survey showing widespread foreign skepticism about their motives, are planning a public relations offensive to build international support among foreign opinion leaders for a war against Iraq.

Wag the Gassed Dog Comments from readers: "Just a short note to tell you that any common average Muslim knows that Islam expressly forbids mistreatment of animals..." "What about the chem weapons that the US of A has in their stockpile...Weren't there tests conducted during development of the weapons. Maybe thot [sic] video actually comes from the Pentagon's shelf itself...I wonder.."

November Surprise? -- by James Ridgeway "The word among wags in Washington is that George W. Bush will invade Iraq right after the fall congressional elections, giving himself time to get the war out of the way before his own presidential campaign swings into gear. An attack before November would be difficult because the desert would be too hot for troops to maneuver with all their biochemical gear, or so the argument goes."

Agency planned exercise on Sept. 11 built around a plane crashing into a building In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, [insert euphemism for 9/11 "oddity" #1,274 here] one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. But the cause wasn't terrorism -- it was to be a simulated accident.

US knew about Argentina rights abuses The US government knew of tens of thousands of human rights abuses committed during Argentina's last military dictatorship, even as it continued to co-operate with the regime, according to documents released on Tuesday.

U.S. Releases 1980's Files on Repression in Argentina The material documents some of the systematic kidnapping, torture and killings of leftists by the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 until 1983 — a period known as the "dirty war." The Bush mis-ministration delayed releasing the documents twice: first because of the Sept. 11 attacks [?!?] and then earlier this year when Argentina was thrown into political chaos by a severe economic downturn.

Bush Will Seek to Ease Laws on Logging pResident Bush will ask Congress to relax environmental laws so the timber industry can step up logging across millions of acres of national forest land increasingly prone to wildfires, senior mis-ministration officials said today.

Man Who Taped LA Police Beating Gets Jail Time A man hailed as a hero by Los Angeles black activists for making an explosive videotape of an alleged incident of police brutality agreed Wednesday to spend 204 days in jail.

Georgia Rep. [and hero] McKinney Defeated Five-term Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who had the courage to criticize the Bush regime after Sept. 11, was ousted in Georgia's primary Tuesday by a political unknown [who was heavily supported and funded by Republicans.] [McKinney told the truth about this mis-ministration, and they paid big bucks to be rid of her. She never accepted the s-election of Bush. She made them squirm regarding 9-11. She worked to expose the coup and counter the occupation. And for that, she attracted a lot of Repugnican money and scorn. One of our very best Democrats has been thrown out in a state that allows Repugs to vote in Democratic primaries. When, oh when, will we ever have a fair election again?]

Rep. Barr, an Ardent Clinton Foe, Loses Seat in Primary Representative John Linder cruised to an easy victory yesterday in the Republican primary in Georgia's Seventh Congressional District. Mr. Linder, a five-term House member defeated Representative Bob Barr, a well-known and vocal conservative who was a leader four years ago in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Sharon Is to Join Jeb Bush at Rally for Israel in Florida Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, will appear in South Florida with Gov. Jeb Bush on Sept. 9 — the day before Mr. Bush's would-be challengers meet in the Democratic primary — at a pro-Israel rally where international affairs will share a stage with domestic political concerns.

Ex-Enron Official Will Plead Guilty Former Enron Corp. executive Michael J. Kopper will plead guilty to financial wrongdoing as early as today and has agreed to surrender $12 million in the first criminal case against a company official, sources close to the investigation said yesterday.

WorldCom Execs Give to Political Group WorldCom Inc.'s top executives contributed to the company's political action committee, new records showed on Monday. Federal Election Commission records show the last recorded political donations by Max Bobbitt, who heads the company's audit committee, was $1,000 to Rep. Charles Pickering, a Mississippi Republican, in April and a handful of others back in 1999 and 1998, exclusively to Republicans.

Budget Deficit Hits $29.16B in July The government ran up a budget deficit of $29.16 billion in July, increasing the federal red ink for the current fiscal year to $147.2 billion, the Treasury Department reported Tuesday.

Ashcroft Assailed On Policy Review Lawmakers Say Oversight Is Blocked -- Lawmakers on the House and Senate judiciary committees complain that Attorney General John D. Ashcroft is blocking attempts to review Justice Department counterterrorism policies, setting the stage for another round of clashes between the Bush mis-ministration and Congress.

Call for release of 'low-level' Guantanamo inmates Pakistan has demanded the release of 58 of its citizens from Guantanamo Bay, officials said yesterday, amid a growing number of reports that none of the 598 inmates being held without charge at the US Caribbean base are al-Qaida leaders. Washington has refused to identify the detainees, arguing that it does not want al-Qaida to know what the US has learnt about the group's operations, but leaks have suggested that the prisoners are minnows and al-Qaida's big fish remain at large.

Bin Laden: from 'Evil One' to Unmentionable One pResident Bush used to call him "the evil one" but in recent months Osama bin Laden has become the unmentionable one, replaced by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein as the chief enemy of the United States.

Tom Delay: Saddam must go House Majority Whip Tom DeLay plans to call Wednesday for the removal of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein by whatever means necessary.

Bombing for Poll Numbers? -- by Randolph T. Holhut "The economy is faltering, the stock market has tanked, and President [sic] Bush's lame attempt at portraying himself as the champion of corporate responsibility has failed. Sounds like a good time to invade Iraq. Yes, it's a cynical attitude to have. But we're dealing with cynical people in charge of our country and if bombing Iraq would give President [sic] Bush a bump up in the opinion polls, they'd do it a minute - especially with the mid-term elections coming up in November."

Missile Defense Test Postponed The Pentagon postponed a missile defense test scheduled for Saturday because of problems with the interceptor rocket.

War game was fixed to ensure American victory, claims general The biggest war game in US military history, staged this month at a cost of £165m with 13,000 troops, was rigged to ensure that the Americans beat their "Middle Eastern" adversaries, according to one of the main participants.

Panhandle child neglect coverup? (St. Petersburg Times) "...would DCF really go so far as to mislabel the cause of a child's death in order to avoid having to answer for failures in its investigation? Floridians deserve an answer in a disturbing case from the Panhandle -- and some assurance that what looks and smells like a coverup isn't."

Regier in for tough time by Senate The man picked by Gov. Jeb Bush to head Florida's child welfare agency will face a thorough grilling by a skeptical Senate as questions persist about his evangelical Christian beliefs, the incoming Senate president said Monday.

U.K. minister attacks U.S. pressure over GM crops Environment Minister Michael Meacher said on Monday Britain was being pressured by the United States to allow commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) crops.

It's Not the Heat; It's the Consistency Eight-Day String of 95-Degree Days Ties Record -- A record-tying string of heat-charged days of 95 degrees or higher, which ended Monday, has earned August 2002 a place in the record books. Already this summer, temperatures in the Washington area have hit the 90-degree mark 49 times. The average for 90-degree days in a single year is 37. [Hello, Kyoto?]

Negotiations Are Under Way for Clinton Talk Show on CBS Some associates of Bill Clinton and executives from CBS are involved in negotiations to make the former president the host of a daily afternoon talk show.

August 21, 2002

Sens. Clinton and Schumer: No Raises For Us Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chuck Schumer intend to vote against the $5,000 congressional pay hike, giving a big boost to accelerating efforts to block it, The Post has learned.

U.S. Ignored Appraisers In Land Deal With Utah BLM Experts Called Swap A $100 Million Giveaway -- The Bush mis-ministration recently agreed to a massive land swap with Utah even though the federal government's own experts had warned that the deal amounted to a $100 million giveaway by U.S. taxpayers, agency documents show.

Washington Today: Emerging GOP tactic is to blame Clinton for all economic woes -- by Tom Raum "Blame everything on Bill Clinton. That's the long pass Republicans are throwing as the clock ticks toward the midterm congressional elections influenced by the sagging economy and corporate accounting scandals."

The Real Thing -- by Paul Krugman "Mr. Bush is a master of photo-op populism; his handlers seek out opportunities to show him mingling with blue-collar workers. But the reality is that this administration loves 'em while the TV crews are around, then leaves 'em when it comes to actual policy. And that reality is becoming ever harder to conceal."

Enron Sues Knight Ridder, Tribune Over Newsprint Swaps Enron Corp. is suing Tribune Co. and Knight-Ridder Inc. for more than $31 million, alleging that the media giants defaulted on contracts related to the price of newsprint.

Calls for criminal investigation as Newsweek says U.N. believes evidence of massacre warrants criminal investigation A U.S. human rights group is calling for a criminal investigation of alleged massacres carried out by a U.S. ally in northern Afghanistan as Newsweek reports a confidential U.N. memorandum has found evidence to justify such a probe.

U.S. Open to Investigation of Afghan Grave Site The United States said on Monday it was pressing the Afghan government to investigate reports that hundreds of Taliban prisoners died in the north of the country after surrendering last November.

Afghan opium crop back to record levels The new Afghan government has largely failed [not to the Carlyle Group/Bush Empire] in its effort to eradicate the opium poppy crop in Afghanistan, which in recent years became the world’s biggest producer of the raw material for heroin, United Nations crop experts reported yesterday.

Saudis still funding terror, Congressional panel told Testimony to the U.S. Congress contradicted assertions by the Bush mis-ministration that Saudi Arabia has stopped financial support for organizations linked to terrorism.

U.S. Plans to Evacuate Workers in Case of Attack The Bush mis-ministration has approved plans aimed at speeding the evacuation of federal workers in the nation's capital in the event of an attack using weapons of mass destruction, officials said on Saturday.

U.S. considered hitting site in Iraq U.S. officials Monday told CNN the Bush administration in recent weeks considered a covert CIA and military attack [pResident Moron can now be informed that it apparently is no longer covert] on a "suspected al Qaeda chemical weapons test facility" in northern Iraq -- an area not controlled by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

U.S. Plans to Ignore New Iraqi Offer on Inspectors The United States, which holds this month's U.N. Security Council presidency, said on Monday the 15-member body had no plans to discuss the latest Iraqi offer to resume discussions with the United Nations on weapons inspections.

Iraq Offensive a Tough Sell for Bush pResident Bush's case for ousting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is turning into a tough sell, drawing opposition from allies at home and abroad.

U.S. Companies Slash Imports Of Iraqi Oil U.S. oil companies have dramatically slashed imports of Iraqi oil over the past five months, contributing to a steep decline in Baghdad's oil exports and cutting into President Saddam Hussein's ability to siphon money from the U.N.-supervised oil-for-food program, according to U.S. and U.N. officials.

Warning Shots on Iraq (The New York Times) "[Brent] Scowcroft's concerns about attacking Iraq, aired yesterday in an op-ed article in The Wall Street Journal, were the equivalent of a cannon shot across the White House lawn. The piece should erase any doubt about the need for a national debate on Iraq. Mr. Scowcroft is the third prominent Republican in recent days to question the wisdom of a campaign against Iraq.

Something fishy in the Hatfill case? -- by Mona Charen "Dr. Steven Hatfill may or may not be the killer who sent anthrax through the mail last year. But something smells about the way the FBI is handling this matter...If the FBI has screwed this up, heads should roll, starting with Director Robert Mueller's."

Privacy fear over plan to store email Records of personal communications, including all emails and telephone calls, will be stored for at least a year under a proposal to be decided by EU governments next month. Under the plan, all telecommunications firms, including mobile phone operators and internet service providers, will have to keep the numbers and addresses of calls and emails sent and received by EU citizens.

Scores sent home from GM Defence plant About 170 employees of the General Motors Defence plant in London, Ont., were sent home Monday for holding citizenship outside of Canada and the United States. The workers were apparently caught by a new federal regulation, tied to American laws that require workers making military material to be registered for security purposes.

Nuke Waste May Be Inviting Target On the shore of one of the country's most bountiful waterways, the Chesapeake Bay, two reactors have produced electricity for nearly a quarter century — and accumulated 950 tons of radioactive waste. Some security experts worry that at Calvert Cliffs on the Chesapeake and other nuclear power plants, the most vulnerable terrorist target may not be the reactors, but the waste they produce.

Deal Forbids Cable Protest Three shellfish companies have already accepted $5 million and could receive as much as $21.5 million, in return for backing an electric cable beneath Long Island Sound, the Connecticut Post reported Sunday.

Contract Expressly Forbids Fishermen From Opposing High Voltage Power Lines In Any Way The contract, signed in January, 2001 between TransEnergieUS and the Connecticut shellfish companies, also bars the fishermen from providing details on the cable deal. Sen. George L. Gunther, R-Stratford, and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal have called the cable a potential threat to the environment and ship traffic in the busy port of New Haven.

DOJ Misses Deadline to Produce a Plan For Chemical Security Statement by Rob Perks of The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) "It's August 7th. Do you know what our government has done to keep you safe from terrorist attacks on chemical facilities? Nothing."

A survivor's victory: Salvadoran torturers are found guilty A century seemed to pass before the jury foreman read the verdict, Carlos Mauricio said. For two decades, he had been waiting for his day in court; waiting to point at the general who had ordered his kidnapping and torture in El Salvador.

Bush Advisers Back Investor Tax Breaks White House officials on Sunday advocated a new round of tax breaks for investors in order to give the stock market a boost [His and Cheney's resignation would be the ultimate boost to the stock market and the entire world population.] and speed the pace of U.S. growth in the run-up to the November congressional elections.

Rights monitors to keep watch at state polls Voters and workers won't be the only people at Florida's polls during the Sept. 10 primary election, the first test of the state's new election system. A handful of civil rights monitors and Department of Justice officials plan to be watchdogs in some Florida precincts, recording any problems and intervening if necessary on behalf of people who are denied the right to vote.

"Death to the Prince of Darkness!" Democrats Declare in Challenge to Governor "Death to the prince of darkness!" the invocation speaker publicly declared at the state's recent Democratic Convention. "In fact, I know things about him that I don't choose to bring out in public today, that I have observed with my own eyes. He is a snake!" the speaker said of Conn. Gov. John G. Rowland. [John Rowland's police report on him trying to push his ex-wife down a flight of stairs while she was grabbing onto the railing was sealed by the Waterbury, CT police department years ago. Waterbury, CT is home to convicted child-rapist GOPig Mayor Philip Giordano, Federal Child Sex Charges Against Republican Mayor now in jail. Democrats in the state are well-aware of Bush pal Rowland's profile. Let's explore fully those GOP family values!!]

Support for Simon slips amid fraud case A new California poll shows Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon losing ground to Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.

Golisano in Running-Mate Flap (NY) Rochester businessman Thomas Golisano's efforts to challenge Gov. George Pataki's re-election campaign ran into complications Friday when Golisano's running mate for the Conservative Party line testified in an Albany courtroom that he had moved to Connecticut.

Report Says U.N. Urged Probe of Taliban Deaths A confidential U.N. memorandum found evidence to justify a "full-fledged criminal investigation" into the deaths in Afghanistan of hundreds of Taliban prisoners held by the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance, Newsweek reported today.

The Death Convoy of Afghanistan Witness reports and the probing of a mass grave point to war crimes. Afghan Allies killed hundreds of surrendering Taliban prisoners en route to jail from Konduz to Sheberghan by transporting the prisoners in sealed cargo containers and leaving them to asphyxiate.

CNN documentary on Mazar-i-Sharif prison revolt: film footage documents US war crimes “House of War: The Uprising at Marzar-e-Sharif,” broadcast August 3 on CNN, documents the events at the Qala-i-Janghi prison fortress in northern Afghanistan last November. Broadcasting footage shot by German, American and other film crews, much of which has never been seen by a US audience, the program records events that, by their conclusion, would leave at least 400 captured Taliban soldiers dead.

Emails Attack Bush Policy Media Accused Of Negligence -- Since Tuesday, editors, reporters, TV hosts and producers across the country have been deluged with email messages of praise for MSNBC's Phil Donahue, whose prime-time program has recently given voice to those who suggest the Bush mis-ministration has mishandled the situation in Afghanistan.

Debate on War Seen as Diversion From Economy Iraq is emerging as the wild-card issue of the 2002 election, with Democrats watching a growing debate over whether the United States should launch a war to oust President Saddam Hussein, which could shift attention from the economic issues.

General tells Bush: Don't go it alone Norman Schwarzkopf, the US general who commanded allied forces during the Gulf War, joined a growing number of senior US military and political figures yesterday who are opposed to a unilateral invasion of Iraq and said pResident Bush “should not go it alone”.

Hollywood couple oppose Bush war on Iraq Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have voiced their opposition to US plans for a war on Iraq.

Anthrax killer 'is US defence insider' An FBI forensic linguistics expert believes the US anthrax attacks were carried out by a senior scientist from within America's biological-defence community. [At Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove's behest?]

Come Fly With Me? A Saudi Flying Instructor Who Died Mysteriously On May 8 Had The Same Name as Two 9/11 Hijackers Who Lived At The Same U.S. Naval Air Base -- Amid reports in the days after the September 11 attacks that two of the hijackers, Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi received flight training at Florida’s Pensacola Naval Air Station, a new dot has been connected which may shed more light on past revelations that 9/11 terrorists learned to fly at secure United States military bases.

Army's malaria drug linked to three Fort Bragg killings Friends of the three Fort Bragg soldiers suspected of killing their wives this summer say the men exhibited unusual anger and incoherence after returning from Afghanistan where they were given an anti-malaria drug associated with aggression and mental problems.

Jesse Jackson blasts choice for DCF head The Rev. Jesse Jackson denounced Gov. Jeb Bush's choice of Jerry Regier to head Florida's child welfare agency Saturday, expressing a ''sense of national outrage'' over the nomination.

DCF chief's record at agency in Okla. put under spotlight From 1997, when Jerry Regier was named Oklahoma's HHS secretary, until 1999, the most recent date for which information is available, Oklahoma's state ranking declined from 38th to 40th. At the beginning of the 1990s, Oklahoma was ranked as high as 37.

Onward, Christian soldier --by Jim Defede [satire re: Jerry Regier's new position] "... Jeepers, maybe this department is going to be easier to clean up than I thought. Now all I have to do is change the name to Department of Christian Families and my work is done.''

Mayor's Bill Is Last Draw For Artists Mayor Michael Bloomberg has enraged artists and reignited what seems to be a never-ending feud between the city and street vendors. Bloomberg has proposed legislation that would prohibit the sale of art, books, newspapers and any other form of reading material on city sidewalks without a permit or license.

Times Will Begin Reporting Gay Couples' Ceremonies Starting next month, the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times will publish reports of same-sex commitment ceremonies and of some types of formal registration of gay and lesbian partnerships, the newspaper announced yesterday. On occasion, the Vows column will be devoted to a same-sex couple.

Don Wright political cartoon

Looking for Cheney? He's Looking to 2004 Dick Cheney seemed eager to quash one of the few remaining sports in Washington when he declared in answer to a question recently that oh, yes, by the way, he was interested, after all, in staying on as vice pResident.

Did he jump or was he pushed? -- by Jon Ronson "I am writing this from Frederick, Maryland. I've just been filming, for Channel 4, a press conference in which the son of a CIA officer who died in suspicious circumstances presented his evidence that vice-president [sic] Dick Cheney and defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld were, in 1975, when part of the Gerald Ford administration, involved in a cover-up of the events surrounding his father's death."

Halliburton Spinoff Saddled With Asbestos Liability Lawyers Ask Whether Parent Company Hid Information During Cheney's Watch -- When Richard B. Cheney was Halliburton chief executive, he signed documents spinning off the Texas energy giant's unprofitable insurance subsidiary, telling shareholders of both companies that the deal would give Highlands Insurance Co. "the opportunity to achieve its maximum potential."

What's Next...Concentration Camps? by Anis Shivani "The alarm bells are going up now, but it is too late. The dirty work has already been done. It has already been demonstrated what is possible to achieve with one orchestrated 'attack.' Wait till the next bioterror 'attack,' or anything using 'weapons of mass destruction' is orchestrated, and every dissenting voice will shut up. Then the brownshirts will go into action."

NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airports Airport security screeners may soon try to read the minds of travelers to identify terrorists. Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have told Northwest Airlines security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices in cooperation with a commercial firm, which it did not identify.

The Waco Road to Baghdad -- by Frank Rich "Last week John Ashcroft went on TV to announce what he calls the 'first ever White House conference on missing and exploited children.' It takes an exploiter to know one. F.B.I. figures show a decline in the kidnapping of children — except on cable TV. But if you can't crack the anthrax case, why not create some distracting hysteria by glomming onto a local law enforcement issue that is the biggest showbiz phenomenon since shark attacks?"

Sue US for training terrorists: Saudi press RIYADH: A lawsuit against Islamic groups and three top Saudi royals by relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks should instead be brought against Washington for training terrorists, newspapers here said on Saturday.

AF extends 14k mobilized Guard, Reserve members The Air Force will be extending the mobilization of more than 14,000 Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members into a second year because of the continuing requirements of operations "Noble Eagle" and "Enduring Freedom." [How about operation "Barf Alert?"]

Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas A covert American program during the Reagan administration provided Iraq with critical battle planning assistance at a time when American intelligence agencies knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war, according to senior military officers with direct knowledge of the program.

The war on Iraq is already under way There is growing evidence to suggest the physical war against Saddam Hussein has been under way for nearly six months.

Western Planes Raid Southern Iraq U.S. and British jet fighters bombed targets in southern Iraq on Saturday in the second raid this week, the Iraqi Air Force Command said. It said in a statement the planes struck civilian and public buildings in Dhi-Qar province, 250 miles south of Baghdad.

Labour MPs will revolt over Iraq, Kaufman warns Blair Tony Blair was last night given his starkest warning yet of the growing scale of mainstream Labour opposition to war with Iraq and distrust of pResident Bush. The loyalist Gerald Kaufman told Mr Blair of "substantial resistance" in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Russia, Iraq Plan Deal to Bolster Ties Russia and Iraq plan to sign a new five-year economic cooperation agreement worth $40 billion, reinforcing Moscow's close ties to Baghdad even as the United States weighs a military attack to drive Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power, Iraqi and Russian officials said today.

Blair's Earth Summit plea to Bush pResident Bush has snubbed repeated efforts by Tony Blair to get him to attend the crucial Earth Summit in South Africa.

Democrat: Medicare Fails Elderly Medicare limits the services available to many elderly patients by failing to adequately reimburse hospitals and health care professionals in dozens of states, Rep. Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa, said Saturday.

Senator says radioactive waste dumped in L.A. County Radioactive material from a former nuclear test facility has been dumped at two Los Angeles County landfills as part of an ongoing federal cleanup effort, according to U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Judge Allows Suit to Proceed Against Energy Department over Nuclear Waste NRDC and Coplaintiffs Charge DOE Illegally Awarded Itself the Authority to Reclassify High-Level Waste to Avoid Proper Cleanup

Democrats Rip Fla. Gov. Bush's Pick Gov. Jeb Bush's nominee for child welfare chief drew fresh criticism Saturday from the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other Democrats, who said the man should be fired for ties to an essay that promotes spanking and is demeaning to women.

Federal energy agency sues California over power grid board A federal energy oversight agency has sued California in U.S. District Court for defying its order to dissolve the board that oversees much of the state's electricity grid. Gov. Gray Davis' four appointees - a fifth spot on the Cal-ISO board remains vacant - voted unanimously Aug. 7 to ignore the FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] order. Before the vote, Davis addressed his appointees and called the order "nothing less than a hostile takeover of California's electricity grid by the federal government." FERC is made up of a majority of Republicans appointed by pResident Bush.

McKinney supporters hold fundraiser Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), running in an August 20 Democratic primary to represent her district after five terms in office and another vicious fight against her, announced at a fundraiser held in the Mount Airy section here that she is for justice for Palestinians and for Israelis. McKinney’s challenger is a handpicked candidate who converted from Republican to Democrat just in time for this election.

Black Demonstrators Demand Slavery Reparations Thousands of black demonstrators rallied on the Mall in Washington on Saturday to demand that the U.S. government pay blacks reparations for slavery and decades of discrimination.

Overnight Guests at Governor’s Mansion Added $2.2 Million to Bush Campaign The list of guests to the Governor's Mansion is taken from records released by the Office of the General Counsel in the governor's office. Pioneer status -- fund-raisers who have brought in more than $100,000 -- is based on records released by Bush for President, Inc.

Bush Guests Include GOP Backers Republican fund-raisers, relatives and golfer Ben Crenshaw are among dozens of White House overnight guests pResident Bush and first lady Laura Bush have played host to since moving in last year.

Sen. Clinton Builds Political Machine Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun building a national political organization, softening her liberal image and taking a lead role in Democratic criticism of pResident Bush -- steps toward a potential campaign to become the first woman president.

Senator Questions Lack of Indictments A senator leading an investigation of Enron asked the Justice Department on Friday to explain why it hasn't prosecuted executives of the energy company that collapsed in December.

A Daily Enron TIPS Report Daily Enron readers had apparently taken a cue from Attorney General John Ashcroft by forming their own Corporate Evildoers TIPS program.

Bush presses ahead with "enemy combatant" detentions Casting fundamental constitutional guarantees aside, the Bush Fourth Reich is pressing forward with its policy of detaining people indefinitely, and without charges or access to legal counsel, as part of its so-called war on terrorism. Despite growing opposition to its policy, the Bush mis-ministration is preparing to expand the practice by allocating additional cells in military prisons and camps for detainees, including US citizens.

Ex-General Says Wargames Were Rigged A retired general who commanded "enemy" forces in a recently concluded $250 million U.S. war game says the exercise was rigged so that it appeared to validate new war-fighting concepts it was supposed to test.

Israel puts pressure on US to strike Iraq Israel signalled its decision yesterday to put public pressure on pResident George Bush to go ahead with a military attack on Iraq, even though it believes Saddam Hussein may well retaliate by striking Israel.

U.S. methodically preparing for Iraq campaign Aides to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld have created a special Iraq planning unit, composed largely of civilians, to oversee a military campaign against Saddam Hussein, the latest sign that pResident Bush is methodically preparing an invasion to oust the Iraqi leader.

Iraq Wants Further Talks on UN Arms Inspections Iraq asked the United Nations on Friday for further technical talks in Baghdad before allowing weapons inspectors back into the country that has locked them out for the past four years.

Long U.S Stay In Afghanistan Predicted American troops will be "needed" in Afghanistan for many years, according to U.S. war commander Army Gen. Tommy Franks. In a similar vein, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during a public appearance Thursday in Savannah, Ga., that the global war on terrorism may go on for years.

U.S. Seeks Court Immunity for Troops in Colombia Senior U.S. officials asked President Alvaro Uribe today to shield U.S. military trainers in Colombia from prosecution by the International Criminal Court for any human rights abuses that may arise in connection with their "work."

For Venezuela, a Move Revives to Oust Chávez Residents are preparing for the worst: a possibly violent confrontation between the multitudes of poor who support the country's mercurial president, Hugo Chávez, and his increasingly restive opponents.

The Empire Strikes Back -- by Richard Reeves "...we are not only preparing to get back into the assassination business everywhere in the world, but our trained killers will be immune from any punishment and any questioning not personally approved by Bush and his successors.... This is our new idea of law and order. Republicans have taken to calling the international court 'the rogue court.' We have decided to make our stand on a 1950s Cold War view of law."

Bush snubs earth summit George Bush will not attend this month's Johannesburg earth summit, the White House confirmed yesterday: a decision environmentalists said illustrated the mis-ministration's contempt for green issues.

Bush Maintains Fund-Raising Pace For the vacationing pResident Bush, there is no break in a record-breaking fund-raising tour that has raked in nearly $105 million for Republican candidates this year.

Leafing through the Bush legacy -- by Walter Brasch "Usually it takes years, even decades, for a political leader [sic] to develop his legacy. George W. Bush, over-achiever that he is, has done it in about 18 months. And there's still two and one-half years left for him to expand that legacy."

New Child Welfare Head in Florida Is Drawing Fire The latest controversy at the Florida Department of Children and Families, involves a 1989 religious essay which carries the name of Mr. Bush's appointee, Jerry Regier, on its cover. The essay, entitled "The Christian World View of The Family," supports spanking of children that may cause "temporary and superficial bruises and welts" and denounces abortion, parenting by gays and women in the work force. Women, the essay says, should work outside the home only if the family is in a financial crisis and should consider such employment as "bondage."

Far-right ideas follow new DCF chief The man named Thursday by Gov. Jeb Bush to head Florida's notoriously inept child welfare agency is an evangelical Christian who views spanking that causes "bruises or welts" as acceptable punishment.

DCF leader: It's OK to spank ''He'll [Jerry Regier] turn that agency basically into a theocracy,'' said Oklahoma state Rep. M.C. Leist, who serves on that social services appropriations subcommittee. "You need to watch out with Jerry." Deborah Schroth, an attorney with Florida Legal Services, a statewide public interest law firm in Jacksonville, said state law specifically forbids corporal punishment that results in bruises and welts. The new DCF chief's "view of what is not child abuse is contrary to Florida law," Schroth said.

California county opts-in for tougher privacy law In what may be more evidence of an emerging national backlash against "opt-out" financial privacy laws, California's San Mateo County this month approved a law requiring banks to get customer permission before sharing their data with third parties.

An Imaginary Homicide -- by Bob Herbert "If you are going to charge three defendants with capital murder for killing a newborn, do you have an obligation to show that the baby really was killed? Not in Alabama, you don't. Do you need to show, somehow, that the baby ever existed? Not in Alabama. Not if the defendants are poor, black and retarded..."

Airline bans aggressive dogs after pit bull's chomping rampage in cargo hold American Airlines banned aggressive dogs from its planes after a pit bull escaped from its cage in the cargo hold of a Boeing 757, and chewed up electrical cables.

Republican candidate sues to keep Katherine Harris off ballot Katherine Harris' opponent in the Republican primary for a central Florida congressional seat sued Thursday to have the former secretary of state kicked off the ballot. John Hill of Sarasota says Harris should be thrown off the 13th Congressional District ballot because she violated a state law that required her to file a letter when she qualified to run for Congress stating when she would resign as secretary of state.

Global warmth for U.S. after 9/11 turns to frost [Photo of London protestor's sign reads over US map:] "Number One Rogue Nation."
In recent months, polls have shown a less-than subtle change in attitudes toward Americans, U.S. foreign policy and, in particular, the president from Texas. British newspapers reported Thursday that secret polls commissioned by Prime Minister Tony Blair revealed "spectacular unpopularity" for Bush among voters here. "Around the world, from Western Europe to the Far East, many see the United States as arrogant, hypocritical, self-absorbed, self-indulgent and contemptuous of others," Peter Peterson, chairman of the council and of The Blackstone Group, a New York private investment bank, says. "'This is not a Muslim country issue. It has metastasized to the rest of the world and includes some of our closest European allies." [Even given the sympathy for 9-11, the Bush mis-ministration has managed to make the USA the most hated nation in the world, even amongst its staunchest allies. We Americans at CLG are not surprised that the Usurper Idiot has ruined diplomacy worldwide. We predicted as much from the outset of the coup. As I wrote in my Not My President's Day Speech back in February, 2001, "The theft of our democracy 'sets the tone' for the Bush Occupation: His Occupation is an extension of his naked grab of power: THEFT, FRAUD, VIOLENCE and the violation of the national will are the 'tone' that he has set in Washington," and around the world.]

Did George W. Bush Evade Income Taxes on his Harken Loans? "... an investigation by has uncovered the possibility that one Harken transaction - the cancellation of an estimated $118,760 in debt in 1993 - may have been structured to help Mr. Bush evade income taxes." So writes Bob Fertik of, in an exclusive report.

Report: Enron Manipulated Market Enron Corp. in two years earned tens of millions of dollars from energy deals as the result of questionable trading tactics and hidden relationships, a government report concludes.

Bush anti-corruption chief accused of account fraud pResident Bush's efforts to clean up corporate America were dealt an embarrassing blow last night when the man charged with leading his new anti-corruption task force was sued for alleged fraud.

Klayman: Cheney 'investigating me' Government watchdog Larry Klayman today accused the Bush mis-ministration of investigating him in an "illegal" effort to "intimidate" him into backing off his own investigation of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's alleged corporate improprieties.

Bush, Daschle Spar over Homeland Security Agency pResident Bush accused the Democratic-led Senate on Thursday of tying the hands of his proposed Homeland Security Department while Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said that Bush was seeking "dictatorial powers" over the agency.

Judge Stays Order on Identifying Detainees A federal judge ruled yesterday that the Bush mis-ministration does not have to immediately reveal the names of those detained in the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Saudi royals face trillion-dollar lawsuit over September 11 Members of the Saudi royal family were yesterday sued for allegedly financing the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US, in a trillion-dollar lawsuit brought by an international group of victims' families.

Firefighters Vote to Boycott Bush Sept. 11 Tribute The International Association of Fire Fighters voted unanimously on Wednesday to boycott a national tribute to firefighters who died on Sept. 11, in an angry response to pResident Bush's rejection of a bill that included $340 million to fund fire departments.

Joe Lieberman Joins Big Brother The Return of the Thought Police -- by Nat Hentoff "With Congress now in recess, it looks as if one of the only chances we have to be saved from the unblinking eye of Big Brother is to prevent Operation TIPS from being slipped into a House-Senate conference committee in September."

Guantanamo Bay Suicide Attempts At Least 30 Such Incidents Reported Among Detainees -- Doctors at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reportedly say that in the seven months that the U.S. has been keeping al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners there, about thirty have tried to kill themselves.

'Dirty bomber' has no links to al-Qaeda The investigation into Jose Padilla, who is accused of planning to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States, has found no evidence that he was preparing such an attack and little to suggest that he had any support from al-Qaeda to do so, FBI officials say.

Antiterror Chief Quits F.B.I. The F.B.I.'s counterterrorism chief, who has overseen the investigations of the Sept. 11 terror attacks and last year's deadly anthrax mailings, has decided to retire, with no replacement yet chosen, the bureau said today.

US adviser warns of Armageddon One of the Republican party's most respected foreign policy gurus yesterday appealed for pResident Bush to halt his plans to invade Iraq, warning of "an Armageddon in the Middle East". The outspoken remarks from Brent Scowcroft, who advised a string of Republican presidents, including Mr Bush's father, represented an embarrassment for the mis-ministration on a day it was attempting to rally British public support for an eventual war.

Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy Leading Republicans from Congress, the State Department and past administrations have begun to break ranks with pResident Bush over his mis-ministration's high-profile planning for war with Iraq, saying the mis-ministration has neither adequately prepared for military action nor made the case that it is needed.

Blair refuses ministers cabinet debate on Iraq Requests for discussion of potential attack refused Tony Blair has blocked attempts by senior ministers to stage a full-scale cabinet debate on the threat of a British-backed invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein, it emerged last night. With backbench Labour critics becoming more restless, veteran ex-minister Gerald Kaufman today warns of "substantial resistance" at Westminster if Mr Blair follows "the most intellectually backward American president [sic] of my lifetime" into the looming conflict.

Transcript: Donahue for Aug. 13 Jean-Charles Brisard, Co-Author of The Forbidden Truth, interviewed by Phil Donahue on MSNBC

Susan Sarandon blasts George W. Bush Susan Sarandon has added her voice to the growing chorus of celebs who are criticizing George Bush post-9/11.

Bush vs. Women -- by Nicholas D. Kristof "The central moral struggle of the 19th century concerned slavery, and that of the 20th pitted democracy against Nazism, Communism and other despotic isms. Our own pre-eminent moral challenge will be to ease the brutality that kills and maims girls and women across much of Africa and Asia. Alas, this summer President [sic] Bush is putting the U.S. on the wrong side of the battle lines."

Fireman's Fund to stop insuring NYC firefighter union Spokesmen for the Uniformed Firefighters Association said they understood the Fireman's Fund Insurance Co., known for its fire hat logo, no longer wanted to insure the union because of the risk of terrorist attacks.

GM trial ruined by rogue gene strain (UK) Seed sown in GM trials over the past three years has been contaminated with controversial antibiotic genes which went undetected by government inspectors. Embarrassed officials admitted yesterday that there had been a "serious breach" of regulations and that the seed company, Aventis, was under investigation and could be prosecuted if found to have broken licence conditions.

The Fundamentals Are Not Sound -- by John J. Sweeney "The president [sic]'s consistent efforts to free corporations from oversight and accountability -- whether it's workplace safety or environmental responsibility or securities oversight -- and his reluctance to crack down on corporate crime until it was too late, were steps in the wrong direction. And his threat to privatize Social Security would add to retirement insecurity for millions of workers."

Criticism of Bush/Cheney in Military Newspaper -- by M.D.W. "Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and White are a gang of four who have ordered U.S. military members to be put in harm’s way for oil profits and that divisions be consolidated to free up money for private contractors. This administration has overseen a wrecked economy, befriended corporations that robbed their own employees, has tried to put Social Security into a losing stock market, restricted health care for veterans and deployed military members to fatten oil executives’ pockets. It’s time for leadership the military can trust. It’s time for the gang of four to go!" (Scroll to letter entitled, "America's Leadership")

Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty -- by Jonathan Turley "Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be 'enemy combatants' has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace. Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants. The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties."

Padilla probably not tied to al-Qaida, U.S. officials admit No evidence of preparations for ‘dirty bomb’ attack found -- An American touted by Attorney General John Ashcroft as a significant terrorism figure with plans to detonate a radioactive bomb is probably a “small fish” with no ties to al-Qaida cell members in the United States, law enforcement officials said.

Iraqi Air Defenses Hit, U.S. Says Aircraft from the U.S.-British coalition patrolling southern Iraq bombed two Iraqi air defense sites Wednesday, the U.S. Central Command said.

Return to Afghanistan: Americans begin to suffer grim and bloody backlash It is already coming. The Americans are being attacked almost every night. There have been three shootings in Kandahar, with an American officer wounded in the neck near the airport two weeks ago. American troops can no longer dine out in Kandahar's cafés. Today, US forces are under attack in Khost province. Two Afghan auxiliaries were killed and five American soldiers wounded near the Pakistan border at the end of July.

Hatfill Photo Used in Anthrax Probe The FBI publicly declares Dr. Steven J. Hatfill no more or less important than 30 "people of interest" in the investigation into last fall's anthrax attacks, but law enforcement officials concede he is being treated differently.

Troops as Strikebreakers? Bush Mis-ministration Considers 'Options' in West Coast Dock Talks Some 16,000 dock workers await the August 14 resumption of contract negotiations between their union, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), and West Coast port employers. But the Bush mis-ministration, according to both the union and news reports, is wasting little time muscling in on the talks.

Bush mis-ministration Considers Use of Troops to Strikebreak The Bush mis-ministration is determined to keep cargo moving through West Coast ports by blocking a work slowdown or strike or even calling on U.S. troops should union contract negotiations break down.

Troubled Child Welfare System is an Election Issue for Jeb Bush "Florida is clearly among the most dangerous and dysfunctional [child welfare] systems we've seen, and we've seen a lot," said Ira Lustbader, associate director of Children's Rights Inc., a New York nonprofit organization that has sued Florida's child welfare agency. "It's scary and it's unacceptable."

H.R.2931 Attorneys for televangelist Pat Robertson have crafted a bill in the U.S. Congress that would change more than 200 years of law and tradition in the U.S. -- and which would allow churches and houses of worship not only to endorse candidates for political office, but also to organize "political action committees" to raise money for political candidates. Details: click here.

Scientists shocked at GM gene transfer Weeds have become stronger and fitter by cross-breeding with genetically modified crops, leading to fears that superweeds which are difficult or impossible to control may invade farms growing standard crops.

Bacardi accused of campaign to oust Castro Rum company boss 'bankrolled CIA mission to kill Cuban leader' -- The Bacardi rum company has been engaged for more than 40 years in clandestine attempts to overthrow the Cuban government by both violent and other means, according to a new book. The company is accused of bankrolling extreme rightwing groups and American mainstream politicians in an effort to remove Fidel Castro and re-establish its profitable empire on the island.

"Money" Requires Flash (Democratic Ad)

"Money2" Requires Flash (Democratic Ad)

August 15, 2002

Report Voices Suspicions on Energy Crisis Federal energy regulators, struggling to get to the bottom of the California energy crisis of 2000-01, said for the first time today that there was evidence that natural gas prices might have been manipulated, helping to drive up power prices. They also said that they had found evidence of possible manipulation of electricity prices by Enron and two other companies, Avista and El Paso Electric, and began formal investigations to determine whether they broke federal electricity-trading rules.

When the Truth Had Consequences -- Big Shots, Hard Time -- by Dan Morgan "The icon of this corrupt era, Enron, remains untouched. Nine months after the first revelations about phony financial reporting and document shredding involving Enron, not a single official of that company has been criminally indicted. Not one cent has been transferred from top Enron executives to the employees or shareholders who lost billions of dollars."

Bush Packs Forum with Sycophant GOPers Carefully chosen participants laud the pResident's economic "ideas."

Bush Convenes Economic Forum [Ergo, the Dow drops 206 points.] pResident Bush heard today from a selection of 240 hand-picked guests who largely praised his policies at an economic forum designed to showcase the mis-ministration's concerns.

House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt's Response to the pResident's Economic Forum

Bush Budget Director Says U.S. Revenues Slipping pResident Bush's Budget Director, Mitch Daniels, said on Tuesday that government revenues may slip further than expected, exacerbating near-term budget deficits unless government spending is restrained.

Justice Dept. Not Cooperating in Probe The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a top Republican on the panel expressed concern Tuesday that the Justice Department was not fully cooperating with a probe into alleged security lapses in the FBI's translator program.

Iranian President Says U.S. Leaders 'Misused' Sept. 11 President Mohammad Khatami of Iran struck out at pResident Bush and other senior American officials at a news conference here today, saying they had "misused" the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States "to create an atmosphere of violence and war" across the world that could sow the seeds for still more destruction.

In Kabul, Iranian President Blasts U.S.'s Policy Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, whose Islamic government has been denounced by the Bush mis-ministration as part of an "axis of evil," lashed back during a one-day visit here today, condemning Washington's "angry policy" and warning that "no country should use the fight against terrorism to impose its power on other countries."

Bush risks isolating US, cautions Kissinger Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, urged pResident Bush to use extreme care in drafting war plans against Iraq or risk isolating America in the eyes of the world. [When a U.S. war criminal is advocating caution with Bush policies, you know we are in serious peril...]

European Union Urges Aspirants to Rebuff U.S. on World Court The European Union this week warned the 13 nations hoping to join the organization that they should resist signing any agreement, as requested by Washington, that would protect Americans from the reach of the new International Criminal Court.

U.S. Navy Retracts Denial of Arms Shipment to Gulf The U.S. Navy confirmed on Tuesday it was seeking a large ship to carry helicopters and arms from the United States to the Red Sea, a day after denying it had placed such an order.

Rightwing Nutcase Stephen Hatfill's Novel (1998): Anthrax Attack on D.C. Prompts Nuke Attack on Iraq A draft novel by a scientist under scrutiny in the anthrax investigation describes a biological attack by a Palestinian terrorist on the White House and Congress, culminating in the United States attacking Iraq with nuclear weapons.

FBI tries to link Hatfill to mailbox FBI agents investigating a series of deadly attacks using anthrax sent through the mail are circulating photographs of former federal scientist Steven J. Hatfill in the area of a mailbox that tested positive for traces of anthrax, NBC News has learned. A U.S. official, meanwhile, confirmed a published report Tuesday that Hatfill failed a polygraph test while undergoing security clearances a year ago, one month before the first of the anthrax mailings arrived at a Florida newspaper.

Michigan migrant workers face deportation after exposing abusive conditions Two migrant workers are facing possible deportation to Mexico after exposing abusive conditions at the Pontiac, Michigan landscaping firm Torre and Bruglio. They are being defended by the Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project, which is aiding migrant workers in a lawsuit against the landscaper.

Lawsuit Would Challenge Government's Failure to Protect Puget Sound Orca Whales Fisheries Service: Resident Whales in Puget Sound Not "Significant" A coalition of environmental groups filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue the National Marine Fisheries Service for finding that Puget Sound's Southern Resident killer whales are not 'significant,' a finding that precludes protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Bush Denies Millions In Funding To Fight Wasting Disease pResident Bush on Tuesday denied states, like Colorado, with chronic wasting disease the chance to obtain a part of $17.9 million in emergency funding to help combat the ailment.

CHIP Program Problems (OH)

Justice Goes Into Hiding -- by Bob Herbert "Top law enforcement officials in Texas and at the Justice Department in Washington were aware of the hateful treatment of black people caught in a drug sting gone haywire in the small panhandle town of Tulia, but no one bothered to do anything about it. The fact that a monstrous, racially motivated miscarriage of justice was occurring, that innocent people had been wrongfully accused and that entire families were being ruined did not prompt anyone to intervene."

Authoritative Voice on the Economy Still Lacking in Bush Mis-ministration pResident Bush has angrily denounced corporate criminals and cheerily declared that the economy is heading in the right direction. But his words have often had the opposite effect than he intended, sometimes seeming to send the financial markets diving. "He opens his mouth, and the market goes down," said Stephen Moore, the president of the Club for Growth, a political action committee that supports conservative Republican candidates.

The Feds Close In On Enron After a summer lull, the feds are widening their roundup with subpoenas and a new grand jury. Under intense public and political pressure, government investigators have dramatically accelerated--and apparently broadened--their investigation of Enron.

Ex-Enron Execs Seek Millions in Severance Several former Enron Corp. insiders who earned a combined $25 million in the year before the company crashed are asking for millions more in severance pay, a question a bankruptcy judge on Monday said he will answer later this month.

Pitt Says Lawyers Will Be Held Accountable to Directors The Securities and Exchange Commission, complying with a new federal accounting law, is preparing rules that will require company lawyers to report evidence of misconduct to their boards, the S.E.C. chairman, Harvey L. Pitt, said today.

Clueless in Crawford -- by Paul Krugman "Some cynics attribute the continuing absence of Enron indictments to the Bush family's loyalty code. But the alternative explanation is both innocent and chilling: Enron executives may have deluded and defrauded their shareholders without actually breaking the law."

Bush May Withhold Anti-Terror Money [election reform allocation in package] pResident Bush plans to announce at an economic forum Tuesday that he will not release $5.1 billion officially earmarked for combating terrorism -- some of which Congress designated for purposes unrelated to homeland security. Among the projects: $400 million for election reform; $200 million for combating AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria overseas; and $50 million for flood prevention and response.

U.S. to Begin Fingerprinting Foreign Visitors The Justice Department has chosen Sept. 11 as the starting date for a new program that will require tens of thousands of foreign visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed at the border, U.S. officials announced Monday.

Bush's snoopers plan hits backlash The Bush mis-ministration, backing away from a controversial anti-terrorism plan in the face of a public backlash, says it will no longer solicit terrorism tips from utility workers, postal employees and anyone else with access to people's homes.

US considers assassination squads Pentagon said to be discussing use of units to work abroad -- The US government is considering plans to send elite military units on missions to assassinate al-Qaida leaders in countries around the world, without necessarily informing the governments involved, it was reported yesterday.

Troops to become undercover killers in Rumsfeld plan United States special forces may be sent to operate under cover throughout the world, under proposals being discussed by the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and senior military officers.

Both US parties back away from Iraq war Top politicians say Bush must prove Saddam is real threat -- Leading politicians from both parties in the US foreign policy debate yesterday called for proof that the Iraqi leader, President Saddam Hussein, represents an immediate threat to the US, ending weeks of bipartisan support for a military attack on Iraq.

Iraq makes its case to the world Iraqi efforts to convince the world it is a victim of false US claims and allegations have risen in recent days along with the speculation Washington soon will wage war to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

The Anthrax Files -- by Nicholas D. Kristof "Why did it take nine months to... read Dr. Hatfill's unpublished novel, Emergence, which has been sitting in the copyright office since 1998 and draws on his experiences in South Africa and Antarctica to recount a biological warfare attack on Congress? Moreover, what was a man like Dr. Hatfill who had served in the armed forces of two white racist governments (Rhodesia and South Africa) doing in a U.S. Army lab working with Ebola?" [...working for ???]

FBI Said Not Ready to Clear Hatfill Investigators probing last fall's anthrax attacks have no physical evidence linking Dr. Steven J. Hatfill to the crime, a federal law enforcement official said Monday, a day after Hatfill forcefully declared his innocence. Still, the FBI is unwilling to clear him.

Bush's Plan For Social Security Loses Favor pResident Bush's campaign to allow Americans to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in the stock market is losing support among Republican congressional candidates, as Wall Street's sinking prices reinforce concerns about the proposal.

Privatization of Water States Turn to New Sources to Meet Demand -- The three largest water companies in the nation -- USFilter, United Water and American Water Works -- are now owned by French and German conglomerates, by Vivendi, Suez and RWE. It doesn't help the boosters that one of the big players, until recently, was the water development company Azurix, a subsidiary of Enron Corp.

Acid rain threatening songbirds Acid rain is contributing to declining songbird populations, say scientists. A study of the breeding patterns of North American wood thrushes since 1966 in the eastern United States has found that its decline over the past 30 years can be closely correlated with levels of the atmospheric pollution acid rain.

Asian Smog Cloud Threatens Millions, Says U.N. A two-mile-thick cloud of pollution shrouding southern Asia is threatening the lives of millions of people in the region and could have an impact much further afield, according to a U.N.-sponsored study.

DiCaprio calls on Bush to 'Go Green,' attend Earth Summit Leonardo DiCaprio, calling the United States the world's biggest polluter, urged pResident Bush to make a statement in favor of the environment by attending the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, later this month.

Revealed: Race hate 'exposed black workers to radiation at BNFL plant' British Nuclear Fuels is being sued by black workers at an American plant who claim it shares responsibility for deliberately assigning jobs that exposed them to almost twice as much radiation as their white colleagues in an environment of "hostile racism".

GOP 33rd District Candidate Undeterred By Past Events [Middletown, CT] As he begins his campaign against five-term state Rep. Joseph C. Serra, GOP challenger Jim Marhevka says he's ready to confront questions about his arrests in 1997 for stealing money from a business and drunken driving. Police alleged Marhevka took about $4,000 from a Cromwell pub located in the same Sebethe Drive golfing complex where he worked as a partner in a golf school. He was charged with a felony, but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after making restitution.

Dem Chair: Gore Deserves to Run for White House Al Gore deserves the chance to run again for the White House, the Democratic Party chairman said Sunday. "He was robbed, and that's a fact," Terry McAuliffe said. [President Gore, and the entire United States of America, were the victims of a coup d'etat.]

US Airways Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy US Airways filed for bankruptcy yesterday, saying it needs the protection of the court to reorganize its $7.83 billion in debt and reduce its operating costs.

U.S. Lawyer Defends TIPS Program, While Admitting Program Will Produce Little Most leads that neighbors would pass along in the government's proposed network of anti-terrorism tipsters will produce little, a top Justice Department official predicted Saturday. Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the mis-ministration's lead anti-terrorism prosecutor, defended the program as a legitimate way to protect Americans, despite criticism it infringed upon their civil liberties.

And Justice for All John Ashcroft crowed over the arrest of alleged ‘dirty bomber’ Jose Padilla. But do the Feds have a case?

Iraq offers UN new deal The Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, has personally signalled for the first time through a Labour MP that he is ready to bow to international pressure by allowing UN weapons inspectors back into the country.

Critics: Bush Hasn't Made Case Yet Members of Congress said Sunday that pResident Bush has not yet made his case for an invasion of Iraq, although they would support him if there is evidence Saddam Hussein may use weapons of mass destruction.

Bush forced to play down talk of war pResident George Bush moved yesterday to damp down expectations of an early American assault on Iraq, saying he had set no deadline. But he stressed that he considered Saddam Hussein "an enemy until proven otherwise".

Rumsfeld Weighs Covert Activities by Military Units Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is considering ways to expand broadly the role of American Special Operations forces in the global campaign against terrorism [the Bush campaign for oil], including sending them worldwide to capture or kill Al Qaeda leaders far from the battlefields of Afghanistan, according to Pentagon and intelligence officials.

Fearing Theft, U.S. Plans to Relocate Nuclear Fuel The United States is moving rapidly toward shipping tons of bomb-grade plutonium and uranium out of a vulnerable laboratory in New Mexico, according to Energy Department officials and internal documents. Experts said it would be the first time the government has moved nuclear weapons fuel to reduce the risk of terrorists stealing it. [Of course, if nuclear waste was not generated, there would be nothing to steal...]

Next Stop, Nevada! -- Feds to Move Nuclear Material From Los Alamos to Site Near Yucca Mountain -- Several tons of weapons-grade plutonium and highly enriched uranium-enough nuclear material to potentially destroy a sizable chunk of the southwest United States and wreak more havoc downwind-will be moved from the cave-hidden Technical Area 18 at the Las Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico over the next three years, according to internal documents obtained by The Village Voice.

Democrats say Bush snubbing state (CA) Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., offers this challenge to those who say the Bush mis-ministration will step in to help California avert a looming crisis over water: "How much are they willing to bet?" Feinstein's assessment is shared by other Democratic officials who say their fears about George W. Bush have been realized after observing the White House's reluctance to help solve California's energy crisis, its refusal to buy offshore oil leases and now its threats to cut the state's supply of Colorado River water.

Florida gains as brother aids brother -- by Brendan Farrington "Whether it's brotherly love or an effort to gain support in a state that almost cost him the presidency [sic], George W. Bush has been paying an awful lot of attention to Florida. The president [sic] has given Florida money to restore the Everglades, bought back oil drilling leases and visited Florida often since the 2000 election. Florida also has benefited from rule bending in federal policy as its reaped a wealth of grants and federal money for issues ranging from education to domestic security."

With Little Work, Newspaper Finds Nine Children That Florida Agency Said Were Missing Using law enforcement profiles, public records and interviews with relatives, a newspaper found nine children that had been declared missing by Florida's embattled child welfare agency.

Remarks by Chairman Terence R. McAuliffe DNC Summer Meeting General Session Saturday, August 10, 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada -- 'The Bush Presidency [sic]: An End Unto Itself' [text] "...All Americans trusted that President [sic] Bush would never exploit the national crisis that united us. But we watched as he used September's tragedy to explain away last August's deficits. And then he cynically made 9/11 the cornerstone of the Republican 2002 election strategy. We trusted George Bush to ensure that the disenfranchisement we saw in Florida in 2000 would never happen again. But a year and a half later, and just three months before an election, we're still waiting for election reform. Whether the President [sic] likes it or not, every vote really does count ... and every vote must be counted. You know, I can't believe that almost two years after the recount debacle, Katherine Harris is still stumbling her way into the headlines. Only someone who can conclude that George Bush actually won Florida can manage to make her resignation effective two weeks ago..."

Chairman of Democrats Faults Bush as a Leader The chairman of the Democratic National Committee issued a broad assault today on the leadership of pResident Bush, declaring that he had squandered "an extraordinary opportunity" to take the nation through difficult times. The chairman, Terry McAuliffe, said that Bush had mismanaged the economy, tilted the White House to help corporate interests and "cynically made 9/11 the cornerstone of the Republican 2002 election strategy."

Democratic Chair Lashes Out at Bush Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe accused pResident Bush on Saturday of exploiting the Sept. 11 attacks for political gain and heading an "administration adrift" that squanders vast opportunities for domestic achievement.

Democrats Say Poised for Election Victory Democrats said on Saturday they were poised for victory in the November congressional elections and accused Republicans of siding with special interests on issues ranging from Social Security to a prescription drug benefit for the elderly.

For Bush, a New Vulnerability Democrats View Domestic Issues as Key to Midterm Elections -- Late last week, the Republican National Committee distributed a memo that unintentionally spoke volumes about how the political ground has shifted for pResident Bush.

"84 Reasons why Bush Must Go!!!" [This list was compiled in July. I am sure the tally has by now crossed the century mark.]

Yes, we need a 'regime change' in this rogue state... Its government has no majority. It refuses arms monitoring. Its opponents are locked up without trial -- by Adrian Hamilton "It [Bush's Fourth Reich] has a government in power without the legitimacy of a democratic majority, in the hands of a coterie from a single part of the country and clearly aiming at a dynasty of rule. Its rhetoric is one of violent aggression against anyone seen as its enemies. It opponents are locked up without trial or the right to habeas corpus."

Stagnant Wages Pose Added Risks to Weak Economy The wages of more than 100 million workers are still stagnant, endangering the consumer spending that sustains the fragile recovery. The stagnation in total wages paid to the nation's employees outside of government is now a year old, according to newly revised government data, which paints a bleak picture of the economy. [The "stagnation" of the entire economic, social, and political sphere of the United States commenced in November, 2000, when the Idiot Usurper stole the election.]

Bush Stance on Iraq Crumbling A leading Republican yesterday warned pResident Bush against war with Iraq. Bush ally Dick Armey declared: "My own view would be to let Saddam Hussein bluster, let him rant and rave all he wants. White House hawks feared the outburst could start a domino effect as public support for an attack crumbles.

Bush rhetoric is scaring Europe, says former Cabinet Minister Peter Mandelson has added his voice to the growing concern about pResident Bush's handling of the Iraq crisis with a warning that the US leader's aggressive rhetoric risks alienating European public opinion. The former Cabinet Minister, who remains close to Downing Street, spoke out as a new poll revealed two-thirds of voters in the Prime Minister's own constituency do not back military action against Saddam Hussein.

Ex-Army Scientist Denies Role in Anthrax Attacks Reporters bang on Steven J. Hatfill's door at all hours. An Internet Web site labels him "Steven 'Mengele' Hatfill, Nazi swine." Cable talk shows routinely discuss whether he is last fall's anthrax mailer. And twice, the FBI has very publicly swept into Hatfill's Frederick apartment. [All that is missing is the arrest warrant, which is unlikely to be produced, as:] Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld involved in CIA's use of anthrax during Cold War [Could these nutcases be involved in the 2001 anthrax dissemination to Daschle and Leahy, as well???] Newly obtained documents show that the Ford administration continued to conceal information about government scientist Frank Olson -- particularly his role in some of the CIA's most controversial research of the Cold War, on anthrax and other biological weapons. The documents show that two of the key officials involved in the decision to withhold that information were White House aides Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, today the nation's Vice pResident and Secretary of Defense.

Bush Rolls Back Rules on Privacy of Medical Data The Bush mis-ministration today formally rolled back some major protections for the privacy of medical records adopted by President Bill Clinton. In a recent speech, Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said the White House seemed to worry less about the privacy of medical records than about the secrecy of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's energy task force.

U.S. Seeks to Limit Conservation Law The Bush mis-ministration is arguing that a major environmental law does not apply to the vast majority of oceans under United States control, a move that environmentalists say could allow military maneuvers, oil and gas pipelines, commercial fishing, ocean dumping and scores of other activities to escape public environmental review.

What Goes Around Comes Around: Wandering Load of Rejected Ash Returns to Pennsylvania Sixteen years after its global wanderings began, a load of nearly 2,345 tons of burned garbage has returned home. Most of the original cargo of ash was dumped in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans - a decision that cost two shipping company executives prison terms. The rest of the rejected ash spent a dozen years on a beach in Haiti, and the last two years on a rusty barge in Florida [hopefully, where Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris could smell it].

Air Force Summoned to Fight West Nile Virus In an attempt to stem the spread of West Nile virus , Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said she planned to ask the Air Force next week to send in a special operations squadron to spray insecticide in hard-hit regions. The operations group of the 910th Flight Wing, based in Ohio, specializes in insect control [?!?].

I.M.F. Loan to Brazil Also Shields U.S. Interests The Bush mis-ministration also had political and diplomatic reasons to reverse its prior stance of "tough love" when it came to Brazil. The I.M.F. loan was carefully structured to affect Brazil's upcoming elections, in which two left-wing candidates are in the lead and had been threatening to reverse Brazil's free-market approach to economics and trade.

FCC's Powell Drawing Criticism for Handling of Telecom Industry Mess Democrats such as Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Byron L. Dorgan (D-ND) accuse Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K. Powell of doing little to protect consumers and failing to develop a plan to revive the battered industry.

Productivity grows at 1.1 percent rate in second quarter, slowest pace in a year The productivity of U.S. companies grew at its most sluggish pace in a year during the second quarter as the nation's economic recovery downshifted into a lower gear.

S.E.C. Voices Concern on Merrill-Enron Tie Merrill Lynch said in a filing released today that the Securities and Exchange Commission had "expressed concerns" about its role in the collapse of Enron.

Lawmaker to Subpoena Citigroup on IPOs U.S. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Michael Oxley said on Friday he plans to subpoena documents from Citigroup Inc. regarding shares sold in initial public offerings that may have been bought by WorldCom Inc. executives.

Ex - Tyco CEO May Face Additional Charges New York prosecutors could file additional charges against former Tyco International Ltd. (TYC.N) Chief Executive L. Dennis Kozlowski, including grand larceny, sources close to an investigation said on Friday.

Ex-Drug Executive Faces U.S. Charges of Insider Trading Samuel D. Waksal, the former chief executive of ImClone Systems, was indicted yesterday on charges of insider trading, bank fraud, forging a signature and destroying records to obstruct a federal investigation.

WorldCom Uncovers $3.3 Billion Accounting Problem, Bringing Total to $7.1 Billion WorldCom Inc. uncovered another $3.3 billion in bogus accounting, bring the total to some $7.1 billion.

CRRA'S Law Firms Sued State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Wednesday sued two prominent law firms that advised the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority on an ill-fated deal with Enron that resulted in the loss of $220 million in public funds last year.

Terror threat overblown, says expert The response of U.S. policymakers to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is based upon an overestimate of the threat of terrorism, and ignores the lessons that can be gained from an interdisciplinary approach to the problem, according to some think tank experts who are analyzing the issue.

Under Fire, Justice Shrinks TIPS Program Justice Department officials have decided to scale back the controversial Operation TIPS program before it even begins, saying yesterday that they no longer plan to ask thousands of mail carriers, utility workers and others with access to private homes to report suspected terrorist activity.

Gov't Modifies Operation TIPS Plan After weeks of furious criticism, the Bush mis-ministration has modified plans for a proposed network of anti-terrorism tipsters to exclude people from industries and government agencies that often have access to people's homes.

US Appeals Order to Release Sept. 11 Arrestee Names The U.S. Department of Justice on Friday said it had appealed a federal court order to release all the names of those it has arrested and detained in its investigation of the Sept. 11 hijacked plane attacks.

Dick Armey: Unprovoked Attack Against Iraq Violates International Law House majority leader, Representative Dick Armey, warned Thursday night that an unprovoked attack against Iraq would violate international law and undermine world support for pResident Bush's goal of ousting President Hussein. The remarks by Mr. Armey, a Texas Republican who is retiring this year, were the most prominent sign of Congressional unease that the Bush Fourth Reich is moving rapidly toward a war against Iraq and were especially striking coming from a leading conservative and a staunch Bush ally.

Bush loyalists not happy with Iraq attack plan Some of the most loyal supporters of pResident Bush are warning that he does not have the grounds for going to war against Iraq, and that to do so risks inflaming existing conflicts in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Kashmir.

US schools returning to segregation American schools are now becoming increasingly segregated by race, according to a new study. Nearly half a century after the famous battles to integrate the school system, classrooms have become "re-segregated" and more race-based, according to the survey.

Senator Clinton Wants Ranch Chat with Bush Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday asked for a powwow with pResident Bush at his Texas ranch to confront him over White House reluctance to OK extra money to monitor the health of Ground Zero workers. Escalating her money fight with Bush, Clinton said she's willing even to help him burn down trees, cut brush or remove stumps - some of Bush's frequent activities during past vacations at his 1,600-acre ranch.

DNC Chair Blasts GOP Voter Drive Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe called Republican efforts to court Hispanic voters "a joke" Thursday and accused pResident Bush of pandering to the influential voting bloc.

Florida adoption law under fire Rule to publish all sexual partners raises questions -- In Florida, mothers who want to give up their children for adoption, must first do something very unusual: go public with some very private information.

Does Ashcroft 'Obey the Rule of Law'? Justice Department Goes After Abortion Rights -- by Ginger Adams Otis "Two years ago, when U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft was sweating through his Senate confirmation hearings, he swore that his personal dislike of abortion wouldn't conflict with the job. 'I will obey the rule of law,' he intoned, again and again. But he has a strange way of obeying. In one of many recent attacks on abortion rights, the Department of Justice—which Ashcroft oversees—has filed a 'friend of the court' brief (amicus curiae, in lawyers' Latin) in a case involving reproductive freedom currently before the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit."

China: Rain Called on Account of Games Chinese look to weather manipulation to ensure optimum conditions for Olympics

Jeb Bush Stripped Civil Right The Florida Department of Corrections is investigating an error that may have disenfranchised a number of eligible voters in four counties in the past four years. "We all learned in 2000 that every vote counts," said Fort Lauderdale NAACP President William McCormick, referring to the November, 2000 s-election. "I don't care if it only happened to one person. This is not supposed to happen at all."

New GOP Book of Lies Memo to Republican candidates for the House: Never let Democrats "get away with" using words such as privatization or stock market when they criticize GOP plans for Social Security. Avoid supporting any specific proposal for personal retirement accounts — the concept backed by pResident Bush to let workers invest part of their payroll taxes on their own. And "never use the word 'privatize' when referring to Medicare modernization or reforms." Those and other morsels of "advice" are in a 280-page campaign primer distributed in recent weeks to House GOP candidates [maggots] by the party's congressional campaign committee. The material was obtained by The Associated Press.

Cheney Dodges Halliburton Questions Vice pResident Dick Cheney ventured out of hiding yesterday. It was his first public appearance since becoming embroiled in allegations that his former company, Halliburton, cooked its books during his tenure as CEO.

White House on offensive Protesters disrupted a speech by Vice pResident Dick Cheney Wednesday, chanting "Cheney is a corporate crook", as both the vice pResident and pResident Bush went on the offensive regarding the economy and continuing corporate scandal saga.

Woody Harrelson: "The war against terrorism is terrorism. The whole thing is just bullsh*t." Brave Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson is passionately defending George Michael over his anti-Bush and Blair single "Shoot The Dog."

Man in Anthrax Probe Bragged of Ties to Rightwing Military in Rhodesia One of the men under scrutiny* [*Does he receive blanket immunity if it's determined that Karl Rove hired him to disseminate the anthrax to Daschle and Leahy?] by the FBI's anthrax investigation is a former U.S. soldier who bragged about ties to a feared counterinsurgency force that fought for the white minority government of Rhodesia.

Microwave Weapons May Be Ready For Iraq An attack on Iraq is expected to see the first use of high-power microwave weapons that produce a split-second spike of energy powerful enough to damage electronic components and scramble computer memories. However, HPM weapons now available to be used against Iraq are not talked about openly.

Iraq plans urban warfare to thwart US Saddam Hussein has told his regional officials to expect urban warfare if American forces invade, according to information received by US intelligence.

Iraq war could engulf region, Britain warns US Britain has strongly advised the United States against attacking Iraq, warning that it risked intensifying the conflicts in Afghanistan, Israel and Kashmir, senior defence and diplomatic sources say.

Mirror Readers Reject War Against Iraq 91% vote NO to Iraq attack -- Daily Mirror readers have voted overwhelmingly against war with Iraq. Almost 91 per cent of the 11,855 callers to our phone poll said No to a US-led attack to topple Saddam Hussein. The Mirror asked: Do you support a war on Iraq?

House Majority Leader warns against unprovoked attack on Iraq House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) addressed an Iowa crowd on Thursday and raised questions about whether he would support an American war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Rightwing Australian government backs a US war against Iraq Even as discussions continue in Washington over the scale and possible pretext for a military attack on Iraq, the Australian government has already telegraphed its willingness to participate.

Rush Limbaugh: Blast Iraq on 9-11 Radio host says terror anniversary a good date to attack Saddam -- As New Yorkers prepare to commemorate the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh [a.k.a. "Pigboy"] is addressing the notion of an American assault on Iraq timed for Sept. 11 of this year.

Proof at last that high-flying jets affect climate An unplanned experiment - the three-day grounding of air traffic after last September's terrorist attacks in the United States - shows that high-altitude jet vapour trails affect the weather, scientists say.

Groups sue to block use of Navy sonar Environmental groups filed suit yesterday to stop the Navy from using a powerful new sonar system for detecting enemy submarines, saying the intense underwater sounds can harm whales and dolphins

Republican "dirty tricks" in US mid-term elections With the second anniversary of the 2000 presidential s-election fast approaching, two recent political developments serve as a warning that the methods of fraud and conspiracy used to install George W. Bush in the White House are being employed in the run-up to the November mid-term congressional elections.

"Cheney is a Corporate Crook!! No war in Iraq!!" was shouted over and over by protesters when vice pResident Dick Cheney was at the podium at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Wednesday.

This chant was aired on both MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable and CoupNewsNetwork!! Approximately 200-300 protesters (KPFA radio report) demonstrated against the vice pResident. Fascinating note: Cheney stated -- via live transmission -- that the "football" (the briefcase with the codes to launch nuclear weapons) travels with him (instead of the Idiot Usurping pResident, himself)?!?

Click here for photos of the protest!

Vice pResident Cheney Wants 2nd Term [?!? Cheney was not elected for his first term and, if justice prevails, he will likely be already convicted of 9/11 complicity and corporate crimes and in jail by November, 2004.] Vice pResident Dick Cheney says he is up for a second term if pResident Bush wants him as a running mate in 2004.

Economy Fueling Political Discord The Bush mis-ministration's economic policy has been a failure, according to Democrats - and, worse, a disorganized mess. "The president has really offered us not an economic policy, but an ideological agenda," said Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind. The agenda, added Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., can be summed up as "tax cuts for the wealthy and weak regulation."

WSJ: Investigators Widen Enron Probe Federal investigators appear to have widened an inquiry into U.S. energy trader Enron Corp, probing whether the company or its executives committed accounting fraud by borrowing $1 billion in a last-minute bid to stave off bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Ex-Executives Say Sham Deal Helped Enron Desperate to meet a year-end profit target, the Enron Corporation struck a sham energy deal with Merrill Lynch that let Enron book a $60 million profit in the final days of December 1999, according to former Enron executives involved in the transaction.

Bush Faces Criticism From Lawyers Some members of the nation's largest lawyer group plan to use this week's annual meeting to criticize the Bush mis-ministration's handling of the terrorism investigation and business scandals.

More Detainees flow into Guantanamo Thirty-four detainees suspected of being al Qaeda terrorists or Taliban fighters arrived at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from Afghanistan Monday.

Judge Suspends Proceedings in Standoff on War Prisoner In a standoff over the constitutional rights of prisoners captured during the war in Afghanistan, a federal judge in Virginia took the rare action today of suspending all proceedings in a case in which the government has classified a prisoner as an "enemy combatant" with almost no legal protections.

Lieberman bill poses threat (New Haven Register) "Joe Lieberman could have stopped cold the paranoid idea of turning America into a nation of government snitches. Instead, the legislation creating a department of homeland security has sailed through the New Haven Democrat's Senate committee. There was not even a nod to the alarms over the Justice Department's idea of recruiting hundreds of thousands of Americans as government informants. The plan is so repugnant that civil rights advocates and Republican conservatives have banded together to oppose it."

Philippine VP Criticizes U.S. Strike-First Stance The Philippines' vice president warned on Thursday the world might be engulfed in bloodier wars if the United States pursued a strike-first policy and attacked countries suspected of aiding terrorists.

Conflict could soon be nuclear Congress has been warned that pResident Bush’s proposed attack on Iraq could escalate into a nuclear conflict. An assessment of Iraq’s capabilities says that the US is unlikely to knock out many, if any, of President Saddam Hussein’s mobile missile-launchers in a first wave of airstrikes.

Plans Advance for War Against Iraq Dramatic satellite photos show just how far U.S. preparations for war with Iraq have advanced. They are images of the state-of-the-art al Udeid air base in Qatar, which has been significantly upgraded over the last six months and is expected to be used as America's base for military operations against Saddam Hussein.

US military 'readies for Iraq action' There are clear signs that the United States military is gearing up for a potential Iraqi operation. Long-standing improvements to military infrastructure in the Gulf region are well under way.

U.S., Britain prepare logistics in Gulf for military campaign The United States and Britain are taking steps to ensure logistical support in the Persian Gulf for any military campaign against Iraq.

Saudis: Don't Attack Iraq From Here Saudi Arabia has made clear to Washington — publicly and privately — that the U.S. military will not be allowed to use the kingdom's soil in any way for an attack on Iraq, Foreign Minister Prince Saud said Wednesday.

Pentagon will not seek UN approval Despite the increasingly loud demands around the world for any military action against Iraq to be backed by the United Nations, Washington is unlikely to seek such approval, saying that it already has ample legal authority.

Bush's Iraq Policy Draws Fire As the U.S. saber rattles in the direction of Iraq, European allies are making their own noise in opposition to war and are insisting that any military action against Baghdad be endorsed first by the United Nations. A day after German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder put Washington on notice that his country's solidarity in the war against terrorism won't extend to "adventures," Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer called Tuesday for "different priorities" to replace invasion in the global search for security and peace.

The country with the world's largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction threatens another war -- by Stephen Gowans "How sadly ironic, then, that 57 years after it dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this very same country, armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, is preparing to wage all out war against a devastated country it has attacked and besieged for over a decade. Why? Because, we're told, the victim might acquire what the aggressor has in spades -- weapons of mass destruction."

U.S. Demands N. Korea Inspections The Bush mis-ministration reluctantly helped mark the start of construction of a nuclear power plant in North Korea today, but again demanded that the government promptly submit to inspections to reveal its nuclear capabilities.

Calif. Power Operator Defies Feds At the urging of Gov. Gray Davis, the operator of the state's power grid voted Wednesday to defy federal regulators' orders to restructure its ruling board [terrific precedent!!!]. The 4-0 vote by California's Independent System Operator -- which Davis appointed last year -- was another step in the long-running battle between California Democrats and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, consisting mostly of Republican appointees of pResident Bush.

GOP Mayor Labeled 'Sexual Predator' Former Waterbury GOP Mayor [The Hartford Courant neglected to mention Giordano's political affiliation.] Philip A. Giordano "forced himself" on one of the young girls he is charged with sexually assaulting and has threatened violence against a range of people, a federal prosecutor revealed for the first time Tuesday in arguing to keep Giordano behind bars.

Planes' vapour trails affect weather The vapour trails left in the atmosphere by jet aircraft have a significant impact on the weather, according to new research. The grounding of flights for three days after the 11 September attacks gave scientists in the US a unique opportunity to see what the weather would be like without these vapour trails.

Double standard on bankruptcy -- by Robert Kuttner "With all the corporate and accounting scandals, you may have noticed that Congress is also working on bankruptcy reform legislation. A bill nearly passed last week and will probably be approved when Congress returns in September... It is a measure long sought by the banking industry to make it easier to squeeze money from ordinary individuals who declare bankruptcy after facing personal hard times or being overwhelmed by debt."

August 8, 2002

Obsession: Not just a cologne, but a way of governing -- by Don Harrison "It's pretty scary. In a world growing increasingly hostile to us, with our economy frighteningly shaky and our vulnerability shockingly evident, we have a clueless president [sic], surrounded by ideologues. Our checks-and-balances are barely functioning because dissent is equated with treason in this "time of war" (against whom?) and judicial appointees must pass muster by True Believers. Was that an election in 2000 (in which, if you recall, the loser won)? Or was it a coup d'etat?"

Bush's Conspiracy to Riot -- by Robert Parry "On Nov. 22, 2000, the so-called 'Brooks Brothers Riot' of Republican activists helped stop a vote recount in Miami -- and showed how far George W. Bush’s supporters were ready to go to put their man in the White House... While no legal charges were filed against the Republicans, newly released documents show that at least a half dozen of the publicly identified rioters were paid by Bush’s recount committee."

U.S. Tries to Halt Suit Against ExxonMobil for Alleged Rights Abuses in Indonesia The U.S. has moved to block a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp. for alleged human-rights abuses at its Indonesian natural-gas operations, claiming the court action could hurt relations with Jakarta and undermine the war on terrorism [?!?]. The State Department said the action alleging the oil company knew of human- rights abuses by the Indonesian military guarding its facilities in Aceh province "could impair cooperation with the U.S. across the full spectrum of diplomatic initiatives, including counterterrorism." [The United States Government is the biggest threat to world peace, consistently supporting, fomenting, and promoting worldwide terrorism, staring with the coup d'etat in November, 2000.]

DOJ's Head Fake on Enron Probe Under growing pressure to explain why executives from the first major corporate failure, Enron, remain free and uncharged, sources at the Department of Justice leaked a possible explanation - the investigation has gone international. In particular, the previously undisclosed investigation is examining Enron's efforts to win foreign pipeline, power and water-privatization projects. In many cases the projects were awarded to Enron without competitive bidding.

Bush's Fancy Financial Footwork -- by David Ignatius "It's not something George W. Bush talks about much -- indeed, it's a fact that has been virtually purged from his official biography -- but for four years in the early 1990s, Bush was a director of a company that ultimately collapsed under the weight of its junk-bond financing and management mistakes. The privately held company, called Caterair International Inc., was created in 1989 when Marriott Corp. spun off its airline catering business to investors organized by the Washington investment bank the Carlyle Group..."

The Memory Hole -- by Paul Krugman "Winston Smith, the protagonist of George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four,' was a rewrite man. His job was to destroy documents that could undermine the government's pretense of infallibility, and replace them with altered versions. Lately, Winston Smith has gone to Washington. I'm sure that lots of history is being falsified as you read this — there are several three-letter agencies I don't trust at all — but two cases involving the federal budget caught my eye."

AP: GOP Changed Spending of Billions The 1994 [Nazi] revolution that gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives produced a seismic shift in federal spending, moving tens of billions of dollars from Democratic to GOP districts, an Associated Press analysis shows.

US rates 'could hit 1930s levels' Wall Street rallied dramatically yesterday on hopes that the US Federal Reserve will deliver a shot in the arm to the American economy next week with an interest rate cut.. That would leave US rates at their lowest since the Depression era of the 1930s.

Gov't Defies Order on U.S. Detainee Citing "national security," the government refused to give a federal judge information Tuesday about the interrogation of an American-born prisoner captured in Afghanistan.

Homeland Security Department to Oversee Visa Program Move Would Limit Role of State Dept. -- The proposed new Department of Homeland Security would take a strong new role in the issuance of U.S. visas worldwide amid increasing criticism that the State Department has handed them out too easily.

In Surreal Development, Bush Mis-ministration Routes TIPS Calls to TV Show America's Most Wanted In a development bordering on what the American Civil Liberties Union called "surreal," the on-line magazine today revealed that the Department of Justice is forwarding incoming Operation TIPS calls to the Fox-owned America's Most Wanted television series. "This is like retaining Arthur Andersen to do all of the SEC's accounting," said Rachel King, an ACLU Legislative Counsel. "It's a completely inappropriate and frightening intermingling of government power and the private sector. What's next - the government hires Candid Camera to do its video surveillance?"

Ashcroft’s Master Plan to Spy on Us 'Citizens Will Not Become Informants' -- by Nat Hentoff "This newest John Ashcroft battle plan in the war on civil liberties would have us join the citizens of China, Cuba, Kazakhstan, and other countries where there is ubiquitous surveillance for signs of disloyalty to the state. Not only Joseph Stalin but also George Orwell would have understood what John Ashcroft had in mind."

Bush Wants ABM Treaty Case Tossed The Justice Department asked a federal court Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by 31 House members challenging pResident Bush's authority to withdraw the United States from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

US seeks to block enforcement of anti-torture treaty Torture should be added to the list of evils that the Bush mis-ministration is defending, in accordance with a foreign policy based on unilateral American domination of the globe.

Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies A briefing given last month to a top Pentagon advisory board described Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States, and recommended that U.S. officials give it an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States. [Bush will ignore the briefing as 1) Bush does not read; and 2) the Saudis are partners in Bush's terrorism.]

Pentagon Targets 'Country X' Innovative war game program fine- tunes potential U.S. attack on Iraq."Since July 24, the U.S. military has been playing a $235 million wargame named Millennium Challenge 02 (MC 02), one that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld blandly says "will test the forces and equipment that will help us judge and define both near-term and future capabilities." The scenario for Millennium Challenge is classified. All military spokesmen will say is that the scenario includes an earthquake in Country X [Oh, are we actually doing that now? See Conspiracy Theory.] followed by chaos and a military coup and the taking of some islands in a mythical part of the world where most of the oil lifelines exist.

Senate didn't hear from Iraq experts -- by Sean Gonsalves "Last week's Senate hearings on whether the United States should go to war in Iraq could hardly be given much credibility by any serious student of U.S.-Iraq policy, given the conspicuous absences of Iraq experts who offer indispensable insight."

U.K. Clergy Urge Against Iraq Strike Top Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Tony Blair to oppose a military strike on Iraq without U.N. approval.

American public left in dark on US war aims in Iraq The discussion that has broken out in official Washington over when and how to go to war with Iraq is in no sense a genuine public debate. Representatives of various factions of the ruling elite—Bush mis-ministration officials, congressional leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, the military-intelligence establishment—are weighing in. But the American people are excluded.

Rumsfeld Seeks to Boost Intelligence Units Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday that he and other Pentagon officials are considering "having a somewhat more senior person overseeing the intelligence'' to make sure "the focus is more laser-like'' on getting better information for fighting the war on terrorism. The Pentagon also is looking at ways to help military intelligence agencies work more closely with civilian agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI.

The return to Afghanistan: Collateral damage -- by Robert Fisk "President [sic] George Bush's 'war on terror' reached the desert village of Hajibirgit at midnight on 22 May. Haji Birgit Khan, the bearded, 85-year-old Pushtu village leader and head of 12,000 local tribal families, was lying on a patch of grass outside his home... A US military spokesman would claim later that US soldiers had 'come under fire' in the village and had killed one man and wounded two 'suspected Taliban or al-Qa'ida members'. The implication – that 85-year-old Haji Birgit Khan was the gunman – is clearly preposterous."

Justice Dept. Recordkeeping Blasted The FBI, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and other parts of the Justice Department have lost track of hundreds of guns [?!? How do you "lose" guns?? Next, they will blame the Clinton staff for the recordkeeping.] and laptop computers, according to a report indicating that recordkeeping problems at the agencies are even worse than previously disclosed.

Bush, With Senate Absent, Fills a Top Agriculture Post The Idiot Usurper appointed an Iowa farmer to a top position at the Agriculture Department today, despite objections from members of Congress who said the man had made racially insensitive comments and had circumvented federal limits on farm subsidies. Senator Tom Harkin, the Iowa Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said tonight that Mr. Bush was bypassing the Senate.

Barf Alert! Karen Hughes Back at Bush's Side pResident Bush's close confidante, Karen Hughes, was back at his side on Tuesday, less than a month after leaving the White House to return home to Texas. She got hugs from political adviser [and Nazi] Karl Rove and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice. She had dinner on Monday night with Vice pResident Dick Cheney's top aide Mary Matalin and breakfast with Rice on Tuesday morning.

Representative [and Right-wing Nutcase] Bob Barr Accidentally Fires Pistol at Rally

Read letter in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of CLG member and protester at the Pittsburgh appearance of resident Bush. Scroll to the bottom.

Pittsburgh "Report from the Front," from CLG member, Cynthia: "I am still livid about today."

Protesting the unelected chimp in Pittsburgh today!

Voice of steel More than 400 active and retired steel workers rallied Monday at Point State Park, calling on President Bush to maintain tariffs on steel imports and implement universal healthcare coverage.

Enron Investigators Eye Foreign Contracts Federal prosecutors are investigating whether or not Enron Corp. bribed foreign government officials to win contracts abroad, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. The Justice Department's Enron Task Force is examining the energy company's non-U.S. operations for possible criminal violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the paper said citing government officials and lawyers close to the case. [Are these bribes separate from the 2.5 million Enron paid to install the Bush junta, not to mention the money "donated" to the "recount" committee, which outspent the Gore group 4-to1??]

Your Tax Dollars At Work - for Halliburton And, Where's Waldo? Despite charges that the company defrauded the Army on earlier contracts, Halliburton subsidiary Brown & Root was granted an exclusive and unusually lucrative defense contract barely three months after its former CEO, Dick Cheney, became Vice pResident. The contract reportedly makes Brown & Root the US Army's exclusive services supplier of US rapid deployment troops over the next decade.

Halliburton subsidiary overcame bid protest, fraud investigation to land military contracts Since Dick Cheney became vice pResident, a subsidiary of his former company was chosen the exclusive contractor for overseas Army troop support and Navy construction despite being under federal investigation for fraud. The Navy contract went to the Halliburton Co. subsidiary, Brown & Root Services, despite a recommendation from the auditing arm of Congress that new bids be solicited for the construction contract. That recommendation was ignored.

Stocks Plummet on Renewed Fears of [Bush] Recession Stocks tumbled again yesterday as investors digested another report showing that the economy was slowing sharply, or even falling back into recession.

  Dow Closes Down in Triple-Digit Loss Wall Street's hopes for a turnaround dimmed Monday after another dose of disappointing economic news sent the Dow Jones industrials down more than 270 points.

Stocks Sag as Investors Fret over Economy Stocks sagged in mid-morning trade on Monday, adding to two straight sessions of declines, as a slowdown in growth in the U.S. service sector fed worries the nation's economic recovery is stalling.

Economy Stirs G.O.P. Worry in House Races Rising voter concern about the nation's future, driven by an unsteady economy and unrest on Wall Street, is stirring nervousness among some Republicans and lifting confidence among Democratic leaders that their party could capture control of the House in November.

Cheney's disappearing act Vice president [sic] to surface - and give speech - in S.F. -- by Marc Sandalow "It has been 77 days since the vice president [sic] has answered a question from a member of the news media. He has not agreed to a newspaper interview since his trip to the Middle East in March."

Think Like a Bush: Lie Coordination Bureau Needed -- by Al Martin "The release of this week's economic statistics, particularly the Gross Domestic Product numbers, indicate that the economy was weaker last year and that economic growth in the first half of this year was also weaker than first believed... The question then is -- why can't the government get it right in the compilation of statistics? Of course, the reason why is the because of the way the Reagan-Bush Regime rejiggered all the economic statistics.

Bush junta to defy judges order and won't name Sept. 11 detainees The Bush mis-ministration contends that it cannot protect national security and also meet a judge's deadline to reveal names of those held in the investigation of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

U.S. drops case tied to Ashcroft's friend The U.S. Justice Department said Friday that it would not pursue an antitrust case pushed by a St. Louis lawyer who is a friend of Attorney General John Ashcroft's.

Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented? The Bush mis-ministration discarded the Clinton administration plan to fight al-Queda.

Clinton's plan for the United States to take on al Qaeda languished for eight months under the Bush mis-ministration According to Time Magazine, proposals to strike at al Qaeda were developed in the final days of the Clinton administration and presented to the Bush mis-ministration's new national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, in January 2001. The proposals were developed by Richard Clarke, the point man on terrorism in the Clinton White House.

Bush held up plan to hit Bin Laden The Bush mis-ministration sat on a Clinton-era plan to attack al-Qaida in Afghanistan for eight months because of political hostility to the outgoing president and competing priorities, it was reported yesterday.

9/11 widows win support for commission A group of women who lost their husbands in the collapse of the World Trade Center are beginning to change some minds about the need for an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks. Their next target: pResident Bush.

Post-9/11 security hinders access at capitols Welcome to Fortress USA. Checkpoints, fences and concrete barricades now interrupt the serene vistas that famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed for the leafy grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

UN chief warns against Iraq war Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, warned yesterday against any military assault on Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein while violence rages between Israel and the Palestinians.

German leader says no to Iraq war German chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his Social Democratic party yesterday broke ranks with America's other European allies by declaring at the start of their election campaign that Germany would refuse to provide troops or money for an invasion of Iraq.

Iraq Invites Congress Visit, Bringing White House Derision Baghdad invited members of the United States Congress and experts of their choosing today to come to Iraq and look for hidden weapons of mass destruction. The invitation was immediately dismissed by the White House.

10,000 Iraqis demonstrate against U.S. About 10,000 Iraqis rallied outside ruling party headquarters Monday in a demonstration against U.S. military threats, burning effigies of pResident Bush and American flags.

The logic of empire The US is now a threat to the rest of the world. The sensible response is non-cooperation -- by George Monbiot "There is something almost comical about the prospect of George Bush waging war on another nation because that nation has defied international law. Since Bush came to office, the United States government has torn up more international treaties and disregarded more UN conventions than the rest of the world has in 20 years." "...the greatest threat to world peace is not Saddam Hussein, but George Bush. The nation that in the past has been our firmest friend is becoming instead our foremost enemy." "As the US government discovers that it can threaten and attack other nations with impunity, it will surely soon begin to threaten countries that have numbered among its allies. As its insatiable demand for resources prompts ever bolder colonial adventures, it will come to interfere directly with the strategic interests of other quasi-imperial states. As it refuses to take responsibility for the consequences of the use of those resources, it threatens the rest of the world with environmental disaster. It has become openly contemptuous of other governments and prepared to dispose of any treaty or agreement that impedes its strategic objectives. It is starting to construct a new generation of nuclear weapons, and appears to be ready to use them preemptively. It could be about to ignite an inferno in the Middle East, into which the rest of the world would be sucked."

Japan launches compulsory ID network Privacy advocates angry about 'Big Brother' aspects -- Japan launched a compulsory ID system Monday aimed at bringing government into the electronic age in the face of stiff protests calling it a violation of privacy and a temptation to hackers.

Bush Signs Bill on Abortion Procedures pResident Bush signed a bill today that he called a step toward further restrictions on abortion, reopening a debate that has been largely quiet since his inauguration.

Fla. Judge Strikes Down Voucher Law Just weeks before the start of the school year, a judge struck down Florida's voucher law Monday, saying the state constitution forbids the use of tax money to send youngsters to religious schools.

Florida Considers Ballot Change State election officials were considering changing the ballot for the Democratic gubernatorial primary after the party complained that the wording could confuse voters in a rerun of the 2000 p-residential tally [coup d'etat].

Florida primary could be confusing, Democrats warn The ballot for the high-profile Democratic gubernatorial primary has confusing instructions that could cause the same problems that marked the 2000 p-residential s-election [coup d'etat], Democrats say.

Pakistan Pres. Unsure Bin Laden Planned 9/11 - Report Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, a key ally in the U.S. fight against terrorism, is not convinced that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a report on Sunday.

US court declares it has no jurisdiction over Guantanamo A US court has found that it has no jurisdiction in Guantanamo, Cuba, and refused to hear a suit by relatives seeking the release of Australian David Hicks and other foreigners accused as Taliban or al-Qaeda fighters held by the US military there.

Baghdad slams US for rejecting UN disarmament talks The state-run Baghdad media yesterday slammed the United States for rejecting Iraq's invitation to the chief UN weapons inspector to visit Baghdad to discuss the resumption of inspections halted in December 1998.

Double warning against Iraq war Brent Scowcroft, the National Security Adviser during the Gulf War, warned pResident Bush yesterday that invading Iraq would cause an “explosion” in the Middle East and consign the United States to defeat in its War on Terror.

Bush oils war machine amid cries of caution Pressure is building on pResident Bush to explain his case against Saddam Hussein, Paul McGeough writes. "President [sic] George Bush is becoming more isolated in his drive to topple Saddam Hussein as intense political and media questioning of his case against the Iraqi leader and of the Pentagon's planning for the push to Baghdad sends a warning to the White House that, so far, no such case has been made."

War with Iraq likely, says senior Democrat Chances of a diplomatic solution to the US stand-off with Iraq appeared remote yesterday when a senior Democrat, who chaired the first public hearings on possible invasion plans, said war was now likely.

Lawmakers Want Notice Before Iraq War War against Iraq is likely, said a senator exploring U.S. options, and other lawmakers joined him Sunday in pressing the Bush Fourth Reich to make the case to Congress before any attack.

Fighter plane's laser may blind civilians American defence contractors are developing a laser weapon for fighter aircraft that may be powerful enough to blind people on the ground, even if they are relatively far from the target, New Scientist can reveal.

Unwelcome plutonium may already be in S.C. The U.S. Department of Energy has begun shipping weapons-grade plutonium from Colorado to the Savannah River Site near Aiken, S.C., according to a Colorado official.

Drug Costs Become Election Issue "As the election gets closer, this issue will get hotter," said Bernie Horn, policy director for the Center for Policy Alternatives, which has helped states like Maine develop discount plans. "Unless there's another big terrorist attack, [I hope the Bush Fourth Reich does not read this statement as Bush's slump in the polls could lead to Armageddon! As it is, I am sure Bush is trolling for terrorism even as we speak and his poll numbers sink, on his pseudo-"vacation."] the general election will be about protecting Social Security and prescription drug coverage."

Judge Lets Florida Voting Suit Proceed A federal judge has rejected state attempts to avoid trial over presidential election problems that kept blacks from voting in Florida. The state asked for a summary judgment to kill the lawsuit by the NAACP and other civil rights groups without a trial. ["election problems?? Who are we kidding??? We're talking bona fide coup d'etat!!]

Harris's Hanging Chad: Does Resignation Count? Katherine Harris, who became famous as Florida secretary of state presiding over the 2000 presidential election recount, announced last week that she is resigning -- retroactively, beginning two weeks ago -- but that she is still, nevertheless, the secretary of state. Confused? So are Florida Democrats.

Broken Promises and Political Deception -- by Al Gore "For well over a year, the Bush administration has used its power in the wrong way. In the election of 2000, I argued that the Bush-Cheney ticket was being bankrolled by 'a new generation of special interests, power brokers who would want nothing better than a pliant president who would bend public policy to suit their purposes and profits.' Some considered this warning 'anti-business.' It was nothing of the sort. I believe now, as I said then, that 'when powerful interests try to take advantage of the American people, it's often other businesses that are hurt in the process' - smaller companies that play by the rules."

President Gore Chides Party Critics Stung by criticism of his 2000 campaign by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman and other party moderates, President Al Gore portrayed himself today as a passionate champion of the underdog as he struck back, calling their tactics "bad politics and wrong in principle." [Lieberman acts as if there IS a center in American politics! Actually, Joe, the center is a vast chasm standing between the rabid rightwing defenders of fascist, corporate government, and the majority against whom the corporate media and the rightwing government war on a continual basis. The "middle" is a myth, an abstract average, a death valley where nothing really lives!]

In Effort to Simplify Ballot, Florida Adds More Problems The ballot blues just won't go away in Florida. "It's a mess," said Bob Poe, head of the Florida Democratic Party. He said his party would ask election officials to change the ballot or, as a last resort, take the matter to court.

Bush, Father in Tow, Raises Cash for Republicans Traveling by speedboat, pResident Bush took a few hours out of his seaside long weekend on Saturday to raise about $300,000 for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and other Maine Republicans.

After Sept. 11, a Legal Battle Over Limits of Civil Liberty (The New York Times) In the fearful aftermath of Sept. 11, Attorney General John Ashcroft vowed to use the full might of the federal government and "every available statute" to hunt down and punish "the terrorists among us." The roundup that followed the attacks, conducted with wartime urgency and uncommon secrecy, led to the detentions of more than 1,200 people suspected of violating immigration laws, being material witnesses to terrorism or fighting for the enemy. The government's effort has produced few if any law enforcement coups.

Lawmakers Decline FBI Lie-Detector Tests The FBI has asked lawmakers on the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate intelligence committees whether they would take lie-detector tests in an investigation of leaked "secret information," government sources said on Friday. But lawmakers generally have taken the stance that they should not submit to polygraph examinations conducted by the FBI because that would breach the constitutional separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.

Police 'infuriated' over FBI program A new FBI program designed to provide local police with intelligence reports on potential terrorism is sputtering because many police officials believe the application process is too long and intrusive. They also say the reports aren't that valuable.

Rumsfeld Pushes for New Pentagon Intelligence Czar Secretary of Defense [and rightwing nutcase] Donald Rumsfeld, in a very quiet maneuver, has all but gotten Congress to create a new Pentagon position of undersecretary of defense for intelligence. When the position is created, Rumsfeld’s Pentagon will get to keep key intelligence assets like the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office that were likely to have been taken from the military and turned over to the CIA.

Bush ready to declare war Split opens between Britain and US as White House targets Saddam Hussein -- pResident Bush will announce within weeks that he intends to depose Iraq's ruler, Saddam Hussein, by force, setting the stage for a war in the Gulf this winter. Amid signs of active preparations for a war within six months, senior officials on both sides of the Atlantic have said that war against Iraq is now inevitable.

Colin Powell joins call for 'regime change' The United States' determination to remove Saddam Hussein from power was bolstered further yesterday when even Secretary of State Colin Powell, the most cautious senior member of the Bush Fourth Reich, joined in the rejection of Iraq's latest peace offering on weapons inspections. [The question is, was Powell talking about a 'regime change' in Iraq, or in the United States? Both countries are, after all, ruled by unelected tyrants. The only difference is, Bush has lighter skin, more "weapons of mass destruction," and the unmitigated gall and idiocy to use them at a moment's notice, anytime he needs to gain political, economic or just plain 'bully' points.]

Germany Cautions U.S. On Iraq Action Germany backs U.S. efforts to combat terrorism, but its "checkbook" may not be open to support an American attack against Iraq, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said Saturday.

U.S. To Patrol Colombian Skies A U.S. surveillance plane will patrol above Colombia next week as part of the security plan to prevent a terrorist attack during the presidential inauguration.

Hardliners in Iran want to down US jets The threat of war in Iraq has widened the gap between conservatives and reformers in Iran. Although they have closed ranks in public to denounce any US-led strikes, in private they could hardly be further apart. Hardliners say British and US planes should be shot down by Iran if they attack Iraq, but reformers are horrified by the prospect of a war on Saddam Hussein embracing them too.

Bush's Shame -- by Thomas L. Friedman "Watching the pathetic, mealy-mouthed response of President [sic] Bush and his State Department to Egypt's decision to sentence the leading Egyptian democracy advocate to seven years in prison leaves one wondering whether the whole Bush foreign policy team isn't just a big bunch of phonies. Shame on all of them." ["Mr. Ibrahim's 'crime' was that his institute at the American University in Cairo was helping to teach Egyptians how to register to vote, how to fill out a ballot and how to monitor elections." No wonder Bush isn't defending Ibrahim! Bush doesn't like votes, ballots, or monitored elections! He wouldn't be in office if such a procedure had taken place in Florida in the year 2000!]

Bank closes after suspicious envelope found (FL) An envelope with a suspicious white powder inside forced the closing of a First Union bank Friday afternoon and sent two of its employees to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Bush approval ratings plunge 28 points in CT A Quinnipiac University poll Thursday showed pResident Bush's Connecticut approval ratings have dropped drastically from post-Sept. 11 levels. Bush's overall approval rating in the state is now at 59 percent, down 28 percentage points from his all-time high of 87 percent in December.

Only 6,000 Jobs Added in July, a Sign of Slowing Economy The nation's unemployment rate held steady at 5.9 percent in July as companies, uncertain about the economic recovery and shaken by accounting scandals, added just 6,000 new jobs.

U.S. judge says hand over energy task force records A federal judge Friday rejected efforts by the Bush mis-ministration to resist handing over documents related to a White House energy task force headed by Vice pResident Dick Cheney.

Judge Orders U.S. to Release Names of 9/11 Detainees A federal judge ruled today that the Bush mis-ministration had no right to conceal the identities of hundreds of people arrested after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and she ordered that most of their names be released within 15 days.

Judge Orders Names of 9/11 Detainees Released A federal judge in Washington yesterday ordered the Justice Department to release the names of more than 1,000 people detained in the investigation of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, saying the information was essential to verifying that the government is "operating within the bounds of the law."

FBI asks lawmakers to take lie detector test in Sept. 11 leak investigation The FBI has asked members of the House and Senate intelligence committees to take lie-detector tests as part of an investigation into the leak of information related to the Sept. 11 attacks, a law enforcement official said.

FBI Targeting Congress In Probe of Terror Leaks Angry House and Senate members assail the investigation's scope and question requests for polygraph tests -- Many Spurn Polygraph Requests on Issue of NSA's 9/11 Intercept FBI agents have questioned nearly all 37 members of the Senate and House intelligence committees and have asked many if they would be willing to submit to lie detector tests as part of a broad investigation into leaks of classified information related to the Sept. 11 attacks, according to officials involved in the inquiry.

Four Sue American Airlines Over Search Four New Jersey men are suing American Airlines, claiming they were wrongly removed from an airplane in March and strip-searched because of their Arabic names. The men, who filed a lawsuit on Friday, say they were headed home from a Florida vacation when airline officials asked them to get off the plane prior to takeoff.

Stepped-Up al-Qaida Hunt Considered Top defense officials met Friday to plot better ways to hunt down al-Qaida terrorists, considering especially covert commando missions to capture and kill leaders of the scattered network, officials said.

Aggressive, Covert Hits On Terror Groups Sought Rumsfeld is pondering new missions for the U.S. counteroffensive -- The chief of the U.S. Special Operations Command proposed a series of aggressive new covert actions against al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in a closed-door meeting with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld yesterday, part of a new Pentagon initiative to "reenergize" the 10-month-old counteroffensive against terrorism. [That's right, they have to 're-energize' the "war on terrorism," because 1) the economic war on the American people by Repugnican Bidness is becoming too conspicuous, 2) there's oil to be got, and 3) Bush is a blood-thirsty barbarian.]

Rumsfeld Moves to Strengthen His Grip on Military Intelligence Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is moving to strengthen his control over the military's intelligence apparatus, and his first step has been to propose a civilian post reporting directly to him to manage the vast and expensive operation. His effort to establish a new position, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, potentially sets up a turf war for dominance over the American intelligence community. [Fascists always like to strengthen their grip over "intelligence"--a misnomer as applied here.]

Iraq cracks door to weapons inspections Iraq says it might allow UN weapons inspections to resume, and has invited officials to Baghdad to talk about it.

Powell Dismisses Iraqi Gesture Secretary of State Colin Powell dismissed an offer by Iraq to talk with the chief weapons inspector of the United Nations. [No, the US wants war to deflect attention away from the Bush economic disaster, corporate scandal and his and Cheney's own involvement in it. We don't want to see that Iraq DOESN'T have any weapons of mass destruction. That would keep the dog from wagging...]

Britain and US dismiss Iraqi offer The US and Britain dismissed Iraq's invitation for the chief United Nations weapons inspector to come for talks in Baghdad yesterday, depicting it as a ploy to avoid serious inspections while fending off the threat of a US-led invasion.

Australian involvement likely, says Howard Prime Minister [and rightwing nutcase] John Howard expects pResident Bush will launch an attack against Iraq - and that Australia will be asked to help. The Prime Minister yesterday described United States action as "more probable than not".

Florida Lawsuit to be Filed Against Harris Candice Brown McElyea, a former TV reporter and one of four Democrats seeking the same seat, said she would file a lawsuit today in Sarasota County challenging Harris' place on the Sept. 10 primary ballot. Harris is squaring off against Republican John Hill in the primary. ''She always thinks she's above the law,'' Brown McElyea said. ''No rules or regulations ever apply to her. She's in charge of the Division of Elections. If anyone would know the law, it should be her.''

Katherine Harris Steps Down Katherine Harris resigned Thursday as Florida secretary of state and made the move retroactive to July 15, saying she had misunderstood the rules [?!?] about when she had to quit to run for Congress. [Harris also "misunderstood the rules" in the 2000 [p]residential s-election, when she illegally purged voters from the rolls, willfully "misunderstood" state laws protecting the "intent of the voters" and arbitrated a selection of Bush as his campaign manager in the most biased manner possible. She should have "stepped down" two years ago!!! Step down!"]

Again, Election Confusion for the Florida Secretary of State "She couldn't even resign properly." Here they go again. Florida elections officials and political candidates are confused about another election. And once again, the controversy involves Katherine Harris, who is leaving her post as Florida secretary of state to run for Congress. She did not follow state elections procedures regarding her candidacy and, after realizing the rule-breaking, was forced today to do a bit of damage control. [Harris is two weeks late in filing, but when Palm Beach missed a deadline set by Harris by two hours, she THREW OUT THEIR VOTES!]

Bush Faces Questions on Offshore Affiliates pResident Bush said yesterday that he is troubled by the creation of offshore affiliates by U.S. companies to avoid paying taxes, a practice that lawmakers are trying to restrict. Bush's comments coincided with disclosures that companies connected to Bush and Vice pResident Cheney created such offshore entities. [Said the Bush, the moron, "I think American companies ought to pay taxes here, and be good citizens." Note to Bush: Companies are not "CITIZENS!" Maybe this belief is what gave Bush the idea that companies had the right vote -- and stop the counting of the legal votes of REAL citizens -- in the 2000 [p]residential [s]election.]

GOP Plan To Limit Lobbyists Targeted The Senate ethics committee, reacting to a controversial document being assembled by Republican activists, plans to warn senators today not to use political affiliation as a basis for deciding who gets access to them or their staffs. The committee's warning comes in response to a Washington Post report in June that Republicans were researching the party affiliation and campaign donations of hundreds of lobbyists, as a way to deny government access and jobs to those who don't share their political views.

Apartment Searched Anew in F.B.I.'s Anthrax Inquiry Federal investigators seeking evidence related to last year's deadly anthrax attacks searched the apartment of a former Army scientist today for a second time, government officials said. Armed with a search warrant, F.B.I. agents wearing protective gloves went through the apartment of the scientist, Steven J. Hatfill, and trash bins outside his multiunit building in Fort Detrick, Md.

Anthrax Clues Sought at Army Researcher's Apartment FBI and Postal Service agents wearing protective gloves conducted a second search Thursday at the apartment of a former Army researcher considered a "person of interest" ["Person of Interest." That's a euphemism when a rightwinger is a suspect in any criminal investigation.] in the investigation of last year's deadly anthrax mailings.

Bush mis-ministration moves to stifle discovery in 9/11 lawsuits The Bush mis-ministration and the Department of Justice are moving to suppress evidence that could be used in discovery proceedings in several civil lawsuits resulting from the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. In June, US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein was informed in a letter that the Justice Department intends to intervene to control access to all evidence and documents related to the 9/11 attacks.

War on Terrorism or Police State? -- by Rep. Cynthia McKinney "We must be certain that the War on Terrorism does not threaten our liberties again. Amendments to H.R. 4547, the Costs of War Against Terrorism Act, that would increase the role of drug interdiction task forces to include counter intelligence, and that would increase the military intelligence's ability to conduct electronic and financial investigations, can be the first steps towards a return to the abuses of constitutional rights during the Cold War."

The war for votes -- by Bridget Gibson "The mid-term elections are looming ever closer. The disgraceful corporate corruption that has lined the pockets of many politicians' campaigns for power is proving too great a distraction from the work at hand. Backroom meetings and off-the-record discussions have yielded the new marching orders: war must be made and the polls must again reflect support for George Bush's command of the machine."

Study: Yucca volcano near planned nuke waste storage dump [This is not a good plan, Dumb-ya!] Volcanic eruption at Yucca Mountain could do more damage than previously thought, possibly forcing radioactive waste from its burial site to the surface, according to a new study. If long-dormant volcanoes near the prospective high-level nuclear waste dump sprang back to life, molten rock moving at up to 600 mph could fill the repository deep beneath the Nevada desert within hours, said an article in the July issue of Geophysical Research Letters, a publication of the American Geophysical Union.

Florida Recount Funded by Enron/Halliburton According to papers filed with the IRS on July 15, nearly $14 million magically poured into the Bush/Cheney Florida recount effort - four times the amount raised by the Gore/Lieberman camp. The Bush campaign took in $13.8 million, most in large contributions. Listed among those large contributors were Enron and Halliburton.

Questions on Halliburton Deal Under Cheney With Washington focused on corporate responsibility, Vice pResident Dick Cheney's tenure as chief executive of Halliburton is under scrutiny from government investigators and his political opponents.

Hush Money for Halliburton? Administration's Economic C-Team A controversial Halliburton subsidiary was granted the contract to build additional high-security housing for terrorist suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The $9.7 million contract was given to Halliburton construction subsidiary, Brown & Root Services.

Bush co. went offshore Harken Energy set up Caymans subsidiary in '89 -- Harken Energy Corp. set up an offshore subsidiary in the Cayman Islands tax haven while pResident Bush sat on Harken's board of directors in 1989, the Daily News has learned.

Bush [the Fraud] Starts Gutting Corporate Fraud Bill Eight Hours After he Signed the Measure Lawmakers criticized White House action on a brand-new law cracking down on corporate fraud, saying pResident Bush was weakening the measure mere hours after signing it. Eight hours after the Fraud signed the corporate fraud bill, the White House quietly issued a statement outlining how it was interpreting several provisions, including one that grants federal protection to corporate whistle-blowers who present Congress with information that books had been cooked or investors misled.

Economic Growth Slowed Sharply in the 2nd Quarter The U.S. economy lost momentum in the second quarter of this year, growing at an annual rate of just 1.1 percent. New government figures Wednesday also showed that last year's recession was worse than previously thought and the economy actually shrank in three quarters of 2001.

Justice Dept. Investigating AOL's Accounting The Justice Department is investigating accounting practices at AOL Time Warner Inc., the company confirmed Wednesday. The media giant already is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Britons held at US camp lose court bid A US judge ruled yesterday that two British citizens being held prisoner at Guantanamo Bay have no right to a trial before the American courts.

No Trial Rights for Cuba Detainees A federal judge ruled Wednesday that two British citizens and an Australian captured in Afghanistan and held in Cuba have no right to trial before U.S. courts.

ACLU Statement to Hon. Joseph I. Lieberman Chairman, Governmental Affairs Committee Re: S. 2452: National Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism Act of 2002 Protect Civil Liberties and Open Government!

This Delivery Guy Won't Spy -- by Butch Taylor "I've been reading, with a great deal of concern, about the Justice Department's proposed Terrorism Information and Prevention System... Now I see that the same people who last summer thwarted an F.B.I. field office investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11 attack, want to enlist every goober who installs phone lines or delivers pizza to be the next Ace Ventura terrorist detective."

Air Power Alone Can’t Defeat Iraq, Rumsfeld Asserts Defense Secretary [and rightwing nutcase] Donald H. Rumsfeld said today that air power alone would not destroy all of Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction." Asked today about the choices, Rumsfeld said, "We don't talk about specific plans."

Generals, Bush Officials Split Over Iraq Plan Military Cautious, Civilians Intent on Toppling Hussein -- Much of the senior uniformed military, with the notable exception of some top Air Force and Marine generals, opposes going to war anytime soon, a stance that is provoking frustration among civilian officials in the Pentagon and in the White House.

Iraq Vows to Resist U.S. Military Action An Iraqi minister said on Wednesday that Baghdad would resist any U.S. military campaign and would "kick the United States out of the region" if attacked.

No Presidential War -- by Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay "Those who believe Bush can initiate such action [overthrowing Saddam Hussein] on his own authority are profoundly mistaken. The notion that he can runs counter to the most fundamental tenets of our constitutional system."

Iran Tells Its Forces to Prepare for U.S. Attack Iran's army chief said on Wednesday his forces had been told to make preparations for a possible attack by the United States on the Islamic Republic, which Washington has accused of supporting terrorism.

The Climes They Are A-Changin' The Indisputable Science of Global Warming -- by Mike Romoth "Across northern India this year, record-breaking heat storms arrived before the monsoon, raising the temperature to 123 degrees in the shade—so hot that the birds were dropping dead from the trees."

Italian police planted petrol bombs on G8 summit protesters Italian police planted two Molotov cocktails in a school where anti-globalisation pro-testers were sleeping to justify a brutal crackdown during last year's G8 summit in Genoa. A policeman has confessed that he planted the explosives following a year of acrimony over the handling of security at the summit where a protester was shot dead by the police.

Time Warner to charge flood victims for cable boxes (TX) Flood victims whose cable converters were destroyed during this month's heavy rains are being charged $300 for the damaged boxes by the company, officials said today.


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