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Shaming & Shunning, Part II: 'You Must Be a Rightwing Nut-job'

Shaming & Shunning, Part II 'You Must Be a Rightwing Nut-job' by Michael Rectenwald | 30 Aug 2017 [Updated 31 Aug 2017 at 9 AM EST] | One of the many difficulties that attends a mass attack by hordes of cyber-critics is getting around to answering them. I would never try to respond to every critic, for, as the late O.W. Crane often admonished me: "If you stop for every barking dog, your path will never end." Yet I have wanted to address at least the most egregious cases and also to answer one or two of the predominate types. (See Part I here.)

Shaming & Shunning: The People Who Do It, & Its Likely Effects (Part I)

Shaming & Shunning: The People Who Do It, & Its Likely Effects (Part I), by Michael Rectenwald | 16 Aug 2017 | I can tell you a little about shaming and shunning -- what types of people initiate it, the way it builds, and how it is maintained. I can also speak to the the kinds of responses the shamed and shunned are liable to take in response.

A Critique of 'Social Justice' Ideology: Thinking through Marx and Nietzsche

CLG Exclusive: A Critique of 'Social Justice' Ideology: Thinking through Marx and Nietzsche --By Michael Rectenwald 20/07/2017

To date, I have yet to examine the philosophical premises of the social justice creed, or formally to offer a theoretical framework or set of frameworks for critiquing and refuting it. This essay represents a first effort at doing both...
First, I will briefly trace a Soviet and a few postmodernist contributions to social justice ideology. Then, I will turn my attention to two major thinkers: Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche – in order to find ways that the two thinkers may be adduced to provide resources for understanding and critically assessing the social justice ideology.

Isn't It About Time for 'The Penis Dialogues'?

Some feminists have recently betrayed a surprising naiveté by inaugurating the #VaginaChallenge to raise money for Planned Parenthood. This is the same Planned Parenthood that Feminist Current criticized fiercely when Planned Parenthood began to frequently refer on Twitter to women having periods as #peoplewhomenstruate. Other feminists lambasted Planned Parenthood for referring to those undertaking breastfeeding as engaging in chestfeeding -- so as not to exclude transmen who may still deliver milk to babies vis-à-vis their nipples.

An Open letter to 'A.M. Gittlitz'

An Open letter to 'A.M. Gittlitz' | 8 March 2017 | A response to the slanderous and sloppy piece of so-called "journalism" about me, my case against PC authoritarianism/social justice activism, and my situation at NYU. By Michael Rectenwald

So-called A.M. Gittlitz,

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