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U.S. (forgetting Katrina) "outraged" by Myanmar's response to cyclone

By Lori Price

09 May 2008

Gates: Obstructed efforts in Myanmar cost lives 31 May 2008 Myanmar's obstruction of international efforts to help cyclone victims cost "tens of thousands of lives," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday in his strongest condemnation to date of the military government there. With U.S., British and French Navy ships off the coast of Myanmar poised to leave because they have been blocked from delivering assistance to the ravaged country, Gates said the U.S. will not forcefully bring in supplies without permission of the government, and will continue to "respect the sovereignty" of Myanmar.

U.S. "outraged" by Myanmar's response to cyclone [Burma's response is the same as the Bush junta's! Bush kept international aid out of New Orleans after 'Hurricane Katrina' (blown levies?) so that he could bring in KBR and Blackwater and kill as many poor people and minorities as possible.] 08 May 2008 The United Nations estimates 1.5 million people have been "severely affected" by the cyclone that swept through Myanmar and the United States expressed outrage on Thursday at the delays in allowing in aid. "We're outraged by the slowness of the response of the government of Burma (Myanmar) to welcome and accept assistance," U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Zalmay Khalilzad, told reporters. "It's clear that the government's ability to deal with the situation, which is catastrophic, is limited." ['The United States expressed outrage on Thursday at the delays in allowing in aid.' Really? Well, I am outraged that they are outraged! This is the 'Pot-Kettle' moment of the decade. Heckova job, Brownie Burma! --Lori Price]

Katrina: Authorities bar Red Cross from NOLA; Blackwater gets carte blanche By Xeni Jardin 09 Sep 2005 Armed with assault rifles, contractors from private security firm Blackwater are patrolling the black-water-flooded streets of New Orleans. Meanwhile, unarmed Red Cross workers toting food and medicine have been unable to enter the city for days... Richard Steven Hack says: The reason the Red Cross is not allowed in, according to the Red Cross Web site, is that the authorities believe their presence would invite people to return to the city. Since it would seem the goal of this project is to demolish the city, then dun the former inhabitants for the demolition costs, then seize the property for nonpayment, then auction it off for pennies to Bush cronies and then give Halliburton billions to rebuild it for corporations and whites only, I'd say that policy fits right in.

Government Denied Water to New Orleans Residents During Katrina, Relief Workers Say By Mitchel Cohen ( As Hurricane Katrina ravagged the Gulf States, many organizations kicked into high gear to send relief to local groups in Mississippi and Louisiana, with no help from the government or formal relief agencies... Tons of donated supplies poured into the office and were trucked to Jackson Mississippi, where they were distributed through community-based efforts. I spoke daily with Les Evenchick, a Green who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I was also in touch with New Orleans residents Malik Rahim and Mike Howell; the areas in which they live were dry and they were holding out as long as they could. The story they tell is shocking: U.S. and local government officials ordered the local drinking water turned off and refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily as a result.

Overseas Katrina aid rejected by America 30 Jun 2007 Over 20 months [after Hurricane Katrina], more reports are coming forth that the United States government officials were turning down numerous offers of aid from foreign allies, while images of death, suffering and destruction went throughout the world.. According to news reports, allies offered $854 million in cash, and in oil that was to be sold for cash, but only $40 million has been used. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil. Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private [Reichwing, Bush-friendly] groups, such as the Red Cross, which has been under fire post-Katrina for its apathy towards helping the hurricane survivors. Also on the list of rejected items were supplies and services such as cell phone systems, medicine and cruise ships which were halted, refused or wasted. U.S. taxpayers have carried the weight of the government’s poor recovery efforts to the tune of $125 billion in taxes post-Katrina. Since 2005, news reports have circulated that the government had rejected aid from several foreign nations.

Federal Refusal of Hurricane Aid Outrages Louisiana Governor 30 Apr 2007 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said today she is "disappointed and frustrated" by the refusal of the federal government to accept millions of dollars in aid and other assistance offered by U.S. allies in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The Bush administration turned down multiple offers of aid and support from U.S. allies, according to more than 10,000 pages of cables, telegraphs and emails from U.S. diplomats obtained by a nonprofit watchdog group under the Freedom of Information Act.

'Giant wave dragged everything into the sea' 08 May 2008 Haunted survivors emerging from the devastation of Burma's ravaged southwest say entire families were wiped out when Cyclone Nargis cut its deadly path through the region. A Burma military official today said an estimated 80,000 people had died in the remote Labutta district, with dozens of the 63 villages surrounding Labutta township wiped out.

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