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King Wants FBI Probe of Terror Suspect Leaks

King Wants FBI Probe of Terror Suspect Leaks 04 May 2010 Long Island Rep. Pete King [R-Terrorist] says the Obama administration leaked an almost "unprecedented" amount of information about the Times Square bomb suspect yesterday — tipping the man off, giving him a chance to flee with a deadly weapon, and jeopardizing the case and people’s lives. And that, King told the Mouth, warrants a serious investigation...   The White House declined to comment, but a law enforcement official offered: "Given his well-known history of leaking information, I’m surprised that Pete King seems so eager to launch an investigation that could well end up ensnaring him."



New York Representative Peter King in a candid moment admits that the 2004 elections are "already over--the election's over, we won." When the camera woman asks "How do you know that?" Congressman King replies, "it's all over but the counting, and we'll take care care of the counting."