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Times Square reopens following evacuation over suspicious package

Faux News talking head: 'If nothing else, this serves as a drill.'

Times Square reopens following evacuation over suspicious package 07 May 2010 New York police have determined that a suspicious package that prompted a midday evacuation Friday of three blocks in the heart of Times Square contained only water bottles. The package, a cooler, was left in front of the Marriott Marquis hotel at 46th Street and Broadway. The bag was discovered at 12:42 p.m., Detective Mindy Diaz said.


Is this going to be a d*mn daily event now??  Packages?  They are being PLANTED, this is so freakin' obvious now.  False freakin' flags all over the d*mn place.  D*mn fascists want to turn this whole country into a police state and this is what they are doing now to try and finalize it.  They are going to plant them in every corner of this country as an excuse to close it all down and militarize the place.  Shame on all them.  

To DLT: Yes -- so many 'suspicious packages,' so little time. --LRP

Where are the live TV feeds?  Acouple of years ago we got live TV feeds from the shootings in Mumbai

.. a package and a cooler ... in front of the Marriott ... hmmm...


yeah, yeah...    That is pretty strange that some one had a package, and a cooler in front of a hotel.  


I've never seen that before.  hhmmm.. Wait, I think I might have left a package and a cooler in front of a hotel before, then gone in to pee.  When I came back out I took a Cab to the airport. 

Today they surround the package with armed swat teams, robots, snipers from roof tops, and set up a mobile command center with every fool in law enforcement and government that they can find.    (Usually flying in from some meeting in Washington and wearing a Tux)

God forbid, you get in the Cab and leave with your package and cooler just as the terrorists -- I mean officials --  arrive -- then you are  pulled over and surrounded by gun point, handcuffed, tasered, face pushed into the pavement, and detained indefinitely for questioning. 


That's what you get for having a cooler beech!


Who are the real  terrorists here? 


How about these quotes from the raid on the Portsmouth Bus? ::  

“The scariest part was seeing the police cruisers surround the bus, and they all had machine guns,’’ said Everett, who was on her way to Boston, where she had planned to catch a train to Plymouth. Her possessions, and everyone else’s, were left on the bus. (To be illegally searched?)

“Yeah, I’m actually getting pretty scared,’’ she wrote. “Lots of guns.’’

Paul Mowatt, 39, said his fiancée, Melissa Cunningham, 26, was unnerved by the ordeal.  

“She was pretty scared,’’ he said. “She’d been crying.’’










Different Day.

Fear is their bullshit tactic/logic.

Be afraid of some dead guy in 2001 in a cave and his pals with stainless-steel knives bought from QVC.

FBI, ISI tolds us of Osama's death in 2001.

They continue to rekill the guy for their bullshit stories and stealing oil, pushing drugs, etc., in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

It's their Same bullshit line of "attack."

Good Luck.


What can we do about it?  I have been flexitarian since May, 1992.  I have made the commitment to family planning.  I have no children, and plan on one child and adopt.

We have to be realistic - we blame President Bushes for the wars and oil, and we continue to buy expensive cars as status symbols.  Celebrities denounce our dependence on foreign oil as they travel by private jet.

People continue to buy homes that are too big, which consumes massive natural reources.

Yes, as I was walking along the streets . . . up and down the avenues . . . I suddenly noticed many people carrying packages and began to feel quite woozy . . . it seemed that everyone was carrying packages and I could not comprehend how it might be possible . . . how could so much explosives be manufactured . . . And all of these inoccuous looking people . . . cleverly disquised as workers, housewives & what appeared to be young children . . . were obviously all dangerous terrorists . . . and each would set their payload down somewhere . . . where would we get enough police and feds to handle this "National Security Threat" ? . . . and would our heroic public servants crash into each other as their emergency vehicles raced to answer this plethora of potential terrorist strikes aimed directly at the heart of "middle america' . . .

We can only hope . . .

Tune in next week . . . when a suspiciously discarded ice cream cone necessitates the evacuation of a kindergarten . . . and then experiance the breathtakingly dangerous arrest of a parapalegic as he attempts to detonate his bomb with the aid of his orally operated switch . . . with no information of where he hid his bomb . . . we can all be relieved to know that his enhanced interrogation terminated this terrorist's activities . . .

I don't know whether to laugh or cry . . .