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PTSD diagnosis could appear on driver's licenses

PTSD diagnosis could appear on driver's licenses 09 May 2010 Some Georgians could soon be carrying a unique driver’s license – one that says they have post-traumatic stress disorder. Lawmakers recently passed legislation that would allow current and former military to request the PTSD designation on their driver’s licenses. The legislation, which has to be signed by the governor to become law, would likely make Georgia the first state with a driver’s license that denotes a specific health problem, other than poor eyesight.


The decision by the State of Georgia to indicate a medical diagnosis on drivers licenses could certainly cause some to not report their condition.  

PTSD . . . Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is a common diagnosis for war weary veterans . . . 

Most remain tormented by the stresses and visions encountered and brought on by combat . . . 

And if in proper perspective prior to enlistment could negatively influence the choice of potential enlistees . . .

And the Government, needing soldiers, does not want this effect, so this law is in effect "an encouragement" . . . for veterans to remain silent.