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Iowa: 'They don't know where the ballots are, but Romney will win by 14 votes'

Iowa: 'They don't know where the ballots are, but Romney will win by 14 votes' 04 Jan 2012 Ballots are missing from two counties in Iowa. (Fox News, live report, 01:40 AM ET) 04 Jan 2012 [Of course! Even Karl Rove's 10 million dollars/sleazy pac couldn't seal the deal for corpora-terrorist Mitt Romney -- ergo, ballots are 'missing!' Rove is on the air on Fox, citing a 'credible source' explaining how Mitt Romey's vote may have been 'undercounted' in one Iowa county. On Fox, Rove predicted a Romney victory by 14 votes.]


Well, the latest is Romney wins by 14 (!) votes. No matter what, the "Santorum Surge" has already damaged the Romney boat. Will it matter in the end? Only as far as the race to the White House goes. Obama's folks are smiling.

This is a wake up call to all Americans, especially those voting for the Republican candidate. These establishment gangsters will stop at nothing to get their candidate in. Expect more out in the open voter fraud, need more poll watchers to stop this thievery and treason. The cowards have complete control over all the candiadtes save Paul, and will do what it takes to keep him out. Ron Paul 2012. The only choice.

The 2012 presidential selection will take place with or without your 'vote'. If this were a democracy, we wouldn't have this much oppression. Well - would we?