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At least 27 killed in Newtown, CT school shooting; second person in custody

At least 27 killed in Newtown, CT school shooting; second person in custody --Students were told by authorities to 'line up and cover their eyes' --Several students and staff are dead --Shooter found dead on scene --Second person is in custody --Gunman, age 20, was wearing all black --In CT, main school doors are locked when school is in session, so the question remains how the shooter [dressed all in black, mind you] was allowed to enter the building. CT State Police: 'Great deal of search warrant activity' underway --School and Danbury, CT, hospital with three injured, was placed on lockdown as a 'precaution' --FBI on scene --Shooting heard over school intercom --House being searched of second suspect --Officials 'not commenting' on second shooter --2nd deadliest school shooting in US history, VA Tech was first --'Police were in every corner, with guns' 14 Dec 2012 A gunman opened fire at a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Friday, shooting dozens of people, NBC has learned. WNBC has confirmed that the shooter is dead. Where this occurred was not immediately clear. According to NBC News, the shooter was an adult, and two handguns were recovered. No information has been released on the shooter, but NBC said it appears that the shooter was living in Connecticut and was might have originally been from New Jersey. (NBC, wires)


Our Assassin-In-Chief kills this many small children every week.

Not fair!  
Not EVERY week!   

I am  very confused.  The first reports said the perps name was Ryan..... so where did the news reporters get that name since he is the "brother" of the shooter?   The shooter was dead, so who gave the authorities and police that name???  I think this is a mind control set up to inplement gun control and I think they are pushing for it now because of black Friday's record gun sales.   There were so many that the FBI computer crashed twice during that time of store openings.  

Yeah, I thnk it truly is coming down to decision time for just about everyone.  I think we will be surprised at all the traitors who will be sitting in the docket from every walk of life that aided in all this drama and chaos and murdering of innocent unarmed civilians.  Israel is going to have a lot to pay for. 

Ok, I get it, if I actually put up the truth, you are not going to let it go up?  Ok, that screams volumes about CLG for sure.