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BBC Film Crew Accused of Animal Cruelty

'It was disgraceful - crash TV at its worst.' BBC Film Crew Accused of Animal Cruelty 27 Apr 2010 A film crew for The One Show was sent to cover the story of the bird which has become well known for attacking rowers passing his nest on the River Cam in Cambridge. Witnesses claim the crew hired a canoe to goad the swan when he failed to react on Friday. They say two men dirt-bags in the craft ended up chasing him 200 yards along the river before returning to within yards of the nest to force his mate to defend her eggs.


...and in a related story, terrorists, well known for causing terror, are being goaded into attacking when they fail to do so. And now for the market report...stocks are up.


"Mainstream Beastiality" . . . just another simple case of the Media goosing the sheep . . .

I am not anonymous . . . I AM "The Cynic" . . .