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Ex-CIA official facing sex charge arrested in Va.

Ex-CIA official facing sex charge arrested in Va. 27 Apr 2010 A former CIA station chief awaiting trial for the alleged sexual assault of an unconscious woman in Algiers has been arrested in Norfolk after failing to appear at a court hearing, city and federal authorities said Tuesday. Andrew Marvin Warren of Norfolk was arrested without incident Monday afternoon at a motel in the city, according to the Norfolk Police Department.


Hmmm . . . Since it is well known that the "Government" [sic] and "Private Biz" [sick] have a swinging door policy . . . I have a great Idea for a new TV Series . . . "The Crime is Right" . . . *C-o-m-e * O-n * D-o-w-n* . . . Mr. Warren of Norfolk VA. . . .  Yes, you have been choosen to be an "Overpaid Dyncorp Employee" . . . You can now requisition that Female and a Wooden Crate you've always wanted . . . and Partaeeee ! 

I am not anonymous . . . I AM "The Cynic" . . .