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Friday, 04 January 2008


A Historic Victory (and a New Dynamic Duo)

Back in March 2007, I suggested that a "dynamic duo" was lining up that included two remarkable Democratic candidates. I suggested that this duo could bring about sixteen years of uninterrupted Democratic presidential rule. I said that this ticket would be historic, representing the first female U.S. President and the first African American Vice President.

Well, I had part of the story right, but not all of it.

As I sit here watching John Edwards giving his second-place "winning" speech, I now see the dynamic duo clearly. It appears as if magically before the mind's eye. As I listen to John Edwards speak in Iowa, talking about a "tidal wave of change," I hear him standing beside Barack Obama as Barack's running mate.

But before all of that, bravo to Barack Obama for being a first! Barack Obama accomplished in 2008 what Howard Dean could not pull off in 2004. But more than this, Barack Obama accomplished tonight what no candidate has ever before accomplished. He beat the odds of racial prejudice to become the first African American presidential candidate to clearly demonstrate a realistic chance of winning his party's nomination. Barack Obama overcame incredible odds, representing not only himself, but all of African Americans. And he did this while also beating one of the toughest political machines in American politics.

Obama has already made history. If he goes on to win the presidency, he will make even greater history by being the first black President of the United States. This possibility may make tonight one of the most historic moments in centuries.

Tonight, it looks as if the "new beginning" that Democrats and America are choosing includes a complete shedding of skin, including the shedding of the Clinton-Bush era, including shedding the front-runner lock on the political parties, including shedding the establishment candidates, and finally shedding the inevitability of whiteness at the head of the American political system. This last shedding is the most significant story of the night, and the one that may be the most important in American history.

The new winning ticket appears to be Obama-Edwards, the two viable change candidates and a nearly unbeatable combination.

Dr. Rec, The Rec Report

Michael D. Rectenwald, Ph.D.


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