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Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Cheney, The Bomb Magnet

The target of a suicide bomb/failed assassination attempt in Afghanistan, Dick Cheney was reportedly “fine” after the blast, according to his spokeswoman. The explosion purportedly killed as many as 23 people, at least one of whom was a U.S. soldier, another of whom was an American contractor, and the third, a South Korean soldier. At least twenty others were wounded.

Cheney "went back to [his] room until it was time to leave," and left Afghanistan unscathed, apparently not even roiled emotionally.

We have not heard any word from Cheney about the deaths of others, killed in the attempt to kill him. As far as we at the CLG can ascertain, neither Cheney, nor anyone in Cheney's camp, expressed the slightest bit of sorrow, regret or sympathy to the families of those killed in the blast. Since he got away unharmed, he was just "fine." This should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that Cheney is a cold, indifferent and utterly stonehearted bastard.

The Bush regime would explain all this away by pointing the barbarity of the 'enemy,' who heartlessly kills others without a second thought. Never mind the fact that the Bush administration has more innocent blood on its hands than Al-Qaida, the Sunni Insurgency and the Shiite militias, combined.

They have never apologized to the families of anyone they've killed. The casualties resulting from the errant, hostile and unprovoked US attack on Iraq have been at least 10 and probably closer to 50 times greater than that suffered by the US on 9-11. Yet never an apology. In fact, they actually expect gratitude from those bombed, raped and tortured into "democracy."

When Cheney, the most reviled person on the planet excepting Bush, travels around in Afghanistan or Iraq, people are inevitably killed in an attempt to kill him. Given the premeditated, unprovoked and hostile takeover of Iraq by the US, is anyone surprised? Should anyone be? Given the US's actions in the Middle East, Cheney is a natural bomb magnet.

The basic rule is this: when Bush and Cheney move around in space, especially Middle Eastern space, other people die. A bomb magnet is going to attract bombs. Since he knows and accepts this fact without question, Cheney is at least partially responsible for the deaths of innocent people, especially those killed in protecting him.

Cheney owes not only the Iraqi people an apology. He also owes an apology to the families of those killed in yesterday's attack. The US citizens should demand this apology on behalf of the victims.

Bomb magnets should be quarantined, and if they refuse their isolation, should be sent out to face the fire alone. Cheney the bomb magnet should either stay put in his bunker, or else go unprotected into the chaos of an Afghanistan and an Iraq that he is largely responsible for creating.

Dr. Rec, The Rec Report
Michael D. Rectenwald, Ph.D.


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