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Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Happy Birthday, Thomas Paine!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Paine!

It is fitting that Thomas Paine's birthday should fall on the day after the last State of the Union Address given by Bush.

Thomas Paine, long the embodiment and symbol of revolutionary zeal and release from the bondage of political and religious tyranny, was often regularly celebrated in radical British circles in the 19th century.

Every year, free thinkers from all around Britain gathered to celebrate the birthday of this icon of liberty. Free-thinking radicals-fighting for political representation, against the tyranny of state religion, against an un-free press, against a prohibition of conscience, against laws that made "unbelief" a crime-came together on January 29th to hail the life and works of one who fought for the American and French revolutions.

This year, his birthday should be celebrated as well. Today, we begin our own countdown to liberation from the political, mental, economic, ideological and rhetorical tyranny of the Bush regime. This is particularly fitting as today we begin to shake off the shackles of mental and political bondage imposed on us for seven long years.

Every word of Bush's last State of the Union Address actually signified its antonym. When Bush uses the word "freedom," what could he mean? When he speaks of "free Iraqis," what could he mean-those freed from their limbs, their homes, their relatives, their water supply, or their oil; those freed from their country, their hopes, their possibility for self-determination, their lives?

When Bush speaks of "spreading democracy," what does this mean, the democracy spread by smart bomb, torture, and the undermining of political liberties at home and abroad? When he speaks of "free elections," does he mean the kind that got him installed in two veritable coups-by election fraud, chicanery, intentional vote spoilage, electronic vote theft, and judicial malfeasance? Just what do the words of Bush mean, if not exactly their antonyms?

We have endured seven years of the most oppressive regime ever to be installed at the head of the US government. We have come as near to tyranny as ever in these United States. It is fitting that after Bush's last State of the Union Address, we should begin by celebrating Thomas Paine, author of The Rights of Man and The Age of Reason. For, this has been an age of supreme unreason, and a period where "rights" have meant nothing if not something we have lost.


Dr. Rec (born January 29)

Dr. Rec, The Rec Report

Michael D. Rectenwald, Ph.D.


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