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Coup 2004 - NORTHWEST

Citizens For Legitimate Government's Evidence of the 2004 Coup d'Etat, compiled by Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
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Kerry edges ahead in Iowa with boost from early voters --Twenty-seven percent of Iowa adults surveyed said they had already voted. Kerry leads Bush, 52 percent to 41 percent, among that group of early-bird voters.


Report of evidence sent to US Attorneys, Missouri Reps, State Auditor, etc. ( --by Matt Fox, Ph.D. "I think we need to add Missouri to our growing list of hotspots. ...Further, I would have emailed the Eastern Missouri Office, because my most concrete evidence relates to Springfield/Greene County; but that office has not provided email contacts on their website. Furthermore, although I certainly would not lightly impugn the integrity of a US Attorney, nevertheless, I note that the Eastern Missouri US Attorney is a GW Bush appointee, and thus, since the evidence I have points to manipulation in favor of prominent GOP candidates, there may well be motive to ignore the evidence I have to present.


Nebraska County: More Votes Than Voters --Too many votes --Sarpy County election officials are trying to figure out how they ended up with more votes than voters in the general election. As many as 10,000 extra votes have been tallied and candidates are still waiting for corrected totals. Sarpy County borrowed the election equipment from Omaha-based Election Systems & Software.


Judge Tosses Challenge to Nev. Bush Win --A judge Tuesday tossed out a legal challenge aimed at blocking Nevada's five electoral votes from being cast next month for Dictator Bush. In election challenges in two other states, a recount was sought and another was ended.

Democrat sues secretary of state over Nevada presidential election --A citizen activist has sued Secretary of State Dean Heller, alleging he's withholding election records that could cast doubt on Dictator Bush's 21,000 vote victory over John Kerry in Nevada.

GOP Nev. Controller Impeached Over Campaign --Nevada [Republican] Controller Kathy Augustine was impeached by the state Assembly Thursday for using her state-paid office workers and equipment to help run her 2002 re-election campaign. In a series of 42-0 voice votes, the Assembly sent three articles of impeachment to the state Senate, where a trial will be held to determine whether Augustine will be removed from office.

South Dakota

Bush Brownshirts busy in South Dakota: Daschle sues Thune in federal court --Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle sued his opponent, John Thune, and the GOP in federal court tonight, asking a judge to stop what Democrats call intimidation of Native American voters in Tuesday's election. In a complaint filed late this afternoon, Daschle asked U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Piersol to keep 200 Republican monitors from engaging in a list of activities at polling places across South Dakota, including writing down license plate numbers and taking notes.


33,000 ballots lost in shuffle --Utah County votes fall through cracks in initial tally; race outcomes stay, but scale of error raises concerns --Voters in Utah County had more than a one in five chance that their ballots did not get counted in the initial, unofficial tally from Election Day. A programming glitch in the punch-card counter dropped 33,000 ballots from the totals - all of them straight-party ballots. That was more than 22 percent of the 145,769 ballots cast in the Republican stronghold. "The card readers were fine; it was just the way it was programmed initially," Utah County elections coordinator Kristen Swensen said Friday. "It was just off by one letter."


Judge Sides With Democrats In Ballot Dispute (WA) A judge on Friday ordered King County elections officials to turn over the names of 929 voters whose provisional ballots are in dispute. State Democrats said they planned to contact those listed to ensure their votes count.

Democrats Sue Wash. County Over Ballots --Washington state Democrats, fearful their candidate for governor might narrowly lose because of disputed ballots, sued election officials Friday in the state's largest county. The lawsuit would block election officials in King County, home to Seattle, from discarding about 900 provisional ballots. Party officials hoped they could get a decision later in the day.

King County faces election lawsuit (WA) Democrats object to ballot handling in governor's race --The state Democratic Party plans to sue the King County Elections Department today over its handling of special ballots in the neck-and-neck race for governor, party officials said last night.

Judge Refuses to Stop Wash. Recount --A federal judge Sunday denied the state Republican Party's bid to force Washington's most populous county to stop counting some ballots in the recount of the governor's race. In a conference call with lawyers, U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman denied the GOP's request for a temporary restraining order barring the hand-counting of ballots in King County that were rejected because they could not be read electronically.

Republicans File Suit to Limit King County Recount --The Washington Republican Party filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court Saturday afternoon to try to stop King County from including certain ballots in its recount for the governor's race. The GOP is asking for a temporary restraining order against hand-counting of ballots that are rejected by voting machines and hopes to have a hearing on Sunday.


Rove Brownshirts busy in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Republicans question another 37,000 Milwaukee addresses --The state Republican party is questioning another 37,180 addresses of people registered to vote in the city along with the more than 5,600 it already had flagged last week. The party is demanding city officials require identification from all of those voters Tuesday or it is prepared to have volunteers challenge each individual at the polls.

Rove Brownshirts even busier in Wisconsin: Several of our pro-choice supporters alerted us that they received pre-recorded telephone calls, purportedly from NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, urging them to vote for George W. Bush because of his anti-reproductive health policies. NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin did not make these calls. We are trying to determine the scope and origin of these illegal activities. NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin is working to elect a pro-choice president, John Kerry. If you received a call like this, please save the message, document as much as possible, and contact us immediately at 608.213.4502 or


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Lori R. Price is Manager, Citizens For Legitimate Government.
Michael D. Rectenwald, Ph.D., is Founder and Chair, Citizens For Legitimate Government.

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