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Coup 2004 - SOUTHEAST

Citizens For Legitimate Government's Evidence of the 2004 Coup d'Etat, compiled by Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
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Whistleblower Affidavit: Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype at Republican Congressman's Request --Claim: Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) Asked Company to Create E-Vote Fraud Software ( exclusive) A Florida computer programmer has now made remarkable claims in a detailed sworn affidavit, signed December 6, 2004, and obtained exclusively by The Brad Blog. Affidavit (hosted exclusively by Raw Story --The programmer claims that he designed and built a "vote rigging" software program at the behest of then Florida Congressman, now U.S. Congressman, Republican Tom Feeney of Florida's 24th Congressional District.

Wet Ballots Found, Rejected By Voting Machines (FL) Several hundred ballots in Seminole County, Fla., mysteriously got wet and were rejected by voting machines Tuesday, according to Local 6 News. The wet ballots were apparently discovered unmarked Tuesday at the Community United Methodist Church in Casselberry, Fla.

More Than 260 Absentee Ballots Uncounted In Pinellas County November 16, 2004 Elections Supervisor Couldn't Explain How Mishap ['Mishap?!?'] Occurred --A box of 268 absentee ballots in Pinellas County have not been counted, and the blunder could affect the outcome of two local races in this month's general election. County elections supervisor [GOP whore] Deborah Clark couldn't explain how the mishap occurred, but she promised to investigate. This is the third time since Clark became elections supervisor in 2000 that her office has had problems handling ballots. [Express your sentiments to Deborah Clark:

315 Court St.
Room 117
Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: (727) 464-3551

Term Length: 4 years (Impeach *Now!!*)
Eligible for Reelection: Yes (?!? *N.F.W.*)

Bush Got 130,000 Excess Votes in Florida, Evoting System Challenged, says UC Berkeley Study --( "A research team at UC Berkeley will report that irregularities associated with electronic voting machines may have awarded 130,000-260,000 or more excess votes to President [sic] George W. Bush in Florida in the 2004 presidential election. The study shows an unexplained discrepancy between votes for President Bush in counties where electronic voting machines were used versus counties using traditional voting methods."

Broward Vote-Counting Blunder Changes Amendment Result (FL) The Broward County Elections Department has egg on its face today after a computer glitch misreported a key amendment race, according to Local 10 political reporter Michael Putney. Broward County Mayor Ilene Lieberman says voting counting error is an "embarrassing mistake." Amendment 4, which would allow Miami-Dade and Broward counties to hold a future election to decide if slot machines should be allowed at racetracks, was thought to be tied. But now that a computer glitch for machines counting absentee ballots has been exposed, it turns out the amendment passed.

Slots measure for S. Fla. tracks wins approval --A proposal that opens the door to slot machines at race tracks and jai alai frontons in South Florida won approval Thursday, avoiding a possible recount after elections officials in Broward County discovered thousands of absentee votes that were ignored by a programming error. Opponents had held a lead of about 1,000 votes until the batch of votes from Broward "fell out of the sky,'' said Rep. Randy Johnson, a central Florida Republican who chairs No Casinos.

Media largely ignored Berkeley study on Florida voting irregularities ( --by S.S.M. "The mainstream media have mostly ignored a statistical study conducted by faculty and students of the University of California at Berkeley sociology department on voting irregularities in Florida in the 2004 presidential election that found major discrepancies in vote counts between counties that utilized electronic voting machines (e-voting) and those that used traditional voting methods. The study, released on November 18, determined that President [sic] George W. Bush may have wrongly been awarded between 130,000 and 260,000 extra votes in Florida -- 130,000 if they were all 'ghost votes' created by machine error, or twice that if votes intended for Senator John Kerry were misattributed to Bush."

Felons list audit faults state A new state audit criticized how Florida put together a central voter database and a felons list that was sent to election supervisors this year. A new audit shows that Florida's attempt to rid the voting rolls of felons this past election season was marred by lax oversight by the Department of State, which failed to follow legal settlements and relied on seriously flawed data when it put together the controversial felons list. [Article cites 'other key audit findings.']

Rights group sues over election results (FL) The aftermath of the general election in Volusia County grew more tangled Tuesday, as a local voting rights advocate sued to throw out the results. While the suit focuses on the most prominent countywide race, it asks that all general election results in the county be set aside.

On The Front Lines in Florida --statement by five people who staffed the emergency hotline for the Kerry Campaign Headquarters in Broward County (FL) from late October through the election --"Many of the calls to our hotline were from voters who had pressed the 'Kerry' button on their electronic voting screen, only to have 'Bush' light up as the candidate they had chosen. In some cases, this would happen repeatedly until about the 5th or 6th time the voter pressed 'Kerry' and eventually his name would light up. In other cases, the voters pushed 'Kerry' but were later asked to confirm their 'Bush' vote."

Historic vote count is over (FL) Broward County won't send a final, certified vote to the state until next Friday, when military and overseas absentee ballots are tallied, but the rest of the counting is finally done. ...Voters also must be in the proper precinct for a provisional ballot to be counted. If the voter should have been allowed to vote, the provisional ballot counts. If not, it is thrown out. The office did not track the total number of provisional ballots received or the total number that were rejected, said Gisela Salas, Broward Deputy Supervisor of Elections. They will know the total count of rejected ballots when they send letters to all those who cast them, Salas said. ''I think we threw out a ton,'' said Broward County Mayor Ilene Lieberman, who served on the three-member canvassing board.

Surprising Pattern of Florida's Election Results --Expected votes would normally vary from the actual votes due to increased voter turnout or other factors. What seems very odd in these numbers is that the increase in actual votes from expected votes has a striking pattern of being so much higher for Republicans than that for Democrats in counties using optical scan voting machines.

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters --According to the official election results posted on the Palm Beach County election website, 542,835 ballots were cast for a presidential candidate while only 454,427 voters turned out for the election (including absentee). This leaves a discrepancy of 88,408 votes cast for the presidential candidates. Palm Beach County's supervisor of elections is Theresa LeGOPWhorePore. Other election oddities occurred throughout Florida with some counties registering a 400% increase in expected voter turnout among Republicans while Democrats supposedly experienced a -60% decline in expected support within certain counties. The 50+ counties experiencing the high percentage fluctuations in expected turnout used optical scan 'voting' machines on November 2nd. Update: Palm Beach County has updated their numbers and added 91,802 absentee ballots and 1,041 provisional ballots. The vote totals for president increased by 1,543.

Quote of the day: "Opponents had held a lead of about 1,000 votes until the batch of votes from Broward 'fell out of the sky.'" --Rep. Randy Johnson, Florida Republican and chair of No Casinos

A powder keg of political anxiety - Broward County Florida's politics is going from ugly to much uglier --Broward County, like much of Florida, is a powder keg of political anxiety. At one intersection in Fort Lauderdale last week, Bush supporters in passing cars screamed obscenities at women with Kerry-Edwards signs while Kerry backers gave the finger to men with Bush-Cheney signs. Should today’s result produce a questionable margin of victory for Bush in Florida, four years of repressed Democratic frustration could erupt in violent protest or acts of civil disobedience, observers said. [Well, it will erupt in: The Grand Refusal!!]

Bush Brownshirts attack journalist: Deputy tackles, arrests journalist for photographing voters --A widely published investigative journalist was tackled, punched and arrested Sunday afternoon by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy who tried to confiscate his camera outside the elections supervisor's headquarters. About 600 people were standing in line waiting to vote early when James S. Henry was charged with disorderly conduct for taking photos of waiting voters about 3:30 p.m. outside the main elections office on Military Trail near West Palm Beach. A sheriff's spokesman and a county attorney later said the deputy was enforcing a newly enacted rule from Elections Supervisor Theresa LeGOPWhorePore prohibiting reporters from interviewing or photographing voters lined up outside the polls. [Yes, a new fascist Florida law, implemented to facilitate another coup d'etat by the GOP.]

Building evacuated so Jeb Bush's Brownshirts can tamper with election software: Fla. State Elections Office Evacuated --A suspicious package was reported Monday in the building that houses Florida's Division of Elections, and employees were kept out while the building was searched.

Report from St. Petersburg, Florida, Nov. 1, 2004: So I was listening to these two poll watchers talk - the woman seemed extremely cynical, but it was hard to tell whether she was Dem or GOP. She was telling her newly arrived table companion about what happens to the voting machines when the polls close at the early voting sites. Apparently they close the things up and then someone puts them in their car and drives them to Clearwater, which is a good 45 minutes away. Presumably this is to plug it into whatever it is that transmits the votes to Tallahassee, but from what she was saying, for 45 minutes, those machines are in the possession of a single person, with no one watching to make sure that the machines aren't tampered with en route. --Carol Schiffler, St. Petersburg, FL [Note: Carol is the CLG Actions Chair.]

GOP denies watchers' goal is to snag polls (Palm Beach County, FL) Amid national accusations from Democrats that Republicans will try to intimidate voters at the polls on Election Day by challenging their registrations, local GOP poll watchers insist they have no such plans. Republicans have about 380 poll watchers (intimidators) in the county. Democrats have more than 1,300, including 166 lawyers. The watchers (intimidators), who registered with the elections office last month, are allowed inside polling places.

Republicans lose 11th-hour suit challenging Broward voter rolls --With less than 12 hours before the polls open, Republicans laid the groundwork for a possible legal challenge to the presidential election with an eleventh-hour lawsuit questioning the accuracy of the voting rolls in Broward County, the most heavily Democratic county in Florida. In an emergency court hearing that ended at 8:30 tonight, Broward County Circuit Judge David Krathen ruled that the suit was groundless and he didn't want to "micromanage the election.'' [Oh. I thought the Bush dictatorship didn't *like* 'trial lawyers' and 'frivolous lawsuits.' It looks like Karl Rove is certainly fond of them!!]

Post office will take last-minute ballots (FL) Prompted by a late mailing of absentee ballots from the Palm Beach County Elections Office, the U.S. Postal Service will set up a curbside operation tonight to collect ballots and deliver them in time for Tuesday's election. Postal employees will be outside the main county post office at 3200 Summit Blvd. in suburban West Palm Beach until 9 p.m. - that office's normal weeknight closing time - to collect ballots, spokesman Joseph Breckenridge said Sunday.

Nearly 2 Million Vote Early in Florida --More than 1.8 million Floridians have cast their ballots through early or absentee voting -- nearly 2 1/2 times the number of people who voted early in 2000. Polling places were packed Saturday as people continued to stream in to vote early, with some localities reporting lines several hundred deep and waits up to four hours.

Now They're Registered, Now They're Not --Election Officials Express Dismay at Extent of Misinformation, Variety of Tricks Targeting Voters --Registered voters who have been somehow unregistered. Democrats who suddenly find they've been re-registered as Republicans. A flier announcing that Election Day has been extended through Wednesday... Last week in Allegheny County, election officials received a flurry of phone calls about fliers handed out at a Pittsburgh area mall and mailed to an unknown number of homes. The flier, distributed on bogus but official-looking stationery with a county letterhead, told voters that "due to immense voter turnout expected on Tuesday," the election had been extended. Republicans should vote Tuesday, Nov. 2, it said -- and Democrats on Wednesday. A criminal investigation has been launched.

Florida Leads States for Voter Complaints -Hotline --Voters in the battleground state of Florida have called in the most complaints over missing absentee ballots, long voting lines and other problems, a group running a hotline said on Sunday.

Kerry keeps Fla. lead --A poll shows desire for change on the increase. For the second day in a row Saturday, John Kerry was holding onto a narrow 49-47 percent lead in Florida over George Bush, according to The Palm Beach Post/Reuters/Zogby International poll. In the state's U.S. Senate race, Democrat Betty Castor not only kept her lead over Republican Mel Martinez for a second consecutive day but slightly expanded it Saturday. In the volatile presidential contest, Kerry on Saturday took the lead in six of 10 closely watched states where Zogby has been polling since Oct. 22, a flop from Bush's 6-4 lead Friday.

BBC report sparks Florida vote storm -- British Broadcasting Corporation report has unleashed a political storm over suggestions that the Bush campaign in Florida may be planning to disrupt voting in the state's black neighborhoods.

Things Get Ugly At Early Voting Locations --The election is growing close, and the heat is on -- especially in South Florida, where thousands of absentee ballots are missing, and now there are claims of voter intimidation. Thursday, South Florida Republicans and Democrats traded charges of voter intimidation at early voting locations. Teams of out-of-town lawyers are here, and already charges are flying that these so-called legal observers are over-stepping their bounds. [We will put them back *in* their bounds!! We will *not* be intimidated... Warning to all Reichwing maggots: intimidate voters at your own risk. We are recruiting local residents in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere to counter these Reichwing, SS-style actions. Join us in stopping the 2004 coup!! Contact: *Sign up*

Florida Big Ballot Mystery! --58,000 ballots may have gone missing --Local 10 has received many phone calls from viewers in Broward County who say they have not received the absentee ballots -- and the news from the elections office doesn't sound good. Local 10 has learned that many as many as 58,000 ballots that were supposed to mailed out on Oct. 7 and 8 could be missing.

Long lines, busy signals [not to mention, 58,000 missing ballots] fuel voting frustration in Broward (FL - of course) The Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office pointed a finger at the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday for nearly 60,000 missing absentee ballots, but took the blame for having a phone system that was being overwhelmed by calls from frustrated voters. While the post office denied responsibility for the missing ballots, Broward County commissioners, anxious to avoid another coup d'etat ['failed election'], offered to send county employees to help with the phones.

E-voting off to rocky start in some states Problems so far are characterized as minor, despite possible voter disenfranchisement --With less than a week still to go before the presidential election, dozens of voters in Florida may have already been disenfranchised as a result of technical glitches in the computers supporting the state's early voting process. Since early voting began on Oct. 18 in Florida and in at least seven other key states, voters have reported hundreds of problems to the Election Incident Reporting System, an online database founded by grass-roots voter organizations, including the Verified Voting Foundation and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Judge Tosses Fla. E-Voting Paper Trail Suit --Florida does not need to create a paper record for touch-screen voting machines in case recounts are needed in tight races, a federal judge ruled Monday, upholding the state's emergency rule that set standards for e-voting recounts.

Noth Carolina

North Carolina: Election problems due to a software glitch 05 Nov 2004 A systems software glitch in Craven County's electronic voting equipment is being blamed for a vote miscount that, when corrected, changed the outcome of at least one race in Tuesday's election.

Voting errors tallied nationwide --More than 4,000 votes vanished without a trace into a computer's overloaded memory in one North Carolina county, and about a hundred paper ballots were thrown out by mistake in another. In Texas, a county needed help from a laboratory in Canada to unlock the memory of a touch-screen machine and unearth five dozen votes. In other places, machine undercounting or overcounting of votes was a problem...

Glitch could force NC to vote again (NC) More than 4,500 votes irretrievably lost in coastal Carteret County could trigger a new statewide election if the official margin of victory in two Council of State races is close enough, state election officials said Monday. The problem, which one expert called one of the worst election glitches nationwide, occurred on a machine that wasn't set correctly. ...The maker of Carteret's push-button voting machines, UniLect Corp., acknowledges it told county officials the machines would hold more than 10,000 votes. The machines actually held 3,005 because the computer software had not been updated.

12,000 votes uncounted in Gaston (NC) About 12,000 votes cast in Gaston County have not yet been counted, elections director Sandra Page said Tuesday. Page said most early and absentee votes were not included in the county's unofficial election results because of a procedural error. The inclusion of the votes in the county's results, expected Tuesday afternoon, could change the outcome of several local and statewide races.

Others raised red flag over Gaston turnout --Commissioners want to know why oversight went unnoticed for days --A state elections official e-mailed Gaston Elections Director Sandra Page on Friday to question the county's election results, four days before Page announced that she had discovered the results were wrong. It was one of at least four inquiries Page received before her Tuesday announcement that 12,000 early votes were accidentally [sic] omitted from the results.

2 N.C. candidates request recount --Feds to check out flaws in Mecklenburg, other N.C. counties --With all except a few thousand votes across North Carolina counted Wednesday, two Council of State candidates asked for a recount and one of the races was still close enough that it could force a new statewide election. Meanwhile, federal authorities intend to look into election troubles in Mecklenburg and coastal Carteret County to determine whether any activity warrants a criminal investigation, the Observer learned Wednesday.

Two N.C. Races Held Up by Voting Problems --A Florida-style nightmare has unfolded in North Carolina in the 10 days since Election Day, with thousands of votes missing and the outcome of two statewide races still up in the air. ...The biggest failure resulted from a computer glitch that wiped out more than 4,400 votes in one county, while other disputes have focused on how to count provisional ballots. In another county, 12,000 early and absentee votes were misplaced due to a procedural error, but later found.

Ballots missing in Casar (NC) Precinct officials in Casar searched the volunteer fire department for 120 missing ballots last night, but none were found. There were 120 fewer ballots in the Casar box than there were votes on the canvass, said Betsy Wells, chairman of the Cleveland County (NC) Democratic Party, and Wes Westmoreland, her counterpart in the Republican Party.

Computer May Have "Lost" 4,500 N.C. Votes --More than 4,500 votes may be "lost" in one North Carolina county because officials believed a computer that stored ballots electronically could hold more data than it did. Scattered other problems may change results in local races around the state. [Why are the problems limited to 'local' ones???]

South Carolina

'Patriot' Vote Machines in S.C. Malfunction Lancaster County counts by hand after malfunction --1,600 absentee ballots could affect some races (Thu., Nov. 04, 2004) Huddled in the basement of the Lancaster County Administration Building, election officials late Wednesday were manually tallying results of about 1,600 absentee ballots. A malfunction with Patriot [LOL!] voting machines stopped the computerized tally late Tuesday night about a third of the way through, and elections officials said they were unable to restart the procedure.


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