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November 2006:

In Florida, Echoes of 2000 as Vote Questions Emerge 10 Nov 2006 A Democrat who narrowly lost the Congressional race here is seeking a recount after dozens of people reported problems using Sarasota County’s touch-screen voting machines and a significant number of ballots had no recorded votes in the high-profile race. More than 18,000 voters in Sarasota County, or 13 percent of those who went to the polls Tuesday, did not seem to vote in the Congressional race when they cast ballots, a discrepancy that Kathy Dent, the county elections supervisor, said she could not explain.

This is a test of the Emergency Alert System: Vote for Dick Mountjoy! By Justin Beck 06 Nov 2006 In an apparent violation of FCC rules, conservative talk radio station KFBK 1530 AM in Sacramento transmitted a paid political advertisement to an unknown number of other stations in the area, using the federal Emergency Alert System (EAS), thus automatically forcing the ad onto the stations' airwaves. This is according to a press release issued today by KDVS FM, a non-commercial community station in Davis that received and inadvertently aired the transmission. The advertisement is for Richard "Dick" Mountjoy, the Republican running against incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Senior Dems Call for Probe of GOP Robo-Calls By Justin Rood 06 Nov 2006 Two high-ranking Democrats are asking the Justice Department, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission to investigate harassing GOP robo-calls we've been reporting on.

Second GOP Firm Tied to Harassing Robo-Calls By Justin Rood 06 Nov 2006 Earlier today, Paul connected harassing "false-flag" robo-calls in a number of congressional districts to the National Republican Congressional Committee, via the firm they appear to have paid to carry out the calls. That firm, Conquest Communications Group, was responsible for NRCC-backed calls in 20 House races. Now, Paul has found a second firm calling voters in another 10 House districts on behalf of the NRCC.

NRCC Robo-Calls Hitting 20 Districts By Paul Kiel 06 Nov 2006 Over at TPM, we've been keeping tabs on the robo-calls being done by the National Republican Congressional Committee all over the country... Counter to FCC rules, which require that the caller identify themselves early on in the call, the calls only reveal that they are paid for by the NRCC at the end of the call.

Election Fixing Charges Fly in Utah County 06 Nov 2006 Voting appears to be very popular in Daggett County, Utah. Daggett County has registered 947 voters for Tuesday's election. According to the most recent Census figures, that's four more than the county's population in 2005. Democrats suspect County Clerk Vickie McKee is letting outsiders swell the Daggett County registration rolls to give Republicans an advantage. The Democrats also say the father of a Republican deputy running for sheriff has 14 adults registered at his household.

Rove poised to steal CT: 25 Towns to Use Optical Scan 06 Nov 2006 For this election, 25 towns across Connecticut will be using optical scan technology. In the 25 towns, voters sign in as usual and then are given a sheet and escorted to a private area to fill out votes and place it in a machine to be 'counted.'

Glitches in state databases could turn away voters 06 Nov 2006 Eligible voters in Florida may arrive at the polls tomorrow and find that they are ineligible to cast ballots because of the strict requirements for inclusion in the state's new database of registered voters.

Protecting the Right to Vote (The New York Times) 06 Nov 2006 No one expects Florida elections to go smoothly, but this year the state got off to an alarming start. Voters reported that after selecting Democratic candidates on electronic voting machines, the review screens registered that they had chosen Republicans... As people go to the polls tomorrow, they should be on the lookout for: [list]

New Telemarketing Ploy Steers Voters on Republican Path 06 Nov 2006 Using a telemarketing tactic that is best known for steering consumers to buy products, the organizers of the political telephone calls say they have reached hundreds of thousands of homes in five states over the last several weeks in a push to win votes for Republicans. Ohio-based conservatives, who include current and former Procter & Gamble managers, are behind the new campaign. Democrats say the calls present a distorted picture.

With Judge's OK, Ohio Absentee Ballots Scanned Early 06 Nov 2006 Cuyahoga County elections officials began scanning absentee ballots Monday with a judge's permission, despite a request by state officials [GOP coupmeisters] that counties hold off until Election Day.

Voting machines vulnerable, says report by UConn faculty --State takes extra security steps before election By Michael Kirk 06 Nov 2006 UConn faculty members contracted by the state to evaluate the security of new voting machines to be used in some Connecticut municipalities on Nov. 7 have issued a report identifying vulnerabilities in the system which, if exploited maliciously, could affect the outcome of the election in those precincts. [Click here for full report.]

Test Spits Out Wrong Results At Board of Elections 03 Nov 2006 (OH) A problem has been discovered with the optical scanner in connection with one race at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Friday afternoon. During a test using an optical scanner, officials discovered that the machine was providing incorrect election results for the race for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

12 Smartcards Go Missing In Tennessee; Control Electronic Voting Machines 03 Nov 2006 Political insiders have expressed alarm after 12 voter smartcards have gone missing from one Shelby County, TN early vote location. The cards are used to activate electronic voting machines. Someone possessing a smartcard could use 'off the shelf equipment' [equipment that reprograms the card] and alter it to be used multiple times, and cast multiple votes.

The American coup 2006 is growing exponentially By Mark Yannone 03 Nov 2006 Citizens for Legitimate Government is already tracking election irregularities this year. Once again, it's not a pretty sight. One point about the touchscreen voting scam machines that I believe has yet to be made by anyone so far is this: Just because a machine prints a paper record doesn't mean that record will be used for a recount. If it's not machine-readable, a judge could easily agree with an objecting county elections department that a manual recount of a paper record is just too tedious to justify.

GOP maggots already scheming to cover the scenes of their crimes: The Exit Pollsters: An Election Night Quarantine --In 2004, bloggers got a hold of early exit poll data and hailed a premature [accurate] Kerry victory. This time, things will be different. (TIME) 02 Nov 2006 After early exit poll data that favored John Kerry was leaked online in 2004, the networks have changed their policy. Now their exit pollsters will be quarantined together on Nov. 7 until 5 p.m. EST. This means that even network news executives themselves won't know the results until just before the evening newscasts.

E-Mail Ballots for Military Questioned 02 Nov 2006 A New Jersey congressman raised questions Thursday about a new military voting program that lets service members request and submit their ballots by fax or e-mail. In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Democratic Rep. Rush Holt said the electronic registration and voting service is well-intentioned, but could expose troops to identity theft, or allow [GOP] hackers or others to tamper with the ballots when they are in transit.

Make Them Steal Your Vote - Election Protection By CactusPat 02 Nov 2006 Below are listed several Election Protection initiatives to help stop the disenfranchisement by the Republican election suppression machine and maybe catch them red-handed. Make them steal your vote....

Diebold demands that HBO cancel documentary on voting machines 01 Nov 2006 Diebold Inc. insisted that cable network HBO cancel a documentary that questions the integrity of its voting machines, calling the program inaccurate and unfair. The program, "Hacking Democracy," is scheduled to debut Thursday, five days before the 2006 U.S. midterm 'elections.' The film claims that Diebold voting machines aren't tamper-proof and can be manipulated to change voting results.

Button on e-voting machine allows multiple votes --Sequoia touch-screen is California's most widely used 01 Nov 2006 Days before the election, state officials have learned that California's most widely used electronic voting machines feature a button in back that can allow someone to vote multiple times.

October 2006:

Voter ID rules change a third time in four days 30 Oct 2006 A federal appeals court Sunday jumped into the fray over Ohio's new voter-identification law, changing the rules for absentee voters for the third time since Thursday morning. A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati blocked an emergency order issued by a federal judge in Columbus Thursday night that had set aside ID requirements for absentee voters after determining that they were vague, confusing and unevenly applied by county election boards.

Governor Warns of Crisis in Wake of Diebold 'Repair' Revelations 27 Oct 2006 A so-called "technical refresher" which purportedly involved everyday maintenance procedures conducted on Diebold Election Systems electronic voting equipment in Maryland during the summer of 2005, included the replacement of motherboards on account of their ability to cause systems to freeze without warning, the Baltimore Sun reported yesterday. But state voting officials were never apprised of the equipment replacement, said Giles W. Burger, chairman of the State Board of Elections, in an interview with the Sun, nor were they told that the cause of such freezes had been discovered by Diebold three years earlier.

Diebold machine glitch fixed quietly --'05 repair not disclosed to elections board 26 Oct 2006 Diebold Election Systems shipped Maryland flawed electronic voting machines that were used in the 2004 election, then quietly replaced the malfunctioning components last year, documents and interviews show. Gilles W. Burger, chairman of the State Board of Elections, said this week that he and fellow members were initially told that Diebold was performing a "technical refresher" of the voting machines during July and August last year. He later learned that the refresher was really the repair of a flaw discovered by Diebold about three years earlier but not disclosed to him and other board members.

Glitches cited in early voting --Early voters are urged to cast their ballots with care following scattered reports of problems with heavily used machines. 28 Oct 2006 ...Debra A. Reed voted with her boss on Wednesday at African-American Research Library and Cultural Center near Fort Lauderdale. Her vote went smoothly, but boss Gary Rudolf called her over to look at what was happening on his machine. He touched the screen for gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis, a Democrat, but the review screen repeatedly registered the Republican, Charlie Crist.

Ohio County Defies Blackwell, Will Begin Early Scanning of Absentee Ballots 28 Oct 2006 Hamilton County elections officials said they will defy a state order and scan absentee ballots before Election Day. Early scanning of absentee ballots is needed to prevent a delay in election results November 7th, said Hamilton County Board of Elections Director John Williams.

Absentee votes may delay results 25 Oct 2006 (OH) Elections officials in large and small Ohio counties say they can't count all their absentee ballots in time to provide results on Election Day, unless they can start scanning them days earlier. [But of course, they won't - as the press might learn of the impending Democratic landslide and that might raise questions about Diebold's electronic theft of the election.]

Mercenary politics: Pennsylvania Greens Take GOP Donations in Ballot Drive (Democracy Now!) 25 Oct 2006 Newly released campaign finance documents have revealed the Pennsylvania’s Green Party has been receiving money from a most unlikely source – prominent Republicans. We turn now to Pennsylvania where newly released campaign finance documents have revealed the state’s Green Party has been receiving money from a most unlikely source - the founder and owner of the mercenary company Blackwater USA.

Giuliani hires Rove aide as fund-raiser 25 Oct 2006 Rudy Giuliani [R-9/11 Terrorist] has hired a new fund-raiser who used to work for top presidential adviser Karl Rove - the latest sign the former mayor may be eying the White House. Margaret Hoover made $10,000 last month as the new deputy finance director for Solutions America, Giuliani's federal political action committee, records show. Hoover's résumé includes working on intergovernmental affairs for Rove and working for Bush's 2004 campaign operation.

Some Voting Machines Chop Off Candidates' Names --Computer Glitch Affects Voters in 3 Jurisdictions; Error Cannot Be Fixed by Nov. 7 24 Oct 2006 U.S. Senate candidate [Democrat - the PentaPost buried that tidbit] James Webb's last name has been cut off on part of the electronic ballot used by voters in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville because of a computer glitch that also affects other candidates with long names, city officials said yesterday. [Webb is a long name?!? Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell 21 Oct 2003 "As long as we pose no REAL threat to the powers-that-be, to what is shaping up into [is] a dictatorship, we will continue to be ignored. Right now, we are ignored because we present no organized power to fight this onslaught of anti-democratic, totalitarian government that we are up against..."]

Judge Throws Out Fla. Exit Poll Limit 24 Oct 2006 A federal judge [U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck] on Tuesday threw out a Florida law that prohibits exit polling within 100 feet of a voting place, finding there was no evidence that such surveys were disruptive or threatened access to voting.

Suit Filed Against Ohio Voter ID Law 24 Oct 2006 Labor and poverty groups sued to block Ohio's new voter identification law Tuesday, claiming that inconsistencies in how the law is applied make it unconstitutional. ''There's a significant risk here that tens of thousands of ballots will not be counted,'' said Subodh Chandra, a Cleveland attorney representing the group.

GOP will win in November By Stuart Kiehl 24 Oct 2006 In spite of the La Cage aux Foley Pedophie Scandal, the GOP cover up, and a sense of hope on the side of the Democrats, the Republicans will retain the House and Senate this November. Why? The GOP and their corporate allies have control and the security of the voting machines we have been forced to use without our consent.

Diebold source code leaked again --Another breach on the e-voting front as 'elections' near 23 Oct 2006 Source code to Diebold Election Systems Inc. voting machines has been leaked once again. On Wednesday, former Maryland state legislator Cheryl C. Kagan was anonymously given disks containing source code to Diebold's BallotStation and GEMS (Global Election Management System) tabulation software used in the 2004 elections.

Chicago Voter Database Hacked --Civic Group Claims It Could Have Tampered With Voter Roles 23 Oct 2006 A non-partisan civic organization [the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project] today claimed it had hacked into the voter database for the 1.35 million voters in the city of Chicago.

"The public has a right to know how nearly $400,000 in cash was spread around the streets of Connecticut." Lamont complains to FEC about Lieberman 'slush fund' 23 Oct 2006 Ned Lamont's campaign filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, accusing Sen. Joe LieberBush of failing to account for $387,000 in petty cash his campaign spent days before the Democratic primary.

Lieberman failed to account for $387,000 in petty cash disbursements 22 Oct 2006 Ned Lamont's campaign says Sen. Joe LieberBush has failed to account for $387,000 in petty cash disbursements his campaign made in the final days before the state's August Democratic primary. "Whenever this much cash is floating around it certainly raises suspicions of possible vote buying and other potentially illegal activities that the Lieberman Campaign must answer," said Liz Dupont-Diehl, a Lamont spokeswoman.

LieberBush has collected million$ of GOP dollars in campaign cash: Many GOP Donors Pitch In For Lieberman 21 Oct 2006 Among the post-primary contributors to Joe LieberBush ("D"-CT), running as an independent for a fourth term, was Joseph Allbaugh, one of the four members of Bush's tight inner circle during his 2000 presidential campaign, and two Republican Senate committee chairmen. Also giving was Melvin Sembler, former ambassador to Italy and longtime friend of the Bush family, former assistant Republican Senate Leader Don Nickles, and dozens of others from Texas, Missouri, Colorado and other states where Lieberman usually does not find contributors. The effort to get Bush loyalists into Lieberman's camp was triggered by White House political guru Karl Rove's Aug. 8 phone call to the senator, just before Lieberman learned he would lose to Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary.

Officials Probing Possible Theft of Voting Software in Md. --Ex-Delegate Says FBI Contacted Her About Disks She Received 20 Oct 2006 The FBI is investigating the possible theft of software developed by the nation's leading maker of electronic voting equipment, said a former Maryland legislator who this week received three computer disks that apparently contain key portions of programs created by Diebold Election Systems.

Judge Doubts Legality of Exit Poll Law 20 Oct 2006 A federal judge raised strong doubts Friday about the constitutionality of a Florida law banning exit polls within 100 feet of a voting place, a restriction being challenged by The Associated Press and five television networks. U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck said he was leaning toward ruling in favor of the news media in a written order to be issued next week, in time for exit polling to be done during the Nov. 7 election.

AG: Voter warning linked to GOP campaign 19 Oct 2006 California investigators have linked a Republican campaign to letters sent to thousands of Orange County Hispanics warning them they could go to jail or be deported if they vote next month, a spokesman for the attorney general said.

Beauprez ad has illegal classified info 18 Oct 2006 Information in an attack ad run by Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez against his Democratic opponent for governor used illegal confidential information from a federal law enforcement database, Colorado authorities said Wednesday.

New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Woes 18 Oct 2006 As dozens of states are enforcing new voter registration laws and switching to paperless electronic voting systems, officials across the country are bracing for an Election Day with long lines and heightened confusion, followed by an increase in the number of contested results.

Coup 2006: Ballot illegal, lawyer argues --Design could favor GOP, Cooper says 18 Oct 2006 (WV) Election ballots in Kanawha County — which are similar to those in 18 other counties — have an illegal design, Democratic Executive Committeeman Thornton Cooper says. Kanawha ballot commissioners held an emergency meeting about it Tuesday. But with early voting starting today, they decided to leave the ballot as-is. Cooper said he found several features on the ballot that do not comply with state law — some of which may give Republicans an edge in the election.

"In their panic, some Blackwell supporters have hit on the idea of trying to prevent the election from occurring." And the Winner Is ... Me 17 Oct 2006 (The New York Times) Voters in Ohio can be forgiven if they feel they have been beamed out of the Midwest and dropped into a third-world autocracy. The latest news from the state’s governor’s race is that the Republican nominee, Kenneth Blackwell, who is also the Ohio secretary of state [architect of the 2004 GOP coup], could rule that his opponent is ineligible to run because of a technicality. ...[T]he mere fact that an elected official and political candidate has the authority to toss his opponent out of a race is further evidence of a serious flaw in our democracy.

Colo. opens probe on Beauprez attack ad 17 Oct 2006 Colorado authorities have opened a criminal investigation into whether an attack ad run by GOP Rep. Bob Beauprez against his opponent for governor illegally used confidential information from a federal law enforcement database.

Mo. High Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law 16 Oct 2006 The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the state's new voter identification law Monday that would have required voters to show a photo ID card at the polls starting this fall. The court found the requirement violated several provisions in the state constitution.

Rigged USA Elections Exposed Posted by Eric Stewart 16 Oct 2006 Clint Curtis (computer programmer) testimony on Rep. Tom Feeney's (R-FL) hiring his company (Yang Enterprises) to 'design a code to rig an election' and 'control the vote in South Florida.' (video)

Letters on voter ID under fire --200,000 mailed out after law struck down 13 Oct 2006 Less than a week after a judge struck down Georgia's photo ID requirement for voters because it violated the state Constitution, nearly 200,000 letters — not the originally reported 20,000 — were sent out to registered voters, notifying them they may not have a valid driver's license or state-issued photo ID. Photo ID is not required to vote Nov. 7. A state judge ruled Sept. 19 that Georgia's voter ID law violated the state Constitution.

AP, networks sue over Fla., Nev. exit poll laws --Media companies say law violates press' rights under the First Amendment 12 Oct 2006 A Florida law that bars exit polling near voting places violates the press' rights under the First Amendment, a lawsuit filed by The Associated Press and five television networks alleges.

Over 50 Orgs, Leaders Write States Urging Emergency Paper Ballots (Brad Blog) 12 Oct 2006 An urgent letter has been sent today to the Governors, Secretaries of State and State Election Directors of all 50 states urging them to immediately create and implement plans and procedures for allowing the use of Emergency Paper Ballots at every local jurisdiction during this November's general election.

Report refutes fraud at poll sites 11 Oct 2006 At a time when many states are instituting new requirements for voter registration and identification, a preliminary report to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission has found little evidence of the type of polling-place fraud those measures seek to stop.

New voter registration laws leave thousands off the rolls 10 Oct 2006 Some of this year's elections could be decided by those who can't vote. Across the country, new laws restricting who can register and vote have reduced the number of people who are eligible. Some of those laws have been blocked in court. Even so, critics say, the damage has been done.

Arizona to appeal voter ID case to U.S. Supreme Court 10 Oct 2006 Arizona's Attorney General said Tuesday he will file an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to reinstate a requirement that voters show identification at the polls. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction last week barring the state from enforcing the state's voter-approved identification requirements during the Nov. 7 general 'election.'

Dems Positioned to Challenge GOP Control [Oh, but there's *Diebold* and the DemocRATs will just roll over and submit, as they always do.] 07 Oct 2006 Aided by public revulsion over an Internet-age sex scandal, Democrats enter the final month of the campaign well-positioned to challenge for control of Congress, while Republicans increasingly express concern about holding onto power.

Letters on Voter ID Confuse Ga. Voters 06 Oct 2006 Tens of thousands of Georgia voters recently received letters telling them they must show a photo ID to cast a ballot Nov. 7 - a message some fear will create confusion on Election Day, since a judge recently struck down the requirement. The State Board of Elections mailed more than 300,000 of the letters - about 20,000 of them after the judge issued his ruling Sept. 19.

Voter registrations faked in GOP drive --About 150 forms questioned in Metro, Williamson County 06 Oct 2006 At least five apparently bogus voter registration forms were submitted to the Metro Nashville election commission by a worker with ties to the Republican National Committee, and up to 150 other registrations have been called into question, The Tennessean has learned.

Court blocks Arizona voter ID law enforcement 06 Oct 2006 A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked an Arizona state law requiring voters to present identification at polling stations and proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

Vote recount regulation changed 05 Oct 2006 Changing nearly 30 years of election regulations, House and Senate candidates as well as state parties will have to abide by federal fundraising limits to pay for vote recounts, federal regulators decided Wednesday.

September 2006:

"Citizens for Legitimate Government, whenever they discuss the President, put in brackets the [P], so it is the resident. So I've adopted that as my own standard." --US Rep. Cynthia McKinney, (D-GA) press conference 30 Sep 2006 McKinney Condemns E-Voting, Keeps Options Open US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is keeping her options open, and is reviewing public records concerning her 2006 Primary and Run-off Elections with Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting and others while deciding whether to legally challenge the election, The Atlanta Progressive News has learned in an exclusive interview with the Congresswoman.

AP, Networks Sue Over Fla. Exit Poll Law 30 Sep 2006 A Florida law that bars exit polling near voting places violates the press' rights under the First Amendment, a lawsuit filed by The Associated Press and five television networks alleges. [The Reichwing can't afford to be embarrassed when the exit polling reveals that *nobody* voted for GOPedophiles, but miraculously --the electronic 'votng' tally shows an opposite outcome.]

Voters vanish in U.S. By Michael Harris 29 Sep 2006 The election of the president of the United States is increasingly founded on a system of vote-counting that can't be verified... How could the world's greatest democracy come up with an electoral process that defies an audit? ...In four key battleground states in the November mid-term elections -- Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan -- the Republicans have been busily redrawing electoral districts.

Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistleblowers Say 28 Sep 2006 Top Diebold corporation officials ordered workers to install secret files to Georgia’s electronic voting machines shortly before the 2002 Elections, at least two whistleblowers are now asserting, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Feingold, Kerry Introduce Resolution Urging Back-Up Plans for Voting Machines --Difficulties with Recent Primary Elections Highlight Need for Back-Up Systems Like Paper Ballots 27 Sep 2006 U.S. Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI) and John Kerry (D-MA) have introduced a resolution calling on state and local governments to have back-up systems in place on election day to ensure that every eligible voter who wants to vote is able to.

Democrats line up lawyers 26 Sep 2006 Democrats are openly lining up Election Day teams of lawyers across the country to fight what they allege could be GOP efforts to suppress votes. The parties’ efforts come after the 2000 'recount' in Florida and irregularities in Ohio’s 'elections' [coup d'etat] two years ago.

Officials urge Coloradans to vote by absentee ballot 26 Sep 2006 Some Colorado counties stand ready to help voters cast their paper ballots by mail to alleviate concerns about potential tampering or other problems with computerized 'voting' machines. The secretary of state did an "abysmal" job of security testing on the new touch-screen machines, Denver District Judge Lawrence Manzanares ruled Friday. But he said it was too late to bar the machines from the election, as plaintiffs in the lawsuit requested. [The GOP owned & operated electronic 'voting' machines need to be destroyed. They are not voting machines; they are tools of the next coups. --LRP]

Major Problems At Polls Feared 17 Sep 2006 An overhaul in how states and localities record votes and administer elections since the Florida 'recount battle' [coup d'etat] six years ago has created conditions that could trigger a repeat -- this time on a national scale -- of last week's Election Day debacle in the Maryland suburbs, election experts said.


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