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'Deplorable' professor creates 'anti-indoctrination mill' with new education startup

'Deplorable' professor creates 'anti-indoctrination mill' with new education startup --[CLG News Founder] Michael Rectenwald riled NYU with his tweets. Now he's recruiting academics to teach courses that push back on critical race theory. | 3 May 2021 | Michael Rectenwald got himself chased out of New York University when the self-identified communist copped to tweeting against trigger warnings, safe spaces and bias reporting under the pseudonym "Deplorable NYU Prof." The professor left two years ago with a golden parachute -- the result of a legal settlement with the private university that included a retirement package. He's not content anymore with just writing polemical books and fiction in retirement. Now Rectenwald is scouting for academics to join an educational startup, American Scholars, that is launching this summer.