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Dick Morris: Chief Justice Roberts Will End Up Deciding Election

Dick Morris: Chief Justice Roberts Will End Up Deciding Election | 07 Sept 2020 | The controversy over mail-in ballots will result in Supreme Court Chief Justice [deep-state dirt-bag] John Roberts deciding the 2020 presidential election, political commentator Dick Morris said on Sunday. Speaking on "The Cats Roundtable" radio show on WABC 770 AM in New York, Morris explained that "the blue state governors are mailing out tens of millions of ballots. They're going to be returned with a vote on them, probably for [Democratic presidential nominee Joe] Biden." Morris, who was a political advisor to President Bill Clinton before returning to the Republican Party in 2011, said that on election night, President Donald Trump will appear to have won all the swing states and emerge victorious in a landslide. But then, Morris contended, "day after day, week after week, you’re going to find another million ballots counted here, another half million there … And gradually these Democratic liberal secretaries of state who are in charge of the election in most of these blue states, will say, 'We're sorry. It turns out Biden carried Wisconsin, not Trump.'" ...At this stage, the dispute will "probably go up to the federal courts. And the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually make the decision. And then the entire election will be in the hands literally of John Roberts."