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Rant by Chil
December 20, 2004

[This email was written by Chil as a response to a CLG news update, "Mega moron alert!! Bush won't 'negotiate with himself,'" December 20, 2004]

O Lori, I swear to GAWD ... the resident in charge is such an idiot.. I read the story of him having to argue with himself... he is an idiot.. what in the fuck is wrong with our media to allow him to get away with such gaffs? I mean good Jesus crap! I tell you if Clinton were to make a statement like Bushie did... he would have been smashed by the press. It is so obvious that he is wearing a listening device of some kind as when he looks down towards his desk or podium he is really listening hard before he speaks... giving way to long pauses... as if he is searching his mind for just the right words.. but that look he has on his face is one of someone listening to someone tell them something.. like what to answer .. when he gets it wrong or mispronouces a word or words.. it is cuz he did not hear them correctly.. this is also why they don't let him speak to the general public..

If he had to face Americans like Tony Blair has to... he would be caught in a NY second on just how dumb and ignorant he really is. The fact that our Democratic Party is allowing this facade of a Presidential Win ... how could they be proud of stealing an election... stealing the voice of the people and giving the minority the power.. while we the people are silenced by our own media who are suppose to be our buffer from a corrupt government. I do believe we are needing a revolution.. if small 3rd world nations can stand up and face death..for the liberty.. then what in the world is wrong with Americans?

You know when Clinton was in office for the 8 long years of world peace and prosperity... the media were horrible to him, they would take Gennifer Flowers lies and report on them as if it were some kind of national secret.. when as Bill said himself, after SEX was explained to him .. he said, well if blow jobs are sex .. then I had sex with Ms Flowers.. as she gave me a blowjob under the table at the restaurant where a bunch of the Gov's pals were out eating dinner and drinking.. she slipped under the table and sucked his dick... so he said, Yes I guess I did have sex with that woman, but a 12 year relationship??? bullshit.. and yes Bill can prove it!

However, we were always told as girls that blow jobs & heavy petting was not SEXual intercourse... WHAT A JOKE...

I also noticed on cspaMs TV that most of it now is all GOPer Propaganda.. from morning to night.. all night.. barely a word from the left at all..............out of sight...out of mind...

The movie channels on TV... HBO and all the rest are showing lots of SPY, WAR, TERRORIST type movies.. to go along with the propaganda of the Bushies..

I also noticed that GWB has a new flair about himself... he acts like he really won instead of how they cheated.. that one state either OR or WA are counting the votes for GOV and so they found 750 some ballots in the trash.. thrown away.. and if counted would give the win to the Democrat.. what did the GOPers do...? They went to court with their TRIAL LAWYERS ... and stopped those votes from being allowed to be counted...

This is what I begged in 2000 to the people who were going to vote for Nader to send a message to the Democratic Party... I begged them not to do it... that if Bush was allowed to win... he would put a hard-on for his nominee judgeships.. placing many on the lower court levels.. and the state supreme court levels.. so when we have a bitch about the voting fraud or anything else to do with the FRAUD well, these lower court judges will rule in GWB's side's favor... and make it almost impossible to go past them.. and if things get up to the Supreme Court.. well it will always be a 5/4 vote... in Bushies' side favor.. this is where the harm was going to be the worse for us all.

I noticed to that the GOPers were all hot and horny to end the bankruptcy rules .. until the shit hit the fan on ENRON and others... then they stopped the shit on Bankruptcy.. but now with Bush stealing a second term.. and not any of the media helping to find them guilty of vote fraud.. well I just betcha they bring back the bankruptcy rules again .. but mark my words here.. it will only be for the working class people.. not the big corporations.. nope.. not them..

Vioxx is what killed my best friend and they knew for 4 years that VIOXX killed.. but watch.. they will go bankrupt and no one will get shit..

I still can't believe that I had to wait over 20 years to get my settlement from the class action suit for the Dalcon Shield of 850 $... not only did they go bankrupt.. but now the guy who invented the IUD.. in his basement at his home.. is working for Bushie in the dept. of health & human services.. see? he was rewarded... for killing .. and sterilizing women of little means.. o yeah.. who cares if it kills or wounds women of a lower class..

Today I hate my country.. I am ashamed of our troops.. they are nothing to be proud of and I am so sick of listening to these whores try to tell me .. that a little sex with the prisoners is just blowing off steam.. yeah .. right!

I am not going all out for Xmas this year.. I sent everyone 25 bucks each for their gift and told them not to shop until after Xmas so it would not count .. so Bush can have a very shitty rating for this holiday sales season...

I have a Xmas wish...

that all our votes be counted in OHIO and FLORIDA and that those votes will be overturned and John Kerry will win..

But, the media won't do their job... they have anointed the king and again tossed our voting rights into the river...


lov that surpasses understanding for you my dear friend.. You know you are on the list.. so watch your backside.. and never eat or drink anything free offered to you by someone you do not know... cancer/strokes/poison .. CIA o yeah it is true... they have a cancer that will kill in less than 6 months.. from exposure of the drug to the last breath of the vicim...

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