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They never saw what napalm does do a little girl's skin. They never saw a 19-year-old from Iowa screaming and writhing on the ground because a mine blew his legs off. They never saw a man take a bullet through the brain, then watch his body flop around on the ground for a minute or so because it doesn't realize he's dead. They never put pieces of someone into a bag, not knowing who it was until you read the tags, because there wasn't any face left to go along with the other parts. They haven't seen the shit I've seen, and they want to do it all over again” ~~ anonymous man at the Vietnam Memorial Wall quoted by Alfred A. Hambidge, Jr.

Point of No Return --by Bridget Gibson

George W. Bush will officially become a dictator when he announces the United States of America’s unilateral attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Our Senate and Congressional representatives, for the most part, have granted dictatorial powers to the only President appointed by the United States Supreme Court as a result of a disputed election. Bush received a minority of the popular vote.

Today, we the people stand alone against our government. Not in revolution but in a diametrically opposed fashion. We stand without representation as surely as we did before our country was founded and declared its separation from the rule of King George of England.

Few, if any, of our governmental leaders have anything or anyone that they will personally sacrifice during Bush’s war on Iraq. Few are willing to risk their political futures — they do not fear that their constituents will vote them out — they fear the cronyism links and lack of invitations to all the best parties, so they continue to carry water for the unelected president and his ruling cabal.

“No taxation without representation” was the rallying cry at that time. The hue and cry from the people today should be “If you want war, George, put on a uniform and get on the front line!” If this war is just and moral, why does not George send his two daughters into battle? And how about his brothers’ children? I'm sure that the Bush family needs to sacrifice a few of their own just to prove their patriotism.

The major news media has taken a pass on telling the public that Condoleeza Rice’s agency, the National Security Council decided to eavesdrop on the private residences of all of the United Nations Security Council, excepting the United States and Great Britain. Somehow the rules that are clear to the rest of the world get a little fuzzy for this administration. The UN has decided to investigate, but we won't know what comes of that for at least a couple of months.

The media has also taken a pass on telling the public that most of the so-called “evidence” against Iraq has been either plagiarized or fabricated. The documents that Colin Powell waved so persuasively around last month were stolen from a graduate student’s thesis from twelve years ago. Also, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) found that the documents (given them by the United States and Great Britain that showed how the Iraqis were developing nuclear weapons) were “not authentic.” That’s polite speak for “fraudulent” or “faked.”

And they have overwhelmingly neglected to talk about the loss of human life in Iraq. The television media seems particularly at fault. They don't talk about the Pentagon’s plan called “Shock and Awe.”

This is the plan where in the first 48 hours (that’s two days for the numerically challenged), three to four thousand bombs will be dropped on Baghdad. That equates to more than one bomb per minute that will detonate into a city of five million people. Fifty percent of Iraq’s twenty four million people is under the age of fifteen.

For anyone in our country to have such a black and dark heart to wish such devastation is beyond my comprehension. To sit in our living rooms while Peter Jennings promises to “bring you the war (sanitized, of course) up close and personnel” makes me sick at heart.

It appears that we are such a callous and uncaring population that we want to become the new type of couch potato warrior, watching bombs explode and not connect them with the lives and hopes of the people that they destroy.

George Bush has no intention of “disarming Iraq” in the conventional weapons sense. He plans to rend the people of Iraq from end to end, removing not just their arms, but their lives as well.

While the crimes of Saddam Hussein are and have been well known for some time, during the time of the most heinous of crimes, we, the United States, were supplying and assisting him in his efforts.

This will be much different. We, the people of the United States, by and through the actions of our government and military will be the criminals. We will be the ones that allowed our government the ability to murder the innocent population of another nation. The international community can see this much clearer than the citizens residing in the United States because they are not hobbled and blindfolded by a media that refuses to be the conduit of information and truth. The news outside our borders flows much more freely than within.

We must divest ourselves of this broken system that poses and passes for “news” and demand a full accounting of what is actually happening around us. The failure to learn and the continued acceptance of lies and half-truths will cost us our souls.

March 12, 2003