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Blackouts and Fear -- Terrorists planning attack on American Souls (counter-strategies for becoming the media) --by Michael Kane

So we have a blackout on the West Coast
Apparent cause –


Reported by multiple sources at this point the fires were at PG&E, a company who has just struck a deal with utility regulators to get out of bankruptcy by early 2004

The terror alert rose to orange.

The Pentagon announced it is running continuity of government ‘drills’ today

Clearly this is all being used as fear-factors to test the public, regardless of the root cause. We must call the Pentagon press officials today and ask "what are you doing to ensure the drills aren't co-opted by 'terrorists', as happened on the morning of 911 during Vigilant Guardian and the NRO plane into building "drills".

This is part of the historical record, as reported by the AP in August of 2002 It is time we step up the heat, and let them know the public is becoming a new media that is watching strategically. This administration is center stage and it is well known. The terror alert rose because we are very close to finally unmasking the real terrorists; I am speaking of the real terrorists behind 911.

Did you know not one single tape has shown Arab terrorists actually boarding Flights 11, 77, 93, or 175 on the morning of September 11th, 2001? Any potential airport security footage from that morning is classified, top secret, for so-called “national security” reasons. So where are the terrorists?

The real terrorists behind 911 are those who planned, and orchestrated, the controlled demolition of WTC 7 in the early evening of September 11th, 2001. An absolutely indicting account of the physical evidence has been brilliantly edited into a 7-minute interview with physicist Michael Elliot at INN Report.

The orange alert is merely an attempt to raise the fear factor in the public. As we get closer to uncovering the real (imbedded) terrorists, we are going to see the fear of this mafia-junta-cabal projected outward in an attempt to transfer their fears to our souls. This is typical. Another staged attack is on the back burner, having been very intricately planned to try and fool the public as we were fooled on 911.

But they can’t do it if we know, and we do know. The engineers, physicists and firemen of the great state of New York know something is terribly wrong (let alone the 911 victims family members). The groundswell is coming, and the fear of this alone is causing the mafia-junta-cabal to scramble into their same old tactics. They are running scared in an attempt to make us all scared, but it’s not working.

Ellen Mariani is suing the Bush administration for allowing 911 to happen for political gain. You can see her press conference here Howard Dean bravely questioned the secretive nature of this administration’s dealings with the “Independent” 911 Commission. Now we have the physical evidence showing, beyond any doubt, the official story is a 100% lie and WTC 7 was taken down by controlled demolition.

Knowing all of this, and having experienced an aerosol operation via plane - spraying an unknown substance over my head during the August 14th East Coast blackout (411), I know these terrorists are capable of anything.

Those of you in San Francisco, confronting this blackout should look for any military maneuvers or “drills” happening during and around it. What I had witnessed during 411 (East Coast blackout) made no sense, and as I followed it further I saw clearly there was an ongoing cover-up of 411 just like 911.

Post 911 almost anything is possible. To my allies on the West Coast I say trust your own eyes, and the eyes of the people in the community, don’t trust the official story. If there is a fire, how did it occur? Demand someone be held accountable, but watch out for this. Deregulation has made it easy to dish-out blame with no consequences, no accountability. The good fight can often be fought on the right side, but with the wrong strategy.

When the 411 blackout occurred the first statement claimed lightning was the cause, but that was quickly revealed as not true. Then we waited for months with no answers. In November, they finally decided trees took out 5 power lines, but the evidence was “cleaned up” or never existed for 4 of those 345 kV lines. Jack Casazza, lifetime fellow at the IEEE, has said even if this is true it doesn’t prove causality.

Just because a fire occurred at a PG&E station does not mean it was the cause of the blackout. It may have been, but you need to watch the experts carefully on this. The best info I have gotten so far is here

I have found Jack Casazza to be one of the more admirable, honest and direct experts commenting on the state of the energy industry. He’s very easy to get in touch with, and very eager to be interviewed.

Watch out for classified evidence and so-called “national security” to hide the truth. Watch out for investigative panels that are sworn to secrecy or who are political appointees, not experts. This is what has happened to the East Coast blackout investigation. It’s pitiful. I gave a public comment to this commission and handed my report to all 9 members of the task force. None of them have responded to my comments, which I made as an American citizen, void of any special interest.

Look for what doesn’t sound right, call up regulatory officials and call up PG&E right away. Get their comment and hold them accountable because the press won’t do it. We must become the media, it is the only way to seek, and find, truth. I am not a journalist by profession, but the level of self-censorship and the lack of investigative spirit in “journalism” today have forced me to become the media.

These terrorists will be caught, and they know it. The true key to all of this lies in the First Voices. Once the 911 Truth Movement shows solidarity with the First Voices, the synergy will lead those who are truly progressive exactly where they must be. Soon, from all 4 corners of the earth shall man / woman be united in peace. This is what the terrorists fear most; this is the inevitable destiny of humanity. This is what will bring down those who brought down WTC 7.

peace eternal


December 23, 2003