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The Destruction of Iraqi History and Culture Proves... U.S. Is Led By Tyrants --by Tina Staik

Well documented in social science texts, one of the most effective ways TYRANTS maintain power over a particular group of people is by depriving them of the knowledge of their own history. The destruction of books and culture is a NORM behavior for tyrants, not the exception. Thus, the recent burning and looting of museums and libraries in Iraq were NOT coincidental, when viewed from an understanding of how tyrants operate.

And, never mind the talks of rebuilding Iraq, possible formation of democratic government, elections, blah, blah, blah.

Eye witness accounts, such as Robert Fisks', report that "Americans did nothing" to stop the looters from setting priceless treasures of a remarkable civilization ablaze. How many times since WWII have we heard about groups of people being overcome with chaos, violence, slaughter, genocide, while the U.S. (and "allies") turn a blind eye, offer excuses for not getting involved, give lip service to human rights and democracy, then, turn around and impose a fascist dictatorship led by--who knows who--big money tyrants (thus, get REAL involved)?

Enough times, perhaps, to conclude that chaos and terrorism are orchestrated by tyrants and for tyrants, in fact, provide them with a raison d'etre in modern civilizations, in which they otherwise have no place!

"For almost a thousand years," Fisk poignantly ends his report, "Baghdad was the cultural capital of the Arab world, the most literate population in the Middle East. Genghis Khan's grandson burnt the city in the 13th century (and, in 2003, Prescott Bush's grandson commits the same crime!) and, so it was said, the Tigris River ran black with the ink of books. Yesterday, the black ashes of thousands of ancient documents filled the skies of Iraq. Why?

Why? Good question.

As we've learned, after all, the "Pentagon was told of risks to museums" and "urged to save Iraq's historic artifacts," thus, well aware of the high risks IN ADVANCE. Apparently promises to protect Iraq's cultural artifacts were also made.

Not only were the promises broken, but also the destruction itself appears to have been part of THE plan. What better way to signal a final takeover by the U.S./British led "new world (dis)order" clan, than start by wiping out all evidence of Iraq's past? A first hand account by Ole Rothenborg published in Sweden's largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, April 11, 2003, revealed what mainstream media will NOT, and that is, "the U.S. troops initiated the plundering. "
(An English translation of this report was published on

In Rothenborg's words, "The entire morning, everyone who had tried to cross the road had been shot. But in the strange silence after all the shooting, people gradually became curious. After 45 minutes, the first Baghdad citizens dared to come out. (Question: Were the people who "dared to come out" REAL Iraqis, or bought agitators?!) Arab interpreters in the tanks told the people to go and take what they wanted in the buildings...the word spread quickly and the building was ransacked. I was standing only 300 yards from there when the guards were murdered. Afterwards the tank crushed the entrance to the Justice Department, which was in a neighboring building, and the plundering continued there...'I stood in a large crowd and watched this together with (U.S. soldiers). They did not partake in the plundering (of course not--the "new" method of tyranny is to get the "evil" guys to do your dirty work!) but dared not to interfere. Many had tears of shame in their eyes. The next morning the plundering spread to the Modern Museum, which lies a quarter mile farther north. There were also two crowds there, one that plundered and one with watched with disgust."

Rothenborg speculates this was strategic on the part of U.S. military that "needed pictures of Iraqis" demonstrating "hatred for Saddam's regime." Likely true, that the "new order" clan leading this crusade need propaganda STAGINGS, such as the pulling down of Saddam's statue and the so called "Iraqi celebration, to maintain their course--but WHOM did they hope to fool? (Note: The statue was not pulled down by the people, according to Rothenborg's report, rather "an American tank...right beside the hotel where all the journalists stay." As for the so-called "celebration, a wide angle photograph shows this was yet ANOTHER media manipulation, staged farce, big lie.) The Memory Hole

Whom? Likely not people around the globe. Certainly, top decision makers of U.S. foreign policy KNOW by now, that the U.S. and Britain have lost all credibility, that the MASKS of "liberators" and "defenders of democracy" that worked so effectively since WWII have been exposed as covers for crimes against humanity? Surely, it must be evident to them by now that most people realize THE biggest threat to world stability is big money's agenda for imposing a "new (dis)order" on the world, a threat as big or bigger than the Third Reich (and very likely, a more dangerous version of the same)? How can this clan, with all their scientific means, not have noticed that, in spite of the zealous efforts of corporate media lying machines, people around the globe--even Americans--have awakened and are questioning EVERYTHING these "new social order" spokespersons say and do, as STAGED. (With good cause! Japanese fascists and Third Reich fascists also emphasized a "new order"!)

People can SEE that Saddam and the "U.S. liberators" are one and the same--of course--both are sponsored and imposed upon people by the same clan of big money plutocrats!

So why continue with these PITIFUL propaganda campaigns, depicting U.S. and British soldiers as "liberators"?

Perhaps because what TYRANTS today worry about most, based on their Vietnam experience, is the possibility that SOLDIERS WILL WAKE UP? The world-takeover-clan, as seems obvious, does not appear to care what ordinary people around the globe think or do, but they DO worry about maintaining control over what soldiers think and do. If soldiers drop their weapons and refuse to fight--as they did in Vietnam era--there can be no more war. Persuading soldiers to willingly serve as their pawns is key to their success. Thus, much attention has been given, since Vietnam, to devise better "methods" for building ready-to-kill-at-your-command soldiers, who think of themselves as "liberators," the "good" guys fighting "evil," serving "superior" masters, welcomed by "inferior" people, conquering nonwhites for their own "good." (The world may ridicule Bush for his "good versus evil" pronouncements, but, as the takeover-clan knows well, this is THE cue to get-ready-to-kill for soldiers primed in U.S./British forces.

IF and WHEN soldiers discover they've been LIED TO...USED to protect plutocrats' "rights" to unfettered profiteering and "access" to slave markets...
IF and WHEN soldiers realize their "superior" masters have systematically orchestrated chaos, genocide, poverty, despair...
IF and WHEN soldiers find out they are serving CON ARTISTS posing as "Christians" and "liberators" and "civilized" negotiators of treaties and agreements...who give allegiance to no nation or god...other than "the mission" for fascist "social order"...
IF and WHEN soldiers realize they have been exploited as guinea pigs in experimental development of mind control methods, drugs...
IF and WHEN soldiers learn they are nothing but PAWNS, casually discarded after USE...
IF and WHEN soldiers understand that the political and economic domination of the world is NOT in their interest,
NOT in their family's interest,
NOT in their country's interest,
NOT in the interest of their fellow Americans or British...
THAT will bring an END to tyrants' CON ARTISTRY, thus, end the agendas for world domination and enslavement.

The destruction of Iraq's cultural history, however, unlike the aforementioned staged events, falls into a different category altogether.

Robbing people of their history is a TOOL OF OPPRESSION. The destruction of Iraq's libraries and museums was a tyrants' celebration, a ringing message the "new order" clan sent to one another, signifying the "successful" completion of a decades long effort to crush its thriving people, their connections to civilizations of Mesopotamia, Babylon, the Tigris and Euphrates, with the annihilation of the evidence of their past glory. The attack, both literally and symbolically, announced, in Robert Fisk's words, "the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad." A sacking that started decades ago...

As observed throughout history, there is nothing tyrants HATE more than TRUTH, thus, truth tellers, intellectual thought, literacy, critical thinking, and the like. This may explain the unholy matrimony between science and modern tyrants, or industrial elites who think they, and not people, should rule governments. In the words of Joseph Goebbels, German Nazi "Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment,' "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." Modern tyrants, by definition fascists, in fulfilling their lust to control THE enemy of truth, zealously devised of an array of totalitarian methods of controlling, shaping "truth" in such a manner as to give them total authority and control.

As history shows, the destruction of books and historical evidence is done to enforce the long term subordination and enslavement of groups of people, typically nonwhites (and women). It is what happened to the peoples of Africa, and Native American Indians. First they were befriended as "trading" partners, and the tyrants, being great con artists, posed as civilized persons and respecters of the rule of law. These groups were fooled into participating in ongoing negotiations, signing treaties, making agreements that the white tyrants never intended to keep. Unbeknownst to most, tyrants play by their own rules, resembling that of gangsters, thugs, and mobsters. At some point, the hope of sharing the wealth promised by white traders vanished, and they found themselves enslaved, their people demoralized, betrayed by a few "chosen" among them to serve their slave masters.

Historical evidence of their cultures were also destroyed, and, what little remained was discredited as "demonic," "heathen" or "Pagan." Blacks (alongside white masses), for example, were brainwashed into thinking they were "animals without souls," that it was "God's will" that they serve white masters, that their "mother earth" religious beliefs (where women had valued positions alongside men, and where children, nature and life, strong communities, peace were valued as priceless) were "demonic" (labeled "Pagan"), that it was in their interest to accept their "inferior" status obediently, happily, that "God" would punish them if they sought independence.

The story of the people of the Middle East follows a very similar pattern. The fall of Iraq was put into motion a while back, when Arab nations were befriended as "trading" partners. The rest is history, a yet untold one. As Labour MP George Galloway says, the domination of the Iraq was possible because "the people who have betrayed this country (Iraq) are those who have sold it to a foreign power and who have been the miserable surrogates of a bigger power for reasons very few people in Britain can understand."

For thousands of years, white supremacists have deprived nonwhites (and women) of the knowledge of their own history, in order to force them to accept the definitions of who they are IMPOSED upon them by TYRANTS. Groups who have no ties or who are not aware of their own historical experience are easier to control, as they lack appreciation of the contributions to society their culture has made. This makes it easier to mentally and physically control groups of people, and PERSUADE them to believe that they have no alternative to their oppressive conditions (thus, "manufactured consent" is not new, just "perfected" in last century). TYRANTS have used use this lack of knowledge and awareness to foster the notion among white males that they are a "superior" group, with "rights" to enforce dominance. What white masses do not realize, however, is that THIS also ensures THEIR enslavement by white industrial elites.

What justifies these crimes against nonwhites? How about the "God's will" rationale?

Brainwashing white masses to accept that white male supremacy is "God" plan has sanctioned slaughter and domination of nonwhites for thousands of years. And, without the direct assistance of Church leaders, these crimes would not have been possible. For example, European Treaties, in the 1400s signed by Pope Alexander VI, such as the Bill of Demarcation and "Treaty of Tordesillas," declared that it was God's will for "all heathen peoples and their resources" to be at the disposal of European nations. Like the Pharisees, "hypocrites and vipers," Jesus would call them.

The "God wills it" rationale gives tyrants control of what history records. Hitler cloaked himself as a "Christian" proclaiming the mission of Nazis was in God's order. The current administration of Cheney-Bush is replete with self-proclaimed "Christians" who are on a mission for God. Bush's election platform was based on his "testimony," a proclamation that he was a "saved, born again" Christian. Jesus would rank them together with the Pharisees--hypocrites and vipers.

The destruction of Iraqi culture is PROOF that U.S./British forces are led by a cabal of ruthless tyrants who have appointed themselves to be architects of the world. Packaging fascism as "democracy" and "liberation" in imposing a "new" social (dis)order wherever they go, these tyrants seek to destroy all evidence of the "old" style of civilized societies--and hope no one notices! They are the subjects of Michael Moore's book, "Stupid White Men." Whether you call them, tyrants, oppressors, imperialists, white supremacists, fascists, Soviet-style communists, culprits, white-collar criminals, they are a sick group, whose tactics must be stopped and exposed.

Tina Staik
April 19, 2003