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CLG: Ford Paying Tea Partiers to Protest Detroit Auto Show

CLG Exclusive: Source: Ford Paying Tea Partiers to Protest Detroit Auto Show By Lori Price, 07 Jan 2010 The Ford Motor Co. is paying Tea Partiers to protest against the Detroit car manufacturers at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, Citizens For Legitimate Government has learned.

In December 2008, Ford did not take any government auto bailout money unlike its Detroit-based competitors, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC. Ford set up $23.5 billion worth of credit in 2006.

Ford is paying the Tea Party protesters in order to increase their market share through brand loyalty.

CLG contacted Ford Motor Co. for comment Wednesday, and Ford has not responded. This article will be updated with their response, should they provide one.

Update: FORD MOTOR COMPANY and PR firm BURSON MARSTELLAR have been visiting the CLG, reading this story, etc.


President Obama to skip out on 2010 Detroit Auto Show 06 Jan 2010 Despite the hopes of the show organizers, President Barack Obama will not be attending the 2010 Detroit Auto Show next week. According to an administration official who spoke with the Free Press today, Obama has no plans on going to Detroit for the show to pose with plug-in hybrids or electric-vehicles. His attendance at show would remind the American citizens about his decision to rescue General Motors and Chrysler for little political benefit.

2010 Detroit Auto Show Set to Be Big --More Than 60 Cars Set to Be Revealed 05 Jan 2010 The world's most prestigious auto show will be in the Motor City from Jan. 11 through Jan. 24. The 2010 North American International Auto Show will start its world tour at the Cobo Convention Center in Detroit. NAIS is uniquely four shows in one - media preview, which runs Jan. 11-12, industry preview, which runs Jan. 13-14, Charity Preview, which is Jan. 15 and the public show, which begins on Jan. 16 and runs for nine days.

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