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Reports from the Front! Accounts of Anti-Bush, anti-coup activities from activists in the United States and around the world

UN-AUGURATION Special protest recap --by Mary Titus 22 Jan 2005

Anti-war protester arrested in Clearwater for carrying sign that looks a lot like THIS ONE By Carol Schiffler 23 Oct 2005 (FL) "On Saturday, October 22, a peaceful demonstration at the corner of Curlew Road and U.S. 19 in Clearwater attracted no less than five squad cars due to the presence of a sign deemed 'obscene' by some anonymous motorist that phoned in a complaint. In yet another display of spectacularly heavy-handed police tactics, the protester was arrested instead of merely being asked to put down his sign." [Must see photo! The 'F*ck Bush' sign is pictured atop *police car!!*]

CLG Exclusive! The Anatomy of a Battle for Public Space in St. Petersburg, Florida By CLG Actions Chair, Carol Schiffler 21 Aug 2005.

Arresting Dissent By Carol Schiffler 08 Aug 2005

Mr. Sembler's Neighborhood By Carol Schiffler 01 Aug 2005

The People's Agenda Trumps the Bush Agenda in St. Petersburg By Carol Schiffler, CLG Actions Chair, 22 Jan 2005

"While You Buy, They Die" Local Activists Show the True Face of War to Holiday Shoppers in St. Petersburg, FL December 19, 2004 --by Carol Schiffler

St. Petersburg turns out to "Fire the Liar" October 22, 2004 (St. Petersburg, FL) --by Carol Schiffler

A Tale of Two Protests --David Dixon Sept. 19, 2004 "To everyone's disbelief, a Bush supporter drove up onto the sidewalk directly at protester Alex Kramer forcing him onto the hood of the car. The driver than accelerated, put on the brakes and reversed throwing Alex onto the ground. Alex was almost hit again as the car sped off."

Protesters un-welcome Bush to Florida July 16, 2004 (TAMPA) --by Carol Schiffler

The November 20, 2003 March Against Bush's Visit to London, December 2, 2003 --by Dale Reynolds

CLG's Special Feb. 15-16, 2003 Global Protest Coverage

Report from the local rally in Butler, PA, February 17, 2003--by Georgene Gallo

Report from the San Francisco front, February 16, 2003 --by Gary

Michael Rectenwald's report from the New York front, as told to Lori Price, February 15, 2003 --by Lori Price

Weasel Protest Sign Report! (New York City) *including special "Weasel" notes, February 15, 2003 --by Mary Titus

Pittsburgh anti-W-ar photo-journal Photos from the anti-W-ar protest in Pittsburgh, January 26, 2003. Photos, courtesy Larry Rippel

Anti-BushWar protest report from Oceanside, California, January 18, 2003 --by Dr. Mike Byron

Peace March October 26, 2002 Washington, DC "Dedicated to the memory of Senator Paul Wellstone, who tragically died October 25, 2002" --by Jim Macdonald

Saturday in DC, Oct. 26, 2002 --by Mary Titus

A Report from the Scene --Central Park Peace Rally: Sunday, October 6 --by David Cogswell

Bush protested in Boston, Oct. 4, 2002 --by Robyn Su Miller

Atlantic to Pacific, Canada to Mexico - the Free Speech Zone! --by Frank Beal Sept. 4, 2002

Bush protested in Pittsburgh, Labor Day, 2002 --by Georgene Gallo Sept. 3, 2002

Neville Island on Labor 2002: First Amendment Behind Bars Report from the Front, --by Michael Rectenwald Sept. 2, 2002

Anti-Bush protest, Pittsburgh, PA --by Bill Neel Sept. 2, 2002

Portland, OR, Aug. 23, 2002 --by "mOtHeRtUcKeR poet" from the pepper-gasssed front

Pittsburgh, PA, Aug. 5, 2002 --by CLG member, Cynthia: "I am still livid about today."

Ed Whitfield of Greensboro, North Carolina gives a chilling First Amendment clampdown tale detailing Bush's July 25, 2002 visit to North Carolina. The Bush Visit --by CLG member Ed Whitfield

Bush met by protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco Apr. 29 and 30, 2001

Albuquerque, NM, Apr. 29, 2002 - 150 Protest Bush. "The price of free speech here in Albuquerque is getting frighteningly steep..."

Sioux Falls, SD, Apr. 24, 2002 Bush in town, polar bear and peace protesters ejected from free speech zone --by Fritz Herrick

A20 DC Protest Photos and Report - from

A Bird's Eye View of the Events in DC --by Priscilla Apr. 27, 2002

Report from Bush Protest in Cedar Rapids, IA --Apr. 15, 2002

Read transcript of Mar. 26, 2002 CLG chat with Greg Palast!

"Welcoming" Bush in El Salvador Mar. 24, 2002

St. Louis, March 18, 2002 - Over 100 people protested a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Jim Talent. The guest of dis-honor, was met with chants of "Jail to the Thief!" and "Have Another Pretzel!"

Hundreds rally against pResident's policies, Milwaukee - Feb. 11, 2002 Labor leaders, activists say Bush is exploiting the September 11 terrorist attacks.

A firsthand account of the protest

Report from WEF Protest in NYC Feb. 2, 2002

Protests against the "Conference on Security Policy"
Munich, Germany - Feb. 3, 2002

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush makes obscene gesture to protestors, child
Feb. 2, 2002

Photos from Portland Oregon protest at Bush Visit
Jan. 5, 2002

Dec. 12, 2001 Anniversary Protests Nationwide
Read the reports

Roll Your Own Blackout observances

Oct. 27, 2001 Peace Rallies:

Los Angeles (approx. 3000 protestors)
(approx. 100 protestors)
(approx. 1000 protestors) Pictures
(200-300 protestors)
(500 protestors)
(300 protestors)

Peace Rally in Boston, Oct. 13, 2001

Los Angeles Anti-War Protest, Sept. 29, 2001
DC Antiwar Protest, Sept. 29, 2001 (account on

Sept. 21 and 22, 2001: Demonstrations in Liege

Fascist Police Raid in Genoa!

Cheney/Shundler protest, Jul. 30, 2001

Bugliosi event in Oakland, Aug. 2, 2001

Kansas City - Protesting at Dick Cheney's Photo-Op - Jul. 20, 2001

Boston Protest, July 20, 2001

New York City Coaliton Protest, Jul. 10, 2001
Protest at Rep. Crane's office, Jul. 6, 2001
Protest of "Right to Work For Less" laws
Bush in Philadelphia, Jul. 4, 2001 four reports, plus photos

Bush in Philadelphia, Jul. 4, 2001 letter to the NY Times regarding the protests

Fourth of July protest in Long Beach CA, two articles: LA Times & Long Beach paper

Bush Protest in Detroit, Jun. 25, 2001

Protesters arrested in Tampa, Jun. 4, 2001
Article with photo
Editorial about the incident

Protesters try to block Bush motorcade at Belgian airfield

Spaniards Roll Out the (un)Welcome Mat for Bush

Reports From Bush Protest in Brussels

In Sweden, they got a little, well, graphic about what they think of our pretender. Click for photo

Report and many photos from Sweden

Many at Yale "Unwelcome" Bush at their commencement

Washington, D.C., May 19, 2001

Fla. Dems Protest Scalia Visit

About 75 people, some holding signs that read "Never Forget Selection 2000'' and "Injustice Scalia'' gathered outside the hotel where Scalia was speaking before a gathering of judges, elected officials and lawyers attending the 12th annual St. Thomas More Society of South Florida dinner.

About 1,000 people gathered (in Detroit) to protest Bush's proposed tax plan.

Cardozo School of Law honoring our last elected president

Rehnquist visits UA Election protesters greet chief justice - This story is now not on the site, but we are leaving this up to document that this protest did happen.

For beleaguered election official, butterfly ballot won't go away LePore admits that "there obviously was something wrong with the ballot.'' But the woman who glances nervously toward the sanctuary while being photographed outside St. Ann's without notifying a priest, says she's "not really guilty'' about what happened.

Florida Democrats launch ad campaign calling for Jeb Bush's defeat - "It's interesting (the president) steps his toe into the western reaches of Florida -- as far away from South Florida as he can get and still be in Florida. If he had guts he'd go to South Florida," said Bob Poe, chairman of the Florida Democratic Party. "We believe the (2002) campaign has already begun."

Times On-line (Pittsburgh) Scroll down to the two paragraphs on the typically described "handful of protestors."

Jacksonville Visit stirs memories, anger over election
Protesters rally at 3 sites across state

"Coronation Day" Protests

Member first-person accounts:

Washington DC
Great professional photos from DC
More DC photos
Fairbanks AK

Los Angeles
Photos from San Francisco
Fairbanksans protest the Coronation of His Fraudulency - first-person account with photos

Media coverage:



ABC news


Seattle Times (local coverage)

St. Petersburg Times (coverage of Tallahassee protests)

San Francisco Chronicle

Photos of demonstrations around the country

Sacramento Bee on DC protests
Our slide show of the J20 protests -- Click here!


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