A Report from Sweden


There have been very violent demonstrations today. Probably professional troublemakers from abroad that have totally devastated the biggest street in Gothenburg. This has made the demonstrators look like fools, unfortunately.

The police have, during this devastation, been beating up innocent peaceful demonstrators. For example, one of the higher female speech-men for the green party in Sweden, was beaten up while talking on a mobile phone beside a toilet. At this time, 4 police and 5 demonstrators have been moved to the hospital, no one with serious injuries. There are also reports of up to 27 injured.

The police also used horses and dogs - though they had promised not to use these in earlier talks months ago. They are breaking the agreements that have been made earlier.

The violent demonstrators have been ripping up stones from the street and throwing at the police. There are reports of police throwing back at them, and also reports of police breaking glass-windows too!!!

Bush left Sweden at 08.05 Swedish Time this morning.




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