Faux News Protest, Tampa

We were very apprehensive that it would just be the two of us in our two lone cars, so didn't make a big fanfare calling the other TV stations. We sent a press release to AP this a.m. I think it went wonderfully, and was it ever fun! We were five cars: Suni, myself, Mari and her friend (her name escapes me at the moment), Barbara from St. Pete--she wants to do these once a week!--and two great gals from Brandon who picked up on the internet announcement. So, a caravan was born! Suni did a wonderful job of cutting and fringing our bright orange festoons and we had those draped on either side of our cars, orange balloons, and orange crepe paper streamers--the crowning touch was Suni's great straight-to-the-jugular signs, about 45 of them that she had prepared, in case we had a deluge of participants. We must have circled the Fox 13 building 20 times, honking louder each pass! We received a lot of attention by passing motorists. Kennedy Blvd. is the main drag east/west in Tampa! Fox sent out a camaraman w/ tripod and he filmed us the whole time! We got I would say MOSTLY positive reactions from the public--of course some freepers, one yelling "Gore is a communist"--how pathetic. A young reporter from radio station WMNF (the NPR affiliate) interviewed all of us, and Mari took the time to record it as they broadcast it! Mari got great tape footage of the whole thing and photographs as well.

After an hour of the caravan, we parked and hauled our signs to the sidewalk in front of the studios and did our thing until 2:00--Barbara had to get to work, and I think we all felt that we had left a definite impression on Fox 13. One lone employee from the station did walk up and converse with us, very courteous and Suni brought up the anecdote regarding hypocrite Bush and the 15 year-old girlfriend's abortion. We all agreed that the caravan makes a "bigger" effect than just several bodies protesting with signs. Definitely noisier! I do believe that we stayed on message, particularly in the radio interview. Mari and friend, and Suni headed to Sweet Tomatoes and then on to Suni's place in Clearwater, and I headed east to my daughter's in Brandon. I feel very, very good about our action today against the worst of the slantmeisters! I'm sure you will receive other tidbits from my cohorts.