Bill Givens at Fox News

New York City, April 7, 2001

Hundreds of aggrieved citizens gathered on a rain-soaked Sixth Avenue between 47th and 49th Streets yesterday, facing the headquarters building of Fox Television “News.” This ostentatious temple occupies most of the block’s west side and is the property of mega-media-magnate Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch’s High Priest, Roger Ailes, can be seen coming and going, and Ailes’ altar boys, Bill Only My Reality from the Factor, Sean Hilarity and his shill Alan Combs, and Fox anchor Brit Fume the all-too-recognizable mouthpieces who parrot the “news” ground out by Ailes and his stable of hack writers-propagandists.

Roger Ailes, who with the late Lee Atwater created for George Bush I the Willie Horton and polluted Boston Harbor TV commercials that helped doom Michael Dukakis’s presidential bid, today just as loyally serves George Bush II. The airways that theoretically belong to the public, in reality, belong to the likes of Murdoch and Limbaugh’s EIB network all in violation of Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules.

Only last night on the Hilarity and Combs segment that included Cheryl Guttman the show slandered Jesse Jackson, condemned the 2000 presidential campaign NAACP TV commercial of the racially motivated James Byrd dragging death in Texas, and generally defended the White House Interloper who is polluting not just Boston but the entire country with arsenic and the whole world with CO2.

The hundreds of protesters picketed, chanted, recited poetry, and sang. Through the falling rain drops, speakers like Bob Fertik and Cheryl Guttman, the protest’s organizer, lobbed speeches like weapons over the gathering crowd of delighted and supportive on-lookers. Their enthusiasm gave our missiles added momentum as they shot up and out from the speakers’ plywood podium, scaled the marbled plaza and façade, and penetrated the Goliath of Murdoch’s sarcophagus rising and disappearing into the gray clouds above.

We were a continuation of the thousands who braved not just the rain but also the cold and snow, in Dupont Circle and on the Lafayette Park Ellipse, to protest the Pretender George II and his Courtesans who have claimed squatters rights to the White House. Like the rain waters that ran and swelled the gutters along Sixth Avenue, the protest swells and moves ever faster.

Bill Givens