From: Alfredo Date: Wed Mar 21, 2001

Orlando demonstration, SUCCESS !!!!!

People from all over Florida and even other states came. We had good numbers, more than the handful of Repugs across the street.

We chanted "Jail To The Resident! He Stole The Election! Repug Induced Recession!" We sang the National Anthem and even Mickey Mouse (me) showed up with an upside down flag, we received good media coverage, WESH, WABC, and others.

The Repugs crossed the street to take our pictures. but there was no violence.

The Secret Service were obvious and so was the Sheriff's deputies, they even signed our petitions.

I wish we could make Bush this uneasy, everywhere he goes.

After Bush's speech he left to go to the Cuban American Social Club for lunch. He probably promised them that he'll get rid of Castro and those will be in hog heaven.

We in the FRINGE will continue to live our lives with a clean and clear conscience.