My Dear Little Grandchildren,

Grandma Suni went to Orlando today, but I didn't see all of the fun places that I plan on showing you. I didn't ride on a Ferris wheel, or in the Mad Hatter Cups from Alice in Wonderland. Instead, I saw Mickey Mouse standing on a corner in front of the Orange County Convention Center with about 50 or 60 other folks who all carried big signs. They were all waiting for a president to come to Orlando that day, and Mickey, as usual was leading the show.

Mickey's people were all different. Some were the age of your own mommies and daddies, and some were teenagers. Some were college students and some were even old like me with wrinkled lips and a great big smile. Some people spoke different than us with accents of another language. A few had dark skin color, and one even wore a red, white, and blue jacket with stars and stripes that looked like our flag.

Everyone on that corner yesterday was an American who wants to keep our country free. They all looked different but they all wanted to do the very same thing. Everyone wanted to talk to a REAL president, one who would lead us as a free and democratic nation. So we waited and waited but no president showed up.

Instead, hundreds of police officers passed by Mickey's corner. Hundreds of police came in enormous lines of motorcycles and cars. International Drive had police officers at every cross street for miles down the road. Police officers came there because they were paid to come there. It was their job to protect a very wealthy man, a man named Mr. Bush, who pretends to be our president, a man who sneaked into Florida by not allowing the press to tell the people of Florida that he was coming until the day before his arrival. Grandma Suni stood on the corner with these friends of Mickey Mouse. We stood strong so that we could tell Mr. Bush to stop telling lies and to get out of our Whitehouse.

It was a very long drive for me to visit Mickey yesterday. I had to get up at 4 AM to be in Tampa and pick up my 2 friends who rode in the car with me for about 250 miles round trip. We got into a traffic jam and had to wait a long time before the car could move again. Whew..... I get tired all over again just telling you.

When we finally arrived to be with Mickey we had to spend ten dollars just to park and then listen to some very rude people call us some ugly names. Isn't it a shame how some people act? Grandma and friends were also interviewed by different news people who asked so many questions, and then later when we watched their TV news show, we didn't even see ourselves. AND--- instead of telling everyone that 60 people came to be with Mickey yesterday, they got it all wrong, and said 6 people arrived there. Doesn't it make you feel so mad when people do that? I mean some folks came from as far away as Miami and Pensacola, which is a MUCH longer ride than Grandma Sunni made yesterday from Clearwater Beach. And they all did it because, just like Mickey they love All AMERICANS and want a president who loves All AMERICANS--- TOO.

Maybe Mickey Mouse should be our president. At least he knows how to pretend fun things, not bad stuff like Mr. Bush... And he also loves ALL people, not just his own. He calls everyone who is not among his own family and friends, "Fringe People". Ugh, can you believe that?

As Mr. Bush continues to pretend to be president, another group of Mickey's friends in California are planning on giving him an academy award for being the worst pretender in America. The reason they know he's the worst is because they watch all of his terrible acting. They watch very closely how he says he'll do good things for all Americans, and then he does the opposite, just to benefit his personal friends and relatives. Now that's not fair is it?

You might be asking how does Grandma Suni knows that Mr. Bush is a bad pretender? My answer is that I am one of the Madgrandmothers in Florida who Mr. Bush's brother stole the votes from. Please understand this dear children---the Bush family does not care that America is the Land of The Free. Jeb Bush, the brother of the awful pretender is our Governor.

Presidents and Governors are supposed act like leaders, like your moms and dads are the leaders of your home.. Wouldn't it be awful if your moms and dads did not act like leaders? When you asked for dinner instead of giving you some good healthy food, they said " NO, were cutting the budget", and they did that because they wanted to give each other a little more spending money. Wouldn't it be just awful if food for you was cut out of the budget, and they went on vacation to Brazil? Oh, my dear children I shudder to think of it and I am so very grateful that your moms and dads are good leaders, not like the Bush's because who care so very much about you and ALL people.

While Americans are not all children like you, we also need leaders. Even Grandma Suni needs a president. Mr. Bush tries to look presidential, but he did a terrible thing. Americans have told people all over the world that democracy is the best kind of government. Mr. Bush's brother and their friend Katherine Harris, who acts like Cruella from '101 Dalmations' rigged the voting in Florida so that we don't have a democracy in our country anymore. The Supreme Court chose the president this time and Mr. Bush's five friends are on the court, so they picked him even though the other person got more votes. This really made Mickey mad and Grandma Suni too. I want this country to be as good for you when you grow up as it was for me. So I'll work as hard and as long as I can to make sure that will happen. I do this for you, my darlings, and all the other equally important children in America

(((hugs))) to you all,

Grandma Suni:)